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Update on 2024-04-15

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10 Best IAS Coaching Centre in Lucknow

These coaching centers offer a range of comprehensive programs, experienced faculty, and a track record of success in producing IAS toppers. Whether you're a novice or a knowledgeable aspirant, We recommendations ensure you receive the guidance and support necessary to achieve your IAS dream.

Top 10 IAS Coaching Centers in Lucknow

The list of the Top 10 IAS Coaching Centres in Lucknow, which provides aspiring civil servants with a valuable resource to kickstart their IAS preparation journey.




1. Drishti IAS — Lucknow Center

Drishti IAS — Lucknow Center

Drishti IAS Coaching is one of the most renowned coaching centers for IAS preparation. It was founded in 1999 by the amazing and most influential personality, Dr. Vikas Diyakirti Sir. The coaching has experience of many years and has evolved quite a lot in these years.

It has been imparting valuable knowledge and guidance to IAS aspirants, already started to publish a monthly magazine named “Drishti Current Affairs Today” in both languages. Additionally, with the ever-evolving education sector, coaching has also marked its way to online education as well. The coaching has its offline centers in Lucknow, Prayagraj, Rajasthan, and Lucknow.

Why Choose Drishti IAS Coaching?

  • Experienced Faculty with in-depth knowledge.
  • Comprehensive Study Materials and Test Series.
  • Personalized Books and Magazines.
  • Classes in both Hindi and English Language.
  • Prepares you for personal interviews.

Courses Details

Course Total Fee Drishti Student Non - Drishti Student
One Time Fee Installment Fee One Time Fee Installment Fee
General Studies Foundation (Prelims + Mains) 1,50,000 1,40,000 1,50,000 1,40,000 1,50,000
Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) 25,000 20,000 - 25,000 -
Optional – History/Geography/Sociology/PSIR 55,000 45,000 50,000 50,000 55,000
Hindi Literature (Optional) in a recorded format 45,000 40,000 - 40,000 -
Essay 22,000 20,000 - 22,000 -
Test Series
Prelims Test Series (GS+CSAT) (25 GS + 5 CSAT = 30 Tests) 10,000 - - 10,000 -
Mains Test Series (General Studies) (20 Tests) 18,000 - - 18,000 -
Test Series (Optional Subjects) (16 Tests) 16,000 - - 16,000 -
Course Drishti Student Non-Drishti Student
Installment Fee
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
General Studies Foundation
(Prelims + Mains)
1,50,000 60,000 40,000 30,000 20,000 1,50,000 60,000 40,000 30,000 20,000
Optional – History/Geography/Sociology/PSIR 50,000 25,000 15,000 10,000 - 55,000 25,000 20,000 10,000 -

Contact Details

  • Address - 1st &2nd Floor, Property No - 47/CC, Burlington Mall, Lalbagh, Lucknow, UP
  • Tel - 08010440440
  • Email - [email protected]
  • Website:



2. ALS IAS Coaching

 ALS IAS Coaching

ALS IAS Academy is another reputed IAS coaching center located in Lucknow. However, the coaching has a pan-India presence. With the sole aim of initiating, enabling, and empowering individuals to grow up to be extraordinary civil servants, the coaching has around 25 years of experience in the field.

Their faculty is dedicated to helping you be confident and prepare you for competitive exams like IAS, and PCS. ALS has taught 50,000 students with structural methodological programs, well-researched study materials, guidance for the interview, and a comprehensive online IAS program. The minimum fee ranges around INR 1,17,000.

Why Choose ALS IAS Academy?

  • Weekend classes for working professionals.
  • Workshops for Leadership Administrative Abilities.
  • Self-study material and mock tests for self-evaluations.
  • A top-notch writing session.
  • Library and study resources for in-depth preparation.
  • Experienced faculty with a student-centric approach.

