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Difference Between Open Degree And Regular Degree

Update on 2024-04-15

Difference Between Open Degree And Regular Degree | Open Degree Vs Regular Degree

What is Open Degree?

Education plays a crucial role in this fast-paced world since the market is very competitive. People from all sections of life can obtain their degrees and diplomas in different disciplines.

A degree from an open degree program provides the learners with a great opportunity to make their careers and work in a broad organization.

It helps students learn while they are on the job because students are not expected to learn at a particular time.

What is Regular Degree?

The regular degree program, on the other hand, is a method of delivering education, where the source of information is the teacher, the books, practical labs, and also the infrastructure facilitating the education and the students are physically present, they are united by time and distance both.

The article underneath presented to you elaborates on the basic points of the Difference Between an Open Degree and a Regular Degree.

Content: Open Degree Vs Regular Degree

  1. Comparison Chart
  2. Definition
  3. Key Differences
  4. Conclusion

Open Degree Vs Regular Degree

Comparison Open Degree Regular Degree
Definition The open degree education system is a mechanism that offers the policy of open admissions providing distance, and online learning programs. A regular degree education is a type of learning system cum infrastructure provided by various universities to facilitate the students with the live, cumulative, and systematic learning method in an organized and with the assistance of physical experiences present in person at the site.
Type It is open to all without any proper previous regular education. It is a systematic mode of education where previous formal education is necessarily required.
Colleges In an open degree education system, there is no provision of affiliated colleges and they comprise only study centers & institutes. In regular degree education, the university is a  proper traditional university. The university has a number of affiliated colleges as well, they function under the guidelines of the university. Therefore, we can find that various colleges are affiliated with the traditional university.
Purpose The open degree education system was crafted to deliver higher education to those persons who cannot take admissions to the traditional university. The regular degree education system was founded with the purpose to allow access to education to those who are willing to go for higher education and attend regular colleges.
Placement facility In the open degree education system there is no such facility for grabbing a placement or a job while studying. This is just to enhance your knowledge that’s it. In the regular degree education system there is also the provision and the facility of campus placements and getting a job.
Fee charges In open degree education, the fee charges are very nominal and this education is not very expensive. In regular degree education, the students are required to pay fees which are high in comparison with an open degree. Private colleges affiliated with the universities levy a considerably high fee as compared to public colleges.
Practical Subjects Practical subjects like engineering,
Architecture, & such other courses that require hands-on training are not allowed to be offered under the Open and Distance Learning mode.
For acquiring knowledge of the
In physiotherapy and other programs, students need to get themselves enrolled at regular degree colleges or universities only.
Entrance Exam

In open degree education, no entrance exam is there for the enrollment of the students.

In regular degree education, the students are required to appear for the entrance exam that is conducted at the national, state, or at university level itself. Sometimes university admission is also conducted on the merit basis of the previous education.

Difference Between Open Degree And Regular Degree

The key difference between the Open Degree and the Regular Degree is as follows:

Definition of Open Degree Education:

An open degree education is a system that offers the facility of open admissions through distance, and online learning programs.

The students are equipped with the study materials for various courses through the study centers and online facilities.

Also, the students can seek online services online help through teachers who can give feedback and help to understand the assignments and projects completed online.

It is an economical way of pursuing higher education and it is very suitable for working-class people as well as for those living in the rural and remote areas of the country.

Definition of Regular Degree Education:

Regular Degree education is a means of learning where the students are present in person at the educational site, which has a proper institutional and physical infrastructure, where the teachers along with the students communicate and impart lessons of the prescribed course in the real world, not by virtual means.

In this, the student does have direct face-to-face contact with the teacher and they can also enhance the learning environment by the use of various means to access education, like e-learning, videos regarding the topics, help from specialized and expert faculty from abroad, etc.

In this method of education, the students are compulsorily required to attend classes regularly, and the evaluation of their research work is done through the exams and the practicals that are conducted at regular intervals.

