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Update on 2024-04-15

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10 Best NDA Coaching Centre in Jalandhar

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10 Best NDA Coaching Centers in Jalandhar

A comprehensive list of the 10 Best NDA Coaching Centers in Jalandhar serves as a valuable resource for students aspiring to join the esteemed National Defence Academy. These coaching centers are recognized for their excellence in NDA exam preparation, featuring experienced faculty, top-notch study materials, regular mock tests, and a commitment to instilling discipline and values. Whether you're a local student or from neighboring regions, these centers in Jalandhar are best for NDA exam preparation.

IBS — Patwari coaching in Jalandhar

1. IBS — Patwari coaching in Jalandhar - 

Patwari Coaching, located in the heart of Jalandhar, is your way to a successful NDA journey. With a proven track record in defense exam preparation, including NDA, CDS, and AFCAT, Patwari Coaching stands as a testament to excellence. The experienced faculty, resolute commitment to quality education, and personalized approach to learning make it a top choice for NDA aspirants. They understand that each student is unique, and their coaching style is tailored to cater to individual needs. Whether you're looking to build a strong foundation or fine-tune your skills for the NDA exam, Patwari Coaching provides the platform and guidance you need. They also provide coaching for Bank, SSC IAS, CAT, UGC, and other govt. Exams. 

Why join IBS — Patwari coaching in Jalandhar?

  • Online YouTube channel.
  • Four-level practice program.
  • Library with over 8000 books collection.
  • Over 100+ class assignments.
  • 1 Lac+ success stories.

Course Fee

Ranges from INR 40,000 to 50,000

Contact Details

  • Address: Narindra Cinema, opp. Chabra Guest House, Jalandhar, Punjab 
  • Tel: 09316068310 | 09316488310
  • Email ID: N/A 
  • Website:


Sainik & Military Educare

2. Sainik & Military Educare - 

Sainik & Military Educare is a well-established coaching center in Jalandhar, recognized for its strong emphasis on the NDA exam and other defence exams preparation. The coaching was established in 2015 and soon got recognition as a renowned coaching center for defence exam preparation. They take pride in their personalized approach to coaching, ensuring that every student receives the attention and guidance they require to excel. The disciplined learning environment, combined with in-depth subject knowledge, sets the stage for NDA success. Sainik & Military Educare understands that NDA preparation is not just about acquiring knowledge; it's about cultivating the qualities and skills that align with the Indian Armed Forces' core values. 

Why join Sainik and Military Educare in Jalandhar?

  • Certified teachers.
  • IELTS coaching.
  • Spoken English classes.
  • Classes for Rashtriya Military School and Sainik School.
  • Personality Development / Smart Kids program.

Course Fee

INR 45,000 

Contact Details

  • Address: H.NO. 2404, Ajit Vihar, Near Amar Palace, Jalandhar, Punjab 
  • Tel: 09988014800 | 09988245679
  • Email ID: [email protected]
  • Website:


Tara Institute

3. Tara Institute - 

Tara Institute is a name synonymous with NDA success. Located in Jalandhar, this coaching center has earned its reputation through its comprehensive study material, regular mock tests, and a faculty of seasoned educators. Their holistic approach to NDA coaching ensures that you are not only well-versed with the NDA syllabus but also well-prepared for the challenges the exam poses. Tara Institute believes in nurturing well-rounded individuals, and their coaching philosophy reflects this. They emphasize not only academic excellence but also the development of leadership qualities, discipline, and confidence. The coaching also provides coaching for the following exams IAS, PCS, B.Ed Entrance, Govt. exams, Bank PO, SBI, IBPS clerk, PO, and others. 

Why join Tara Institute in Jalandhar?

  • Entrance exams preparation for almost all types of exams.
  • 100% free coaching for fatherless & handicapped students.
  • Preparation and learning app.
  • Unique User ID for 1 year.
  • Chapter wise, weekly & mock tests.