Course Details

ALS IAS Lucknow Course Name ALS IAS Lucknow Course fee Structure
General Studies Extensive 1 (Morning)(GS Main paper 1,2,3,4 + GS Prelims + CSAT + Essay + GS Prelims Test + GS Main Test + Interview) ₹ 171000
General Studies Extensive 2 (Evening)(GS Main paper 1,2,3,4 + GS Prelims + CSAT + Essay + GS Prelims Test + GS Main Test + Interview) ₹ 171000
General Studies Extensive Weekend(GS Main paper 1,2,3,4 + GS Prelims + CSAT + Essay + GS Prelims Test + GS Main Test + Interview) ₹ 171000
GS Foundation 2+(2-Year Weekend Foundation + 1 Year GS Extensive) ₹ 251340
GS Foundation 2+(2-Year Weekend Foundation + 1 Year GS Extensive) ₹ 221250
GS Foundation+(2-Year Weekend Foundation For Undergraduate) ₹120950
Weekly Current Affairs Programme Prelim-cum-Main ₹8260
General Studies Extensive + Geography ₹236000
General Studies Extensive +Public Admin ₹236000
General Studies Extensive +Sociology ₹236000
General Studies Extensive +Political ScienceGeneral Studies Extensive + History ₹236000
General Studies Extensive + Anthropology ₹236000
History Optional ₹55000
Geography Optional ₹55000
Public Admn Optional ₹55000
Sociology Optional ₹55000
Political Science Optional ₹55000
Kannada Literature ₹55000
Anthropology ₹55000
सामान्य अध्ययन Extensive Foundationसामान्य अध्ययन मुख्य परीक्षा Paper I, II, III, IV + सामान्य अध्ययन प्रारंभिक परीक्षा + सीसैट + निबंध + टेस्ट सीरीज़ (प्रारंभिक एवं मुख्य परीक्षा) +करेन्ट अफेयर्स (प्रारंभिक एवं मुख्य परीक्षा) + लेखन कौशल सर्वंद्धन कार्यक्रम + साक्षात्कार प्रशिक्षण कार्यक्रम ₹135000
निबंध ₹10000
CSAT ₹25000
इतिहास ₹49000
समाजशास्त्र ₹49000
भूगोल ₹49000
सामान्य अध्ययन + वैकल्पिक विषयसामान्य अध्ययन Extensive Foundation( इतिहास+समाजशास्त्र+भूगोल ) ₹155000

Contact Details

  • Address - C-24, 2nd Floor, Hira Tower - 1, Sector- C Aliganj, Lucknow, UP
  • Tel - 07233047172
  • Email - [email protected]
  • Website -



3. Sarthak IAS Coaching

Sarthak IAS Coaching

Sarthak IAS is a well-established name in the field of IAS coaching. The institute is known for its focused approach and result-oriented programs. Sarthak IAS Coaching offers a range of courses tailored to meet the diverse needs of aspirants.

Their courses focus on holistic development and comprehensive guidance has earned it a spot among the top IAS coaching centers in Lucknow. Even the head coach of the coaching himself believes that the student’s dream, success, and happiness are his objective.

The coaching offers expert faculty and experienced guidance. The coaching was established in 2002. The coaching boasts a 3-year foundation course after the 12th pass. It also has a one-year advanced program for IAS & PCS.

Why Choose ALS IAS Academy?

  • Experienced faculty with in-depth knowledge.
  • Regular mock tests and doubt-clearing sessions.
  • Personalized mentoring and guidance.
  • Comprehensive study materials and test series.
  • 3-year foundation course after 12th class.
  • Answer writing skill development sessions.

Courses Details

Foundation programme for 2 & 3 years

  • Course: NCERT+General Studies (Pre & Mains) + CSAT + Essay + Compulsory Paper (Hindi/English) + 17 Test Series (Pre & Mains)/year + Writing Skill Development + Mock Tests (India Level) + Mock Interview.
  • Cover: Basic to Advance
  • Duration: 2 years/ 3 years

One-Year Advance Program for IAS & PCS

  • Course: General Studies (Pre & Mains) + CSAT + Essay + Compulsory Paper (Hindi/English) + Interviewv+13 Test Series (Pre & Mains)/year + Writing Skill Development
  • Cover: Advance
  • Duration: One Year

Contact Details

  • Address - 1st Floor, FI Plaza - Near Sai Baba Mandir, Kapoorthala, Aliganj, Lucknow, UP
  • Tel - 09368365868
  • Email - [email protected]
  • Website -



4. Prepare IAS Coaching

Prepare IAS Coaching

The next coaching is the Prepare IAS coaching. It was established in 2013 and situated in Aliganj, Lucknow. It is a renowned IAS institute. Serving local and non-local students, it has gained a strong presence in the industry. They prioritize students’s satisfaction and have a growing aspirant base.

