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Top 7 Courses After 12th Commerce Without Maths

Update on 2024-04-19

Top 7 Courses After 12th Commerce Without Maths 2024

Courses & Career Options in Commerce Without Maths

Are you not rend of Math? We’ve got you enclosed. There are some of the best options of courses after 12th in commerce without maths.

Maths is not everyone’s cup of tea. It often seems like just because we don’t know maths, we are the dumbest person and we can’t do engineering without maths or else do much in science.

But there are many other things in life we can achieve and do many courses after 12th commerce without maths we can pursue even without receiving high marks on a maths test. And of course, some creative options that are profitable to boot.

Let’s have a quick look at a few of the courses after 12th commerce without maths that we can pursue down below:

List of 7 Best Courses After 12th Commerce Without Maths:

1. Digital Marketing

If we are looking for courses after 12th commerce without maths that will truly stand the test of the pending years, consider digital marketing very extremely.

We may recognize this term as selling goods online from our commerce textbooks, but digital marketing is so much more.

That is the goal of digital marketing but is achieved in such oblique and attractive ways that, in many features, digital marketing can be related to a chessboard.

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2. Bachelors in Commerce

The typical commerce degree goes short of saying that it would be included in an article about courses after 12th commerce without maths. This degree enables us to further our education in commerce and equip us with a working knowledge of commercial facets like finance, investments, banking, management, etc.

The only disadvantage about this course after 12th commerce without maths is that a lot of its content is very brief– it does not offer detailed knowledge on any topic. For this, we would suggest specialized course alternatives.

3. Bachelor’s in Business Administration

Is your dream to run your particular business or maybe want to occupy a management-level position at a company office? In that case, a BBA is one of the best courses. It is like a junior-sized form of a Master’s in Business Administration, and like it, it offers specialties in the fields of Marketing, Finance, etc.

While Finance necessitates mathematics to be a compulsory subject, other specializations do not, so this would be a great option if we war looking for courses after 12th in commerce without maths. For undergraduates, BBA in Digital Marketing is an outstanding option to start their careers early.

4. Bachelor’s in Management Studies

While this course and BBA are often disordered as the same, they are not the same. A BMS degree is obtainable by government-aided institutions, while BBA's are usually offered only by private colleges.

This every so often makes a BMS degree much more cost-effective, two, especially if we will not be looking for a job straight after graduation and will be looking to study further or start our own business.

5. Bachelor’s in Mass Media

This is one of those recent courses which are a mixture of commerce and humanities-based subjects. This course after 12th in commerce without maths is constructed to prepare us to enter into the world of media, with the final year offering specialisms i.e., Journalism and Advertising.

Nearly commerce subjects we will last to study are management, economics, and a reasonable bit of accounting. Some humanities subjects we will be introduced to are psychology, political science, and sociology. Though, these are just the first year, to shape up at the beginning.

6. Digital Design

In alike fashion to digital marketing, the Digital Design career is predicted to stand the test of the financial crisis as it involves providing key digital services to brands, somewhat they simply cannot get rid of.

The digital consumption by customers increasing will only reason brands to pump more assets into digital channels. Digital design is essentially a version of graphic designing that includes branding design for a company digitally. For instance, corporate design or logo design. It also comprises certain aspects of the user interface and the experience.

7. Law

This is one of those fields we can study at any point in life though it often takes a fair venture of time and effort. Becoming a lawyer or professional in a legal field is a very reputable profession.

It is also usually a postgraduate degree, but it can be learned at an undergraduate level through a combined course offered in Indian colleges founded on the scores of a qualifying exam like CLAT. 

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