Course Fee


Contact Details

  • Address: Tara Institute, near Bus Stand, Near Narinder Cinema, Outside Bus Stand, Fentonganj, Jalandhar, Punjab 144001
  • Tel: 09999265274 | 09999736252
  • Email ID: [email protected]
  • Website:


Defence Aspirant Academy Jalandhar

4. Defence Aspirant Academy Jalandhar - 

Our next coaching center in our list of 10 Best NDA Coaching Centre in Jalandhar is Defence Aspirant Academy. If you're dreaming of serving your nation through the Indian Armed Forces, the Defence Aspirant Academy in Jalandhar is the ideal launchpad for your NDA journey. This coaching center is dedicated to grooming students for defense exams, making it an exceptional choice for NDA preparation. They prepare you for the unique challenges and demands of NDA exam and interview preparation and provide specialized coaching that caters to these needs. The experienced faculty at Defence Aspirant Academy ensures that you receive the highest quality guidance. The NDA preparation journey can be rigorous, but with the support of this coaching center, you'll able to conquer the challenges and also emerge as a more disciplined and focused individual.

Why join the Defence Aspirant Academy in Jalandhar?

  • A comprehensive Course Guide.
  • Daily Current Affairs.
  • Online and Offline Notes.
  • Experienced Teachers.

Course Fee


Contact Details

  • Address: 20, New Raja Garden, Behind Punjab Palace, Mithapur Road, Jalandhar, Punjab, Jalandhar, Punjab , 144003
  • Tel: 82923 01175
  • Email ID: [email protected]
  • Website:


Cadets Academy

5. Cadets Academy - 

Success in the NDA SSB (Service Selection Board) interview and written exams like NDA, CDS, and AFCAT is often the decisive factor for aspirants. Cadets Academy in Jalandhar specializes in honing your personality, communication skills, and interview techniques, all of which are critical for NDA SSB interviews. This coaching center understands that the interview phase requires a different set of skills and qualities, and they are dedicated to preparing you for success. They prepare you for various defence exams including NDA, CDS, AFCAT, and other exams. You'll develop the confidence and communication skills necessary to shine in the NDA exam and SSB interview. The academy's unique focus on this crucial aspect of NDA selection sets it apart as an invaluable resource for NDA aspirants.

Why join Cadets Academy in Jalandhar?

  • Amazing infrastructure for optimal Learning.
  • Personalized attention through small batches.
  • All-in-one coaching for CDS, NDA, MNS, CAPF, AFCAT, and other exams.
  • Regular Mock tests and performance assessments.
  • Comprehensive course material for types of exams.

Course Fee

Around INR 50,000 

Contact Details

  • Address: Online
  • Tel: 08750936709
  • Email ID: [email protected]
  • Website:


Young Leaders Academy

6. Young Leaders Academy - 

Young Leaders Academy is your comprehensive destination for NDA, CDS, AFCAT, and SSB interview coaching in Jalandhar. Their multi-faceted approach ensures that you are not just prepared for the NDA exam but for a wide array of defense service examinations. The experienced trainers at Col Mavi's Academy understand the nuances of each examination and provide tailored coaching to suit your specific needs. Whether you're aiming for the NDA, CDS, or AFCAT, or facing an SSB interview, this academy equips you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence required for success. The comprehensive coaching and diverse range of programs make Young Leaders Academy a one-stop solution for all your defense service preparation needs.

Why join the Young Leaders Academy in Jalandhar?

Course Fee

Around INR 35,000

Contact Details

  • Address: SCF - 47, Phase 1, Urban Estate, Jalandhar, Punjab 
  • Tel: 97942 82226
  • Email ID: N/A
  • Website: N/A


Armed Force Academy

7. Armed Force Academy - 

The Armed Force Academy, located in Jalandhar, is committed to providing an immersive NDA coaching experience. They understand that success in the NDA exam and interview requires more than just academic knowledge. It demands discipline, values, and physical fitness—qualities that align with the core principles of the NDA. When you join this academy, you become part of a community that not only imparts knowledge but also instills the discipline and values essential for a career in the Indian Armed Forces. The coaching experience at the Armed Force Academy is designed to shape you into a well-rounded and capable individual, ready to serve your nation with honor and distinction.