Their dedicated staff diligently works towards the common goal of preparing aspiring civil servants. Prepare IAS plans to expand its offerings to cater to more IAS aspirants. Conveniently located in Aliganj, it's easily accessible by various modes of transport. The institute excels in categories like IAS Institutes, UPSC and IAS Tutorials, Net and PCS Tutorials, and offers Online Study Material for IAS English Literature.

Why Choose Prepare IAS Coaching?

  • Expert guidance from experienced faculty.
  • Emphasis on current affairs and contemporary issues.
  • Regular workshops and discussion forums.
  • Detailed study materials and test series.
  • Affordable fees.
  • A comprehensive material for online and offline courses.

Course Details

Course Name Duration Fees
IAS 1 Year 70,000/-
UPSC 1 Year 60,000/-
UPPSC 1 Year 6 Months 70,000/-
CLAT - 35,000/-

Contact Details

  • Address - B2/363 Sector-A, near Engineering College Chauraha, Aliganj, Lucknow, UP
  • Tel - 08756334461
  • Email - [email protected]
  • Website -



5. Race IAS

Race IAS

Race IAS is another prominent coaching institute located in the heart of Lucknow, known for its dedicated approach to IAS exam preparation. Established in the year 2010, it has quickly become a key player in the field of civil services coaching.

Race IAS aims to provide a comprehensive learning experience to students, combining expert faculty and top-quality study materials. With a strong commitment to helping aspirants achieve their IAS dreams, the institute focuses on instilling the necessary skills and knowledge required for the competitive examination.

Conveniently situated for easy access in Lucknow, Race IAS offers a range of courses, ensuring that students receive the best guidance and resources for their IAS journey.

Why Choose Race IAS Coaching?

  • Demo classes.
  • Choose your timing and duration. 
  • Revised and updated study material. 
  • Answer-writing skills and regular mock tests. 
  • Facilitative style of teaching. 
  • Personal Attention and Mentoring.

Course Details

Course Name Duration Fees
IAS 2 Year 1,41,600/-
IAS 1 Year 80,000/-
UPPSC - 80,000/-
Interview Guidance - -

Contact Details

  • Address - A.G. Tower, Opp. Universal Book Centre, Kapoorthala, Aliganj, Lucknow, UP
  • Tel - 09044137462
  • Email - [email protected]
  • Website -



6. IAS Next

IAS Next

IAS Next offers a holistic approach to IAS exam preparation. The coaching courses are well-researched and comprehensive, and their expert guidance helps you chart your path to becoming an IAS officer effectively. Dedicated civil servants are the backbone of a nation, positively impacting people's lives.

IAS Next is a renowned institution, excelling in preparing candidates for the Civil Services Examination, from the Preliminary Test to the Mains Examination and Personality Test. With a highly qualified faculty, many from prestigious Central Universities, they have decades of valuable experience.

Their approach is rooted in essential attributes like Vision, Aptitude, Judgement, and Integrity, among others. They provide deep conceptual understanding in all relevant subjects, boosting your confidence.

Why Choose IAS Next Coaching?

  • Free resources to download.
  • A comprehensive and updated study material.
  • Best Topper’s notes.
  • Exam-centric Test Series.
  • Courses for working professionals.
  • Daily Current Affairs.
  • Sociology Optional Notes.

Courses Fees

General Studies (GS) (Prelims cum Mains) + CSAT Foundation Course (online) Rs. 1,30,000
GS Pre Cum Mains Foundation Course (online program) Rs. 1,22,000
GS+CSAT Pre Cum Mains Foundation Course (classroom program) Rs. 1,52,000
GS+CSAT Pre Cum Mains Foundation Course (online program) Rs. 1,32,000
UPSC Classroom Course (offline) Rs. 1,45,763 + GST
UPSC Classroom Course (online) Rs. 1,27,120 + GST
GS + CSAT Pre cum Main Foundation Course for CSE 2 (offline) Rs. 2,05,085 + GST
GS + CSAT Pre cum Main Foundation Course for CSE 2 (live/online) Rs. 1,75,424 + GST

NOTE: 60% of the total fees must be paid at the time of admission. Installment charges of Rs. 5,000 are also included in the total fee.

