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Difference between Private University And Deemed University

Update on 2024-04-11

Difference Between Private University and Deemed University -Private University vs Deemed University

Difference Between Private University And Deemed University

  • Universities are the place where students get higher education in every part of the world. 
  • They are the Institutions that are responsible for impacting youth by providing them with higher education and advanced study material. 
  • It is considered to be the final stage for the students in their preparation for a career that they want to build.

In India there are Mainly Four Types of Universities:

  1. Central university
  2. State University
  3. Private university
  4. Deemed University

If we collect the list of all the universities in India, we came across a list of universities that will be recognized by the University Grants Commission. Generally, the universities have many affiliated colleges providing education in different fields of education to registered students.

Universities are classified on the basis of various categories such as courses offered, the standard of education, and the grade given by the India Education Council, and there are many other factors that are responsible for their classification.

Private University vs Deemed University

Everyone knew about Central and state universities and how they are contributing to promoting higher education across the country. But there are two main categories called private Universities and deemed universities and some students have doubts about the differences between these two universities. Are these Private Universities And Deemed universities the same and Which one is better?

The main difference between deemed and a private university is that a deemed university is more flexible when it comes to the course curriculum, rules, and regulations when compared to a Private University.

A deemed university is a college or institution with the name of the university. With private universities, there could be many other colleges that are affiliated with them. However, under deemed universities, there is a single college or an institution only.

Apart from that deemed university can not be run by only offering trending courses and subjects. There should be a facility for the research field also that should run under the university. This condition is not necessary for private universities.

All a private University needs are to set up a college under it the norms of the Human Resources Department. So in this article, we are providing a brief introduction to the Difference Between Private University And Deemed universities.

First, let us understand both private and deemed universities:

Private University: These are the institutions that are not operated by the government and depending upon the location the private university may be subjected to government regulations. Most private universities are non-profit organizations.

  • The private university operates independently i.e they don’t rely on government funding which means the funding comes from tuition fees, investments, and private donors and not from taxpayers.
  • They can set their own curriculum and set of educational standards.
  • Private universities have some norms which are required to be followed.
  • Private universities have a smaller selection of majors and they offer more specialized academic programs.

Deemed University: A deemed university is a privilege given by the University Grant Commission (UGC) to a college or an institution due to its remarkable performance in the education and research field.

Such institutions have completed 32 sets of their own academic Course work structure and syllabus for their studies and research work. They have their own guidelines and fee structure and have the Supremacy to give their own degree.

  • The deemed universities are self-financing and they can manage their own fund. But, from the recent announcement made by UGC, these self-financing bodies can also get funds from UGC.
  • The deemed universities have some flexibility in terms of following norms.
  • These universities are not actually universities’ but enjoy all the privileges of a University. 
  • Deemed universities have better state-of-the-art infrastructure.

What does an Institution Need in Order to Become a Deemed University?

Any institution is given the status of a deemed university in accordance with Section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956. There are some characteristics that an institution must possess in order to be declared a deemed university 

Below we have mentioned some of them which are as follows:

  • The institution must have demonstrated the characteristics of a university through diverse course curricular prerequisites, benefaction to teaching; and, verifiable research output.
  • Must have an undergraduate and at least five post-graduate departments in existence from 3 years with research programs.
  • Shall be engaged in publications, research activity, and scholarly works and shall have post-doctoral/doctoral research programs. The faculty in Social Sciences, Humanities, and Languages shall have at least 10 publications and must have at least 15 publications per year in refereed journals listed by UGC and having an impact factor in the Engineering/Faculty of Sciences/Medicine.
  • Must have a fine number of full-time fully qualified faculty for the research and teaching and as per the guidelines given by UGC and under concerned Statutory Council(s) norms.
  • Must have the necessary infrastructure for quality research and seamless access to modern information resources within the institution.

About Recent UGC Notice For ‘Deemed-to-be-Universities’

The notice does come as a piece of alarming news. All that the directive states are that the institutions drop the word university from their names. The notice has been issued for the institutions which have a college affiliated with it.

Looking in general sense universities are usually institutions that have a group of a college affiliated with them and the university state a common set of rules and regulations for these affiliated colleges.

On the other hand, a deemed university cannot have other institutes affiliated with it and have a single educational institute under its wing.

Difference Between Private University And Deemed University

It has been mentioned on the website of the Ministry of Human Resource Department (MHRD), that an Educational Institute other than the university itself, which is working at a very high standard in a specific area of study can be declared as Deemed University by the central government on the advice given by the UGC.

These institutions enjoy the academic status rights and privileges of the University. Currently, in India, there are more than 130 deemed universities with Tamil Nadu having the highest number of 28 deemed universities.