Why join the Armed Forced Academy in Jalandhar?

  • Experienced teachers.
  • Mock Tests and daily Test Series.
  • Regular Assessments.
  • Personal Interview Guidance.

Course Fee


Contact Details

  • Address: Near MGN School. Urban Estate II, Jalandhar Punjab
  • Tel: 09463138669
  • Email ID: N/A 
  • Website: N/A


Focus IAS PCS​​​​​

8. Focus IAS PCS​​​​​ - 

Focus IAS PCS is renowned for its coaching in government exams, including NDA. The coaching has received a gold medal award from the honourable governor of Punjab Shri Shivraj Patil for its excellence in education. The coaching has 9+ years of experience imparting knowledge to over 1 lac students. It was established in 2013 for the preparation of civil services exams. Their expertise in subject matter, coupled with experienced faculty, equips you to excel in both NDA and civil services examinations. Joining this coaching center is your gateway to in-depth subject knowledge and expert guidance, ensuring that you're well-prepared for the NDA exam's academic challenges. When you choose Focus IAS PCS for your NDA preparations, you're choosing a coaching center that is dedicated to your success and equipped to help you achieve your dreams.

Why join Focus IAS PCS in Jalandhar?

  • Covers a variety of syllabi.
  • Online education for anywhere and for anyone.
  • Answer writing practice.
  • Frequent class tests for regular assessments.
  • Audio/video classes.

Course Fee

Approx. INR 45,000 

Contact Details

  • Address: 115, Cool Road, Liberty Chowk, Gurjepal Nagar, Jalandhar
  • Tel: 08437009103
  • Email ID: [email protected]
  • Website:


Acharya IAS Academy

9. Acharya IAS Academy - 

The next NDA Institute in Jalandhar is Acharya IAS Academy. It is dedicated to government exam preparation and offers coaching for NDA as well. With a focus on in-depth subject knowledge and expert guidance, they empower you to perform well in NDA and other government exams. The coaching center's comprehensive approach ensures that you're not just learning to pass an exam but acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to excel as an officer. When you join Acharya IAS Academy, you become part of a community that values quality education, discipline, and holistic development. The coaching center's commitment to your success and its expertise in government exam coaching make it an excellent choice for NDA aspirants.

Why join Acharya IAS Academy in Jalandhar?

  • A comprehensive course material.
  • All-in-one coaching for CDS, IAS, PCS, NDA, and other govt. Exams.
  • Well-versed teachers in diverse course materials.
  • ​​Regular mock tests and assessments.

Course Fee


Contact Details

  • Address: FSC -124, 2nd Floor, near Sanjay Karate, phase 1, Jalandhar, Punjab 
  • Tel: 09877168907
  • Email ID: N/A
  • Website: N/A


Military Brat official Defence Academy

10. Military Brat official Defence Academy - 

Military Brat Official Defence Academy specializes in defense exam coaching, ensuring that you develop the skills and knowledge required for NDA success. Their tailored approach and comprehensive training make them an excellent choice for aspiring defense personnel. When you join this academy, you're embarking on a journey of transformation, where you not only acquire academic knowledge but also hone your physical fitness, discipline, and leadership qualities. The coaching experience at the Military Brat Official Defence Academy is designed to prepare you not only for the NDA exam but also for a fulfilling and distinguished career in the Indian Armed Forces. The academy's commitment to your growth and success sets it apart as a top choice for NDA preparation in Jalandhar.

Why join the Military Brat Offical Defence Academy in Jalandhar?