Contact Details

  • Address - 2nd Floor, Shahar Plaza Munshi Pulia Sector 15 Indira Nagar, Lucknow
  • Tel - 09454721860
  • Email - [email protected]
  • Website -



7. Samarpan IAS Study Circle

Samarpan IAS Study Circle

Samarpan IAS Coaching in Lucknow is a leading institute for civil services aspirants. They are dedicated to shaping young and talented aspirants into successful civil servants. Their team consists of experienced and qualified faculty who provide comprehensive guidance and mentoring.

At Samarpan IAS, they focus on equipping students with the right skills and knowledge to crack the Civil Services exam. They basically emphasize not only classroom lectures but also analytical skills, logical reasoning, and problem-solving abilities.

The teaching methodology is result-oriented, with regular classroom learning, test series, and mock exams. If you are determined to succeed in the Civil Services exam, Samarpan IAS Coaching in Lucknow is the ideal place to start your journey.

Why Choose Samarpan IAS Study Circle Coaching?

  • Test Series For Prelims & Mains.
  • A comprehensive and updated study material.
  • NCERT and CSAT course.
  • GS Foundation Course.
  • Free Downloads.
  • Daily Current Affairs for Prelims.

Course Fees

Course Name Duration Fees
UPSC 3 Year 1,55,000/-
IAS - 80,000/-
UPPSC - 80,000/-
Interview Guidance - -

Contact Details

  • Address - C14, J Park, Mahanagar Extension, Near Midland Health Care, Lucknow
  • Tel - 09695096561 | 07522032236
  • Email - [email protected]
  • Website -



8. Vaid ICS Lucknow

Vaid ICS Lucknow

VAID’S ICS Lucknow is another prominent consultancy for Civil Services. It was established in 1988 with a mission to offer expert guidance, consultancy, and counseling to individuals aspiring to pursue a career in Civil Services. Civil Services, including PCS, and PCS (J), attract some of the finest talents in our nation.

The rigorous multi-tiered examination process (Prelims, Mains, and Interview) is known for its selectiveness. VAID’S ICS Lucknow, since its inception, has focused on meeting the needs of civil services aspirants, promoting single-minded dedication and preparation.

The institute values diversity, emphasizing both Hindi and English as mediums of examination, and encouraging lesser-known subjects. Its inclusive approach draws students from various regions, including Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Bhubaneshwar, Raipur, Indore, Gwalior, and beyond, in addition to UP, MP, and Bihar.

Why Choose Vaid ICS Lucknow Coaching?

  • Conference, Seminars, and Workshops.
  • Test Series For Prelims & Mains.
  • A comprehensive and updated study material.
  • Pre-cum-Mains Batch/ Morning & Evening Batch.
  • Daily Current Affairs for Mains & Prelims.
  • Mock Tests and Interview Preparation.

Course Details

Course Name Duration Fees
IAS - 1,15,000/-
PCS - 35,000/-
PCS-J - 35,000/-

Contact Details

  • Address - B-36, Sector - C, Aliganj, Lucknow
  • Tel - 09415011892 | 08858209990
  • Email - [email protected]
  • Website -



9. Sharda IAS

Sharda IAS

Sharda IAS is a comprehensive learning platform with impressive statistics. With 4,018 users attempting 92,000 questions across 1,354 exams, it offers a wealth of resources. Sharda IAS hosts over 1 lakh tests, ensuring thorough preparation.

The platform covers a wide range of topics, including Current Affairs, keeping you updated with recent happenings. It offers a test series for effective exam preparation and daily news nuggets to ponder on. The coaching caters to various exams, including the Civil Services, Law, Arts, Commerce, Government Exams, Teaching, SSC, Defence & Police, Engineering Entrance, Medical, and more.

Personalized performance analysis is a standout feature, providing in-depth insights into your strengths, weaknesses, ranks, and tailored recommendations. This innovative learning experience is powered by machine learning, ensuring that you receive the best guidance and support for your exam preparation journey.

Why Choose Sharda IAS Lucknow Coaching?

  • 1 lakhs+ tests for IAS, PCS, SSC, and others.
  • Explore the best test series.
  • A comprehensive and updated study material.
  • IAS/ PCS advanced courses for Graduates.
  • Daily News and Current Affairs.
  • Interview Preparation.