The name has been changed from deemed university to deemed to be a university by the UGC under Section 3 in the UGC Act of 1956. The declaration is made by the Central Government on the recommendation given by the UGC.

A private University without Folsom norms, rules, and regulations to study the fee structure and also the course structure to stop in many cases the entire Private Higher education system can be weighed down by the lack of funds or resources.

The entire fee structure of a private university is designed in such a way that it is not too hefty for the public to pay. On the other hand, It University has the Independence to design its own course and structure fee, there was a movie made in 2012 by the Ministry of Human resources Development (MHRD) through the UGC to decide the structure and apply policies related to admissions in deemed universities.

However, the universities have their own autonomy in such matters.

A difference can be found in the perception of people, especially in urban cities. facilities in many of the deemed universities are considered to be well-equipped and have advanced labs.

The higher fee structure can also be justified in many cases, sport the syllabus and facilities are well synched together.

Below we mentioned some factors which can help you clear the Difference Between Private University And Deemed university so you can get a better understanding while choosing your University.

Deemed University Meaning

The first difference lies in the name itself. The deemed universities are the universities that are functioning with the approval of the University Grants Commission and a named as deemed to be universities.

Universities can be compared to other colleges in the name of University and generally, they have a single or two Institutions under them.

Whereas the private institution is run on its own funding and may have various other institutions affiliated with it. Generally, universities are classified under different categories on the basis of the standard of education courses offered, facilities, the grade given by the India Educational Council, and many other factors.

Different types of universities function all over India there are two main categories in which we are discussing private Universities and deemed universities.

Read the full article to understand the differences between these two universities.

Norms To Follow:

This is one of the most important differences when it comes to how the University functions. How these two types of educational institutions have different norms that they follow.

For a private university, it is mandatory to follow A certain number of nouns in order to run the institution while in the case of a deemed university there is flexibility in the norms and the institution can operate on its own functions.


Private universities operate independently and don’t rely on the funding of the government or the public. The cheapest advantage of this is that they can sell their own curriculum and can set their own educational standards based on their own Investments whereas in the case of universities they are self-financing by nature and they manage your own fund requirements.

But the announcement given by the UGC has stated that they will provide funds to these institutions.

Research Field:

The research field is important in the case of deemed universities and it is compulsory that there should be a research field functioning under the institution as these institutions are Deemed to be a university.

But this is not applicable in the case of private universities. But there are certain colleges that are under private Universities and follow the rules of the Human Resource Department.


The deemed university status is awarded to the institution by the human resource development Ministry of the Indian government. This status is only awarded to higher education that provides high-quality education.

This status is awarded by the ministry on the basis of a recommendation from the UGC. This status is given after the inspection of the educational standards of the institutions applying for the deemed university status.

I hope the above article would have to answer you the Difference Between Private University And Deemed university.

What is Deemed Medical College?

A university's ranking or rating is determined by factors such as its quality of students, its research output, and its academic productivity. Deemed universities are India's autonomous universities.

Their decisions regarding Colleges, facilities, rules, and admissions are their own, and they are independent. In addition to being UGC recognized, they prefer top-deemed universities like KMC, KIMS, Ramachandra, SRM, etc.

Which Is Best?- Private University vs Deemed University

Now let's discuss who is the best university, it is the conclusion of deemed university vs private university. Truly e saying, there is nothing much difference between Private universities and Deemed universities.

If you are planning to go for graduation or Navy the post-graduation in the field of Engineering Management Medical Physics Maths and whatever then you should go for the recognized University, private or deemed.

Choose the university which has a better status and the one whose fees will fit your budget.

But if you're looking specifically for the research field then select deemed universities that are providing specialization in that particular area. There are many states in India that are advisable to fake universities.

Back in January 2010, there was 44 deemed university recognized by the Ministry of HRD India, due to the major faults in their educational system and infrastructure.

So the student is advised to check the recognization before using any of the universities or colleges.

In the final analysis different kind of universities comes under UGC in many ways even though they have their own style of functioning. private universities have their own fee structure and student base.

The fact is that most of them have been around for quite and had their own appeal along with the fact that there was associated with the state in some cases.

Deemed universities have their own appeal they may not be the umbrella of an association within the state but they make up for the advanced course where they design and keep the current industry trend available in the studies to meet the job Marketplace and student future.

Deemed universities have a fine infrastructure and there are facilities that back up the advanced education system and Top updated courses where they offer promising career opportunities to nourish their students.

Put kinds of universities are recognized by the UGC and by the Ministry of human resources and development. Choose the universities which live up to your expectations and seek reviews from others.

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