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Career Guidance For Working Professionals

Update on 2024-04-15

Career Guidance For Working Professionals

Find New Job Opportunity, Switch to an Interesting Career Path or Make the Right Career Move to Get that Promotion by Getting Career Guidance for Working Professionals.

What If Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Mahi) had kept working in the Railways? Have you ever thought about what would Indian Cricket be like without him? He pursued his dreams and became the GOAT (Greatest of All Time), cricket player, India has ever known.

The same theory applies to you. What if you are just one step away from your dreams? Well, Career Guidance helps you to achieve what you are meant to achieve.

In India, There are many working professionals who are engaged in mediocre jobs just to earn a livelihood. But What if there’s more than that?

Career Guidance for working professionals helps the candidates to become what they are supposed to become. You can achieve anything if you know what are your abilities and how can you achieve better.

A professional career counsellor/coach helps you to understand that.

Why Do Working Professionals Need Career Guidance?

It is often interpreted that only students and freshers take career guidance and counselling to find suitable careers and jobs. However, sometimes working professionals and even experienced professionals may also need career guidance to make apt career decisions.

There could be multiple reasons behind a professional seeking career counselling, It could be due to the stress in the current job or it could be the wish to switch the career path.

While working in a job, many professionals feel unsatisfied in their job due to reasons such as lack of interest in the work, unsatisfying salary package, pressure and excruciating work life, toxic work environment, poor work-life balance, stagnant growth etc.

In such cases, a working professional is advised to take career counselling instead of making reckless decisions. You can seek career guidance for working professionals if you want to explore some better career options or if you want tips on how to get that “dream job”, In such cases, talking to a career coach would be best for you.

Significance of Career Counselling for Working Professionals

The definition of a happy and successful career varies from individual to individual. Some give preference to a well-paying job while others prefer a career with a peaceful work culture and a healthy work-life balance, while some people are intrigued by a job that fits their interests.

Getting professional career guidance services helps a professional to sort out their priorities towards their career and help them determine what they actually want from their career trust us, you can have all of it if you take help from a professional career coach for working professionals.

  • A career coach helps a person to figure out how they can do better in their career and what should they do to climb the ladder of success. Apart from career counselling and consultation, a good career guide/coach will also help you to switch to a more suitable career path If you want.
  • A career counsellor/coach/guide acts as a mentor who helps you in finding the solutions to the problems you face in your day-to-day life.
  • A good career coach also boosts your confidence, and self-esteem and provides you with moral support.

How do Career Counsellors help Working Professionals?

Career Counsellors and coaches use advanced assessment tools to understand various aspects of the candidate’s profile and provide them right recommendations based on the evaluation and analysis made after the assessment.

Coaches who provide career counselling for experienced professionals mostly hold qualifications in psychology and career coach training certifications, This allows them to guide the candidate's property based on his/her individual interests, talents, skills, abilities, personality attributes, and other factors like preferred job type, etc.

Career Coaches have years of experience in the industry. While being in the industry for a long time, they build extensive networks in various job industries. They use their networks to help candidates find better career opportunities.

If you are a working professional who wishes to land a better career opportunity or start a career in a new field, a certified career coach can help you to do so.

Working Professionals who wish to start something new from scratch can rely on the guidance of career coaches as they provide you with result-oriented career advice.

You can explore more fascinating yet suitable career fields with the help of an experienced career coach.

Here’s a brief on the significance of Career Counselling for working professionals:

  • It provides aid to your professional growth.
  • Helps you to figure out the cause of stagnant career growth.
  • Helps you in switching to a new job or a career field.
  • Provide Job Support and Consultation
  • Recommends you best skill development courses or executive level courses to enhance your CV
  • Provides you assistance in finding a new employer.
  • Helps in overcoming various challenges and problems that you may face in your work life.
  • Gives you unbiased advice on “what to do next?”.
  • Keeps you updated about the latest industry trends and demands, so you could adapt and upgrade yourself accordingly.

Best Online Career Counselling For Working Professionals

Working Professionals are often busy and don’t even get leisure time for themselves. Considering their tight work schedule, Online career counselling has been brought into existence.

If you are also someone who needs career counselling but doesn’t have time to travel and reach the career counselling centre then getting Online Career Counselling is your best option.

There are many career guidance companies and counsellors who provide Online Career Counselling for Working Professionals.

Online career counselling is considered convenient because it saves you time and energy. You can take counselling while sitting in the comforts of your home on a weekend or while being in your office, it doesn’t matter where you are, you can always reach out to College Disha to get the best career advice.

To get online counselling, you only need two things, a Laptop/smartphone and a good internet connection. Your career counsellor will set up an online video meeting to provide you one to one counselling and guidance.

Please note that in online career counselling for working professionals, only the mode of counselling changes, and the quality of consultation remains unchanged.

You will always be provided with the best career counselling no matter what is the mode of delivery.


Experienced Career Coaches for Working Professionals are hard to find, however, there are some career guidance companies such as College Disha that have associated the Top career coaches with them, so they can provide comprehensive counselling and consultation to candidates.

As a working professional, you need to understand that making reckless choices in your career can ruin your years of hard work, so before making any move, it's better to get expert advice.

Career Coaches for working professionals are experts who possess in-depth knowledge about various career paths and job sectors, they have strong industry networks and resources that can help you to overcome any difficulty and achieve your career goals.

Q 1. How much does a career counselor charge?

Ans. A career counselor usually charges Rs 1,500 to Rs 3,500 for an hourly session. But session-based counselling is more suitable for students or individuals who need one-time advice.

If you are a working professional, enrolling in a career guidance program is better as it is cost-effective and allows you to take multiple sessions based on your requirement.

Q 2. What are the best sites for free career counselling?

Ans. If you are searching for best career counselling for working professionals, then College Disha is one of the best sites that provide you with free-demo counselling sessions.

Q 3. What is the difference between career guidance and career counselling?

Ans. Career Counselling is the process where a counsellor helps you to identify your best career choice by assessing you using various career assessment tools whereas Career guidance is the process of assisting individuals to achieve their pre-determined career goals and help them to make the right decisions relative to their career.

Q 4. When should I consult a career Counsellor?

Ans. You should consult a career counsellor whenever you feel doubtful or confused about making a certain career choice or before making any crucial step in your career.

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