Course Details

Course Name Duration Fees
IAS - ₹ 75,000
UPPSC - ₹ 35,000
PCS-J - ₹ 35,000
LAW - ₹ 35,000

Contact Details

  • Address - Puraniya Chauraha, Sector E, Sector H, Lucknow
  • Tel - 09453627059
  • Email - [email protected]
  • Website -



10. Prayatna IAS

Prayatna IAS

Prayatna IAS is a leading coaching institute, specializing in IAS, PCS, UPSC, and other civil services exam preparations. The institute is committed to delivering high-quality education and instilling a positive approach to life through principles of honesty and hard work.

Founded after a careful retrospection of the challenges faced in the Civil Services Exam (CSE) preparation, Prayatna IAS was established to fill the mentoring gap. It serves as a platform for unlearning, learning, and relearning, addressing the shortcomings of the current education system.

Prayatna IAS aims to cultivate mental alertness, critical thinking, effective communication, balanced judgment, diverse interests, leadership qualities, and intellectual and moral integrity in IAS aspirants. The institute is dedicated to guiding students on their path to success in civil services and helping them overcome the hurdles of CSE preparation.

Why Choose Sharda IAS Lucknow Coaching?

  • Regular Classroom Programs.
  • Special Programs for Working Professionals.
  • Test Series Programs.
  • Personal Guidance.
  • Daily News and Current Affairs.
  • Sample Papers and NCERT Notes.

Course Details

Course Name Duration Fees
IAS - 1,00,000/-
PCS - 35,000/-
UPSC - 35,000/-

Contact Details

  • Address - Indira Nagar, Munsipilia, Aliganj, Lucknow
  • Tel - 092355790698 | 09235390698
  • Email - [email protected]
  • Website -




About IAS Preparation

Doesn’t the aura and luxurious life of an IAS grab your attention? It does mine, many times, and of many other young minds who are aspiring to hold a prestigious position in society. The Blue and red light and siren, no doubt catches our attention. There is definitely a different air that blows around IAS preparation.

But somehow many aspirants step back because of the difficulty the exam possesses. But what if you take the opportunity with a structured path and guidance?  The opportunity that helps you achieve the goal and makes you enjoy financial stability, perks, and luxury in daily life, while you are dedicatedly serving your nation at the end after all the hard work you have put in? Well, in this blog, we will explore the 10 best IAS coaching centre in Lucknow, for your best preparation.

Understanding the IAS Examination

Before we delve into the specifics of the best IAS coaching centers in Lucknow, let's understand the IAS examination itself. The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts the Civil Services Examination, which offers many posts like IRS, IPS, IFS, IPoS, RPF, IAAS, ICFS, ICAS, and many others.

But somehow the UPSC exam is commonly known as the IAS exam which is one of the many posts of the UPSC exam. The IAS examination consists of three main stages after which you are sent for training if you are selected:

Preliminary Examination (Civil Services Prelims)

This is an objective-type paper that tests your knowledge of various subjects. It serves as a screening test for the Main examination.

Main Examination (Civil Services Mains)

This is a written examination with nine papers that delve deep into various subjects, including essay writing and general studies.

  • Paper A - Compulsory Indian Language (Qualifying Paper)
  • Paper B - English Language Paper  (Qualifying Paper) 

  • Paper I - Essay 

  • Paper II - General Studies I - Indian Culture & Heritage, History, and Geography of World and Society. 

  • Paper III - General Studies II - Constitution, Governance, Welfare Initiatives, International Relations & Social Justice 

  • Paper IV - General Studies IV - Integrity, Ethics, and Aptitude

  • Paper VI - Optional Subject - Paper 1 

  • Paper VII - Optional Subject - Paper 2 

NOTE: The duration of each paper is 3 hours and the total marks assigned to them is 250 for each paper, except For Paper A and Paper B are 300 marks.

Personality Test (Interview)

Successful candidates from the Main examination are called for the interview, which aims to assess the candidate's personality, communication skills, and knowledge. Clearing the IAS examination requires dedicated preparation, comprehensive knowledge, and effective guidance. This is where IAS coaching centers in Lucknow play a crucial role.

How to Start Studying for IAS?

Starting your IAS preparation is a significant step, and it's crucial to approach it systematically. Here are some steps to begin your IAS journey:

Start With NCERTs: Because you are starting, it is important that you build your foundation first and learn the basics. All the successful IASs have considered NCERTs as the “Bible” for the IAS examination, especially for the prelims. It is surely not equal to that you can clear the exam just by reading NCERTs but The NCERTs help you write perfect essays and fact-based answers in Mains examination. It actually builds the foundation in simple words so that you can read and comprehend complex books like Polity by Laxmikant, Spectrum for History, and other standard books. 