  • Small batch size for personalized attention.
  • Interactive classes and doubt-clearing sessions.
  • Access to course materials and recordings.
  • Regular mock tests and feedback sessions for further improvement.
  • Experienced teachers.

Course Fee

Around INR 15,000 

Contact Details

  • Address: Military Brat Officials Defence Academy Jalandhar Chomon, Near railway road, Adampur, Punjab
  • Tel: 07817089036
  • Email ID: [email protected]
  • Website:


Details About: 10 best NDA coaching centre in Jalandhar

“Yeh Dil Maange More!” Do you want more? Now, who remembers this electrifying line by none other than — Our Pride Shershah? Are you also Enthusiastic and Thrilled to join the Indian Army like he was? If yes, then you are at the right place. The National Defence Academy stands as a symbol of unwavering dedication and commitment. All the aspirants like you, come together to train and prepare for leadership roles in the Indian Army, Air Force, and Navy. If you have set your mind on the next NDA exam, then today’s article — 10 best NDA coaching centre in Jalandhar | NDA institutes in Jalandhar — will help find the best coaching in Jalandhar for the best preparation. 

What is the NDA Entrance Exam?

The NDA Entrance Examination is held biannually. It gives students dual opportunities to pursue their dream of joining the Indian Armed Forces. Though there are no limited attempts, there is an age limit. You are eligible after 16.5 years of age and you will be eligible till 19.5 years of age. The exam takes place two times in a year, so, you would have actually 6 number of attempts. 

As per the educational eligibility, it is open for all streams. The only thing you need to watch out for is that if you haven’t done 12th in Science Stream you will only be eligible for Army wing. If you have opted for Science in your 12th, you are eligible for All three wings: Army, Navy, and Airforce. 

The Examination encompasses three subjects namely English Language, General Knowledge, and Mathematics. There are two papers, Paper one comprises English and general knowledge and Paper two comprises of Mathematics paper. Once, you clear the written examination, there is a five SSB interview by the Service Selection Board. After which, selected candidates, go on to a three-years training program. The extensive official training involves academic studies, a physical fitness training program, and one foreign language learning at government expense. 

This arduous training is designed to equip them with the skills and discipline necessary for a successful career in the Indian Armed Forces. 

Why Jalandhar should be a place to prepare for the NDA exam?

Jalandhar, located in Punjab, is an exceptional choice for NDA (National Defence Academy) coaching. Its strategic location and excellent connectivity make it accessible to students from various regions. Like North India, Delhi, Chandigarh, and Amritsar. Students from these regions can reach Jalandhar easily. Furthermore, the coachings for NDA Institute in Jalandhar are staffed with experienced faculty members who provide personalized guidance. They have well-rounded expertise in NDA’s curriculum and examination patterns. The city's peaceful environment, lower population density, and cultural alignment with the NDA's values create an ideal atmosphere for focused learning. Moreover, Jalandhar offers essential amenities, including well-equipped libraries and fitness centers, making it a compelling destination for NDA aspirants.

The unique advantages of the city, not only make it a prime destination but also a nurturing ground for the future fighters of our nation. 


In conclusion, aspiring to join the National Defence Academy is a noble dream that requires the right guidance and preparation. The top 10 NDA coaching centers in Jalandhar we've discussed offer a variety of options to suit your specific needs. Whether you're focused on NDA exam preparation, SSB interviews, or broader defense and government exam coaching, these centers are your trusted allies on your journey to a career in the Indian Armed Forces. Each of these coaching centers brings a unique blend of expertise, experienced faculty, and a commitment to excellence. As you choose the one that aligns with your goals, remember that the NDA path is not just about passing an exam; it's about shaping yourself into a capable, disciplined, and dedicated defender of the nation.

With the right guidance and your determination, you can overcome challenges and proudly serve the country. These coaching centers are more than institutions; they are stepping stones to a future in the Indian Armed Forces, and they are ready to support you in achieving your dreams.

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