Key Differences Between Open Degree Education and Regular Degree Education:

  1. Open Degree Education is provided via the university that facilitates open entry for admissions, through distance & online learning programs. On the other hand, Regular Degree Education is a type of learning system where the students ought to get themselves registered for admissions by various universities to physically attend the classes with a minimum compulsory attendance in the college.
  2. The significant difference between open degree education and regular degree education is that an open degree education is a type of University while regular degree education is a kind of education method.
  3. There is no college affiliation to open degree education, whereas, in regular degree education, traditional universities provide affiliations to different colleges.
  4. The main motive of an open degree education is to provide education to all those people who can’t take admissions in the traditional university, i.e. working-class people who want to enhance their knowledge or those living in rural remote areas. On the other side, the primary motive of regular degree education is to provide knowledge with skills to those who are willing to get higher and practical knowledge by attending the regular colleges affiliated with the traditional universities i.e. students have to visit the college regularly to acquire education.
  5. In open degree education, education is facilitated only in a distance learning mode, no entrance exams are conducted for admissions and education is also very economical but the practical education is not provided like technology, nursing, etc, whereas regular degree education is provided by attending the regular classes in the traditional universities or the colleges that are affiliated with the universities, by seeking admissions through entrance exams or merit-based and can also attain practical education like technology, architecture, nursing, etc along with the facility of campus placement.

Which is a Better Open Degree or Regular Degree?

The value of a regular degree is often greater than every other degree whether it be an open degree, distance degree, e-learning, etc.

The reason is about the kind of practical exposure people get is not comparable to any other program, not only is there a high level of interaction and communication with the faculty and the classmates who have a wealth of work experience that helps you gain a piece of knowledge and improves your communication and networking skills.

Professional programs will provide students with placement services that are not available in the open degree education system, and it would be best to opt for a regular degree program.

It is always a good way to learn the degree course from a regular college because it has an exposure to the new learning outcomes and also makes a student connect with the various peers with whom they share their ideas and it gives a holistic approach to learning.

The regular mode of education teaches the students the value of life and it also helps one to build their personality. If we consider the open degree mode of education it is a solo-based learning process. Whereas it has no seminars or lessons.

A student has to do all of this stuff by himself. An open degree mode of education is feasible for students who are employed at higher posts. The lessons of open degree education are narrow in nature.

Attachment to any course in regular mode is always better than distance or OPEN learning. But it is not possible to pursue the course in regular mode for jobholders and for people who are engaged with other important activities. For them, distance or open learning is the right choice.

A regular degree is better than an open or distant one, and valuable. The regular degree makes students understand the course better because the lectures will be on a daily basis and in the classroom, questions will also be resolved regularly.

The regular course also helps students get job placement but not in the case of the open degree program. 

In a recent notice, the University Grants Commission (UGC) explained that the degrees or diplomas, or qualifications granted by the ODL institutions for programs approved by the commission should be regarded as appropriate degrees of regular institutions.

However, the commission reiterated that the programs in engineering, medicine, dental, pharmacy, nursing, architecture, physiotherapy, and other programs require hands-on training, according to the UGC (Open and Distance Learning) Regulations, 2017, which was notified last June, is not allowed to be offered under Open and Distance Learning mode.


Most people think that there is very little difference between an open degree education and a regular degree education, but there are many fields that distinguish them.

Both the entities are doing good work in imparting education but the two completely different clubs of the students In the open degree system to those students who cannot attend regular university classes, due to their personal problems or professional boundations.

In this manner, open degree education is a great way of acquiring higher education without losing a job and it also saves time, energy, and money along with the learner’s flexibility which is the time and place of receiving the education.

Hundreds of degree & diploma courses are provided in respective fields like:

  • Undergraduate
  • Postgraduate
  • Masters by these open universities

They are well equipped with learned faculties, where thousands of students get their education in the distance learning mode. However, both the systems suffer from the pros and cons, but it’s all about the needs and the limitations of the learner opting between the two.

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