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CRPF Salary

Update on 2024-04-15

CRPF Salary - Salary Details As Per The Designations

Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) is a paramilitary organisation that reports to the Ministry of Home Affairs on various matters. The CRPF is one of the biggest and oldest standing armies, has roughly 15 ranks in its own division.

The salary offered to hired candidates will be determined by the amended 7th Pay Commission, and it may differ depending on the position. The CRPF wage also includes amenities like housing, ex-gratia payments, and leave rollovers in addition to the grade pay. This has been promised to the officers hired by the CRPF. If you're interested in learning the CRPF Officer salary structure according to ranks, read the post after this one.

Details of CRPF Salary as per Designations

As per the 7th Pay Commission, the commission pays the salaries of 15 CRPF rank officers with varying levels of rank. Therefore, as a result of the 7th Pay implementation, the officers now get a raise in pay.

The following sections contain the monthly salaries paid to each CRPF officer according to rank, which you can use to determine the annual package for CRPF officers. For instance, a CRPF Assistant Sub Inspector has an average salary of Rs. 4,50,000 per year.

In the following table, you will get the complete Salary Details as per the Designations of the CRPF posts.

Officer Rank Salary Structure (After 7th Pay Scale) Grade Pay
Director General 2,50,000/- (FIXED) -
Special Director General 2,25,000-2,30,000 -
Assistant Director General 2,10,000-2,25,000 -
Inspector General 1,12,200-2,01,000 35,000
Deputy Inspector General 1,12,200-2,01,000 30,000
Commandant 1,12,200-2,01,000 26,100
Second-in Commandant 1,12,200-2,01,000 22,800
Deputy Commandant 46,800-1,17,300 19,800
Assistant Commandant 46,800-1,17,300 16,200
Subedar Major 27,900-1,04,400 14,400
Inspector 27,900-1,04,400 13,800
Sub-Inspector 27,900-1,04,400 12,600
Assistant Sub-inspector 15,600-60,600 10,400
Head Constable 15,600-60,600 9,400
Constable 15,600-60,600 7,200

In Hand Salary of CRPF Officer

According to the rules and policies, there are a number of deductions from the CRPF Salary. The salary sheet for the CRPF officer will show deductions like PFA and other taxes. Deduction amounts may differ from post to post.

CRPF Pay Slip

The corresponding salary slip will be given to each and every officer in the CRPF. It formally lists all of the deductions and the total amount paid to the officer.

Benefits & Additional Perks for a CRPF Officer

The aspirants get a lot of advantages and incentives in addition to being appointed by the renowned CRPF. The 2024 CRPF Salary includes these benefits & allowances. Here are the CRPF allowances and benefits that are available to different CRPF officers are facilities for CRPF officers' kids' education, the cops were provided with a place to stay, ex-gratia compensation, retired CRPF officers' leave encashment service, compensation grants for cities, detachment compensation.

CRPF Job Description

The Central Reserve Police Force is a paramilitary unit of the Indian Union Armed Forces under the ministry of Home Affairs. The CRPF's primary duty is to maintain internal security in Indian states. It is typically stationed there to maintain peace and order and fight insurgencies where required. It is also posted in disaster-prone locations during times of tranquility.

I hope you learned a lot from this article and you got the detailed knowledge of Salary of a CRPF officer.


Q1. What duties fall under the purview of CRPF Constables?

Ans. Candidates who are chosen for the CPRF Constable Recruitment 2024 will be expected to carry out a range of duties. They are in charge of upholding law and order, carrying out counterinsurgency operations, and overseeing security measures during elections throughout the nation.

Q2. What is the CRPF Constable's probationary period?

Ans. According to Section 108 of the CRPF, the probationary period for CRPF Constables is two years.

Q3. What is the CRPF's highest salary?

Ans. The Director General of the CRPF is paid the highest salary—Rs 2,50,000—according to the 7th Pay Commission.

Q4. When a new employee begins working, what is the minimum and maximum pay of the CRPF Constable?

Ans. The location of the work and a number of other factors affect the CRPF Constable Recruitment compensation structure. Candidates would receive a salary ranging from Rs. 15,600 to Rs. 60,600 when they join the Central Reserve Police Force as a Constable following the implementation of the 7th Pay Commission.

Q5. What is the CRPF SI's salary?

Ans. In India, the average pay for a CRPF sub inspector with between three and twenty-two years of experience is 7.7 lakh rupees annualy. The CRPF India pays sub inspectors a remuneration that ranges from 3.5 to 10.0 lakhs annual.

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