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Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas

Update on 2024-04-15

Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas

Artificial Intelligence or AI is an emerging topic with increasing demand in industries across all domains. Many companies are on a recruiting spree for Artificial Intelligence experts who can provide solutions and new ideas that are scalable and disruptive.

Students who are delving into the field of Artificial Intelligence and the best Artificial Intelligence project ideas can help students to gain practical experience besides theoretical knowledge.

Artificial Intelligence is used in a variety of industries like healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, automobile, retail, and Construction.

Since AI mimics human behavior, Artificial Intelligence can reduce the time for mundane tasks and help users engage in more productive activities.

Engineering students can get a grasp on the different Machine Learning libraries like Python by completing these AI projects.

List of top Artificial Intelligence Project ideas that will help end users with ready-to-deploy solutions.

1. Search Engines: A great project for beginners is to build a search engine along the lines of Google. The search engine will help users to scan through various websites complete with images, texts, and videos.

With knowledge of search algorithms, networking, and the shortest route a new search engine can be built and deployed by beginners easily.

2. Translator Applications: Those of you who have a grip on Natural language processing can build a translator application with a transformer model. A transformer model is an end-to-end encoding and decoding model that derives the importance of each word from a sentence. A Python library can be used to load and train the dataset for the transformer model.

3. Predict House Pricing: This is one of the top Artificial Intelligence Project ideas for beginners. This project will help to predict the price of the different houses in the city and compare it with the prices of houses in different areas of the city.

The dataset for this project is available in the UCI Machine Learning Repository and provides additional information on the crime rate in the city, the age of the residents, etc.

4. Facial Recognition: Facial recognition is an important topic for understanding human emotions and identifying an individual. Engineering students can do the project on their mobile phones and laptops in the beginning.

The facial recognition app uses Mathematical models and algorithms along with advanced image processing. Students can deploy this facial recognition model as a password on their mobile phones to test the accuracy.

5. Home Automation: This is one of the extremely innovative Artificial Intelligence Project ideas for students. In this project speech recognition algorithms can be used to control household appliances through voice commands.

Beginners can initiate this project by using a virtual room and with gradual expertise, it will be possible to deploy the project in a real room to control daily appliances.

6. Chatbots and Personal Assistants: Chatbots are one of the best Artificial Intelligence project ideas for beginners. Chatbots as Personal Assistants have flooded the market nowadays as they reduce the time for repetitive and mundane tasks.

These Personal Assistants can perform a number of virtual activities like answering queries and solving problems by recognizing the voice and text of the users.

Beginners can refer to the various chatbots of different websites and create their own chatbots. They can also use added applications to enhance the functionality of domain-specific Personal Assistants.

7. Tracking and Counting Vehicles: This Artificial Intelligence Application is useful for the traffic surveillance system. This uses image processing algorithms and can be integrated with CCTV cameras to detect and count vehicles.

Students can work on this project which is in good demand as it ensures the safety and security of the vehicles. Students can also improve the functionalities of this application by introducing modifications to alert vehicle owners when a particular vehicle deviates from the restricted area.

8. Plagiarism Checker: This is one of the topmost Artificial Intelligence Project ideas for students. This tool can be used to keep plagiarism under control by detecting similarities between content and preventing theft of intellectual property.

Plagiarism is the act of copying content (images/texts/videos) from other sources and presenting it to the users. Artificial Intelligence beginners can create software that will detect plagiarism and the percentage of plagiarism of content.

9. Skin Cancer Detection: Students can use Machine Learning and Neural networking to create Artificial Intelligence tools that will help to detect skin cancer at the early stages. This Artificial Intelligence application is a boon for the healthcare industry. Students can use Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms that will help in detecting skin cancer accurately.

10. Spam Detection: Students who want to enhance their hands-on skills in Artificial Intelligence can build a spam detection model using Artificial Intelligence tools and techniques. There is a rise in spam notifications on social media such as Instagram.

By using Python, beginners can collect and scrap datasets to differentiate between spam and legitimate datasets. Students can also use Natural language processing models to understand the clear datasets to improve the interpretation of texts.

11. Resume Parsing: Resume parsing is one of the best Artificial Intelligence project ideas for beginners. A resume parser analyses resume data and help recruiters to automate the analysis of a CV.

With the help of a Resume parser, recruiters can shortlist candidates suitable for the given job by rejecting unnecessary resumes. Students can use the Machine Learning and Python library to build algorithms that will aggregate candidates with similar skills by filtering out unnecessary candidates.

12. Age Detection Model: The age Detection project is a fun and interesting way to enhance Artificial Intelligence skills among beginners and students. This tool can be used to predict the exact age of an individual on social media sites like Facebook.

Students can use the open-source library of Python and Deep Learning frameworks to create an application that can predict a person’s age without any publicly available information. With added functionalities, this project can be also used to identify the handwriting of a person.

13. Banking Chatbots: This is one of the topmost Artificial Intelligence Project ideas for students as they can develop algorithms to create banking solutions and improve customer relationship management.

Students can design mobile applications using Natural Language processing models to automate mundane tasks like replying to customer queries, gathering feedback, and multilingual collaboration with customers.

This project will provide practical exposure for the students and also enhance their resumes with added skills.

14. Text Generation using Artificial Intelligence: This is one of the best projects for beginners who want to improve their Artificial Intelligence skills. In this project, students can use Machine Learning models and the Python library to create a tool that can automatically complete a sentence.

This tool is excellent for writers as they can recreate stories and content. Social media influencers can use this application to create funny posts and increase their follower base.

15. Price Comparison: This is one of the best Artificial Intelligence project ideas for beginners. Students can use an algorithm to build an application that will help users to get the best price of a product by comparing it with the prices of similar products.

This model will make use of Artificial Intelligence to identify objects in an image and compare it with a pre-existing database to find out the best price of the product.

16. Driver Drowsiness Detection: Driver drowsiness is a major cause of road accidents. Students can use this Artificial Intelligence tool to improve road safety norms by using automated driver drowsiness detection applications.

This application can be developed by using algorithms that can detect changes in facial expressions and body gestures of drivers indicating fatigue and alert the drivers in real time.

This is one of the in-demand projects on Artificial Intelligence that will increase the job readiness of the candidates.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence Project Ideas and Topic

  • Improve the hands-on skills of the students.
  • Enhances the resume with added expertise.
  • Helps students to build Artificial Intelligence tools and applications.
  • Increases proficiency in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • Students can gain knowledge of AI libraries and new-age developmental tools.
  • Helps to overcome challenges in the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in real-life cases.
  • Students can enhance their skills by working across diverse domains.
  • Beginners can get valuable feedback from Professors.

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