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10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Looking for Jobs In Hotel Management

Update on 2024-04-15

10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Looking for Jobs In Hotel Management

A career in Hotel Management can bestow you with a fruitful and lucrative career in the hotel management discipline. After pursuing a course in hotel management, individuals can attain optimum jobs in hotel management and can enjoy a gratifying fate. A hotel management professional is generally in charge of the day-to-day activities of one or more hotels from maintenance to reservations to the acquisition of materials to the management of people. A professional hotel manager is accountable for controlling a plethora of things.

Hotel Industry is a significant and essential part of the hospitality and tourism industry with immense growth potential in the imminent prospect. The demand for hotel management professionals is already at peak and is supposed to augment more among the growing quantity of hotels that are being incepted in India and across the world. This profession can also grant you glamour with an excellent job, therefore a career in hotel management has a lucrative and exciting scope, luring more and more students to choose it.

After completion of the course, candidates are usually found perplexed with their profession that how to attain a satisfying life. One can join the following trades in the hotel industry which are as follows:

Sales and marketing

Human resource management

Rooms division and front office

General management and administration

Event management

Food and beverage management

Accounts and finance

One could still work in a variance of distinct positions as one moves across the world, extremely worthy for those who wish to become a concierge, advance into management or even begin their personal hotel.

Apart from catering hospitality and accommodation to the guests, a job in hotel management can bestow you with the world and also let you experience several diverse cultures. Hotel Management is generally for those who are extrovert by nature and aims to develop professional bondings with new friends and people wherever they go. Besides, from a character-building and exciting career in the hotel industry, as well as every experience adds up to one’s capability to accommodate, communicate, and interact.

Today, jobs in Hotel management comprise various skills and abilities such as food & beverage service, front office administration, sales & marketing, accounting, etc. Most of the government colleges and private institutes in India proffer certificates, diplomas, or degree qualifications in the hotel management discipline. Here are the questions that often arises in the minds of all the aspirants who pursue hotel management course.

1. Do you know the term “concierge”?

For any person studying or doing a job in the hotel industry is required to know the meaning of the term “concierge”. In a hotel, there are distinct job roles and responsibilities that you will only get to know while working in a hotel. Some of the interviewers will be excited to recognize how much you have knowledge regarding hotels and how they operate. Employ your time to research and comprehend the different hotel jobs.

A concierge is basically a hotel professional who is accountable for assisting guests book, tours and trips, and other things also that they can cater as a piece of advice on the best spots to visit.

2. Do you possess excellent interpersonal abilities?

Before jumping into the jobs in hotel management a hotel professional needs to hold exceptional interpersonal skills and abilities. In order to complete your work in the hotel industry, the managerial position that rotates around communication with all the surrounding people. It is actually essential for hotel management candidates to acquire good communication skills as well as responsible for what they have to do while doing the job. For beginners, the aspirants need to make sure that nothing becomes lost inversion.

3. Do you hold a qualification in hotel and restaurant management?

The second important factor that arises in the aspiring candidate’s life is not accurately a necessity but acquiring a degree in this area can get you great benefits. The hotel and restaurant management courses prepare students particularly to meet the demands and difficulties of the hospitality trade. Some of the programs emphasize more on preparing food, which is helpful, while others focus more on the management view of the hotel business. Aspirants will not be significantly chosen out for jobs in hotel management if one does not hold any degree in this field, but it’ll always provide you back.

4. Do you possess any working experience at any hotel?

Working in a hotel is highly demanding and exploring work for the individuals. If one is interacting with his/her guests, then he/she needs to be very attentive, polite, and pleasing to everyone. Hotel managers generally want their employees to acquire the skill sets and expertise to work in the hotel industry. If you hold any prior knowledge or experience, discuss it while your interview round, and inform them what characters you’re assigned and for how long you are there.

5. Are you all set to be amenable to your job schedule?

In the current scenario, the hotel industry is the only field that does not provide any holidays and the hotel business knows no leaves. Those who are seeking jobs in hotel management must apprehend that by now that holidays are usually the occupied days of the year, which implies barely any holidays for you. There will be days off also but mostly, it is strange when because of the day-to-day condition in the hotel. Even on vacations, one needs to be on-call. If one is ready to make this sacrifice in order to satisfy your customers?

6. Are you able to handle the roles and responsibilities of this job?

As a hotel professional, an individual must be capable of doing the jobs and responsibilities that are assigned to him. The job responsibilities in this profession comprise assisting guests’ check-in and check-out, billing, and other details also. They need to answer phone calls and help guests including any queries or problems they hold. As it's a front-of-house profession, the hotel receptionist is the first- person or point-of-contact for those who are visiting the hotel so they require to be at their best every time.

7. Are you zealous to experience your employer’s manager training session?

Most of the hotels allow training sessions that are explicit to their particular practices. Since there, the training program is refined and the best students were chosen for the junior management roles. These roles could alter from reception management to the ones in the kitchens. Most of the time, you will have no option but to obey the situation that you are located in but this will profit your profession in the long journey if you show his/her versatility.

8. Are you adept in computer skills?

Today, it has become vital for each and every individual to have some knowledge of computer skills. In the hotel industry also, all the aspirants need to have proficient computer skills to deal with all the computer-relevant work. As there is lot of hotel work such as reservation, billing, bookings, etc, that requires proper computer work. With various job opportunities in hotel management, the candidates have to immediately understand certain systems even if one is not going to be the original user.

9. Are you comfortable resettling?

After obtaining a satisfying job, individuals in the hotel industry have higher possibilities to walk around through several hotel branches if one is seeking a promotion in a job. In the 21st century, managers are usually transferred to overseas roles. Jobs in hotel management are indeed more introduced to adopt these sorts of changes. Various hotels are accurately located inside the city centers whereas others are set on the top of the ski resorts, near the shore, and other places also where there is a heap of tourists. Not only this, one will have to be very compliant with the schedule, and you will also have to be flexible with your location.

10. Where do you see yourself in the coming five years?

This is one of the most vital questions that every hotel employee should ask himself. Whether you are working in a hotel or some other organization, it's necessary for you to analyze the work you’re doing and how you’re doing, and where do you find yourself in the coming 5 years. Managers demand their staff advance with the hotel/resort and are excited about progressing through the professional ranks. If one shows a sincere interest in growing a career in the hotel industry, then he/she has lots of chances to enhance her chances of acquiring the job.

With this, a hotel manager also aspires to apprehend the trend of the current industry. Individuals are informed that their hotel needs to grow and adapt in order to stay prevailing. “To be successful in life, one has to produce emotions and whatever you create needs to be extraordinary, and you have to scale up the extra mile.”

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