Understand the Exam: As you already started your studies, manage time to read the official syllabus published by UPSC itself. Believe it or not, the syllabus itself is 10 to 12 pages long and quite lengthy. It is like reading a small short story. You should familiarize yourself with the IAS examination pattern, syllabus, and eligibility criteria. Knowing what to expect in the exam should be the next step.

Set Clear Goals: Now jokes apart, flush out the luxury, and perks of the job, because they set the temporary motivation. Preparation for the IAS exam is a long journey and as a matter of fact, you need to have a motivation that determines your dedication to your studies in the long run. The motivation for wanting to become an IAS officer and the big “WHY” is what is going to set your goals clear and keep you focused and motivated throughout your preparation.

Choose Optional Subjects: As you know, the preparation is going to last for a long time, you will be learning, memorizing, cramming the facts, and so. It is crucial that you select your optionals wisely that keep your interest in the subjects so that you score well in the exam.

Gather Study Material: Invest in standard reference books, newspapers, magazines, and online resources. Ensure you have the necessary study material for each stage of the examination. In today’s time Online resources materials are also equally valuable as the books and guides offered by many institutes. 

Enroll in a Coaching Institute: While not mandatory, joining an IAS coaching institute can provide valuable guidance, study materials, and a structured approach to your preparation. It is a great way to reduce the time and energy that you may put in while searching and making a study plan on your own. So why waste time because Time Waits for None?

Time Management: Create a study schedule that allows you to cover the entire syllabus while balancing your daily life. Effective time management is key to IAS preparation.

Current Affairs: Keep yourself updated with current affairs through newspapers, magazines, and online sources. Current affairs play a vital role in the IAS examination. Read News from The Hindu, watch Sansad TV Live, Read Pratiyogita Darpan, and others. 

Practice Previous Years' Papers: Solve past years' question papers to get a feel for the examination pattern and to assess your readiness.

Mock Tests: You can take a subscription to any coaching mock test series for practice. If you join an IAS coaching, they will also offer ample Mock Tests for you to take regularly to gauge your progress and identify areas where improvement is needed.

Stay Healthy: Good physical and mental health is crucial for successful IAS preparation. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, get enough sleep, and manage stress effectively.

What Are Average Students? - Best IAS Coaching in Lucknow Knows No Boundaries While Excelling Your Potential!

The notion of "average students" is a subjective one, especially in the context of IAS preparation. What makes someone an average student in one subject or aspect of life may not apply to another. In the context of IAS preparation, it's essential to understand that success in the examination is not solely dependent on one's inherent intelligence or prior academic performance.

The UPSC examination evaluates candidates on a range of qualities, including:

  • Analytical Skills: The ability to critically analyze issues and events.
  • Current Affairs Knowledge: Staying updated with current events and developments.
  • Effective Communication: The capacity to express ideas clearly and succinctly.
  • Dedication and Hard Work: Consistent and dedicated preparation.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: The aptitude to tackle complex problems.

Many successful IAS officers were not necessarily top academic performers in school or college. They excelled through dedication, strategic preparation, and a passion for public service.

The CD’s list of 10 best IAS coaching centers in Lucknow is aware of the potential within every student and focuses on nurturing individual strengths. They provide guidance and support to help each student perform to the best of their abilities, regardless of their academic background or perceived "average" status. These coaching centers create an environment that encourages aspirants to transcend their limitations and excel in the IAS examination, thus proving that success in the UPSC examination is not limited to a select few but is achievable through hard work and determination.

So let’s explore these coaching and choose one for your best preparation 


Choosing the right IAS coaching center in Lucknow is a crucial decision in your journey to crack the IAS examination. Each of the coaching centers mentioned above has its unique strengths and offerings, making them suitable for different aspirants with varying needs and preferences.

While enrolling in a coaching center is important, it is equally essential to complement it with self-study, dedication, and consistency. Success in the IAS examination depends on your unwavering commitment and the quality of your preparation. So, make an informed choice and give your best to achieve your IAS dreams in the vibrant city of Lucknow.

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