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Privacy policy

1. Terms and conditions

    Balj Services Pvt Ltd values the trust of its users before anything else. In doing so, Balj Services safeguards the information of the users who are buying or selling products or services to any of the mobile sites, mobile applications, or websites of Balj Services Pvt Ltd. The services can be provided by any platform that includes internet-enabled smartphones, tablets, or personal computers. The Privacy policy of Balj applies when you download any information from their website or register for any product or application that is available on the website.

    This Privacy Policy of Balj Services includes all its affiliates, subsidiaries & associate companies. This policy will help you understand how we collect, use, store, process, transfer, share, and otherwise deal with and protect all customer information when the users visit any of our Platforms and use any of our products and services. This privacy policy also applies to the user when they simply visit our website and leave it without buying any of our products or services.

    When a user registers with our website, he/she will provide name, age, email ID, address, location, password, or phone number. All this information includes personal information or sensitive personal information of the user. Balj Services Pvt Ltd may acquire the information from time to time from their users for gathering important information or for making the promotion of their services or products.


    The term “We”/ “Us” / “Our” used in this document refers to Balj and "You" / "Your" /"Yourself" refer to the users, who visit our website or make registrations to avail any product or service.

2. Acknowledgment:


    The Policy also includes the acknowledgment of the user that he/she HAVE ALL LEGAL RIGHTS AND LAWFUL AUTHORITY TO SHARE THE INFORMATION WITH US AND FURTHER ACKNOWLEDGE THAT BY COLLECTING, SHARING, PROCESSING AND TRANSFERRING INFORMATION PROVIDED BY the user there will be no loss or wrongful gain to the user or to any other person concerned.

    Users are requested not to use our website or buy any of our products or services if they do not agree with any of the terms and conditions mentioned in the Privacy policy.

3. Features of the Privacy policy:

  • This policy is designed to make you understand:

    • The type of information which You share with Us or which We collect during Your usage of our Platform or while availing any Product or Services from Our Platform.
    • The purpose of collection, storage, processing, and transferring of Your Information by Us.
    • Security measures implemented by Us to protect Your Information as mandated by law.
    • Disclosure, sharing, and transfer of Your personal information by Us and what is the purpose of such disclosure, sharing, or transfer of user information.

4. Controller of Personal Information

    Balj Services Pvt Ltd will be the controller of Personal Information provided by You or that is collected by us. The controller of personal information is responsible for the collection, use, disclosure, retention, and protection of your Personal data in accordance with the Privacy standards as required to comply with the law or the subpoena legal process.

5. What user information do we collect?

    We collect Your information during Your usage of our Platform or when You avail any of the products or services available on or through the Platform, either as a registered user or otherwise when you visit any other website pages or other mobile applications

  • 1) Your Personal Information:

    • Your full name, age, address, email id, phone number, date of birth, gender, financial information, any other sensitive personal data or information etc. We collect Your Personal Information when You create an account on Our Platform or fill out a form or respond to a survey that is conducted by us on our platform.
  • 2) Your Non-Personal information:

    • Usage of our platform: The type of content that you view on our platform, Your usage of the platform, your searches & results, your browsing information. It also includes the time spent by the user on our platform, frequency, and duration of your activities.
    • Device Information: This includes information about the computer, mobile, laptop, tablet, or any other internet-enabled electronic device (‘Device”) that you use to access the Platform. This may include real-time information about the geographic location of Your Device as permitted by you, internet connection, your IP address, operating systems, platforms, browsing information, Device type, Device ID, network information, metadata, and other information associated with other files stored on your device. The device information also includes the last URL visited and your website search history.
    • Preference: Your preferences and settings such as geographical location, time zone, and language.
    • Information from third parties: We may collect, process, and store Your user ID associated with any social media account (such as your Facebook and Google account) that you use to sign into the Platform or connect with or use with our products or services. When You sign in to our account with your social media account information, or otherwise, connect to your social media account with our Products or Services, you consent to our collection, storage, and use, of the information that You make available to Us through the social media interface. This is in accordance with the Privacy policy of the organization. This could include, without limitation, any information that you have made public through your social media account, information that the social media service shares with Us, or information that is disclosed during the sign-in process. Please see Your social media provider's privacy policy and help center for more information about how they share information when You choose to connect Your account.
    • The Privacy Policy also entitles us to obtain information about you from third parties such as partners, marketers, third-party websites, and researchers and combine that information with information which we collect from you or about you.
    • We may use third-party service providers to serve ads on behalf of Balj Services across the internet and sometimes on the Platform. The third-party providers may collect information about your visits to the Platform, and Your interaction with the products and services on the Platform.
    • Our Cookie Policy: We use cookies that are small files with a string of characters, pixel tags, web beacons, mobile device IDs, “flash cookies” and similar files or technologies to collect and store information with respect to your use of the Platform 1. Cookies help in identifying the browser, help to login faster, and determine user trends. Most browsers accept cookies but you can configure your browser to remove the cookies. In doing so you are not allowed to use certain functionalities of the platform. You are also prevented from using certain features or services of the platform.

6. Manner of storage of Your Information

    Your information or data will be stored in the electronic as well as physical form. We may store, collect, use and process Your Information within the Republic of India and/or outside India subject to compliance under applicable laws. We may also have agreements with third-party service providers to store information obtained from you. These third parties have their own security measures to store the information collected from you and prevent this information from being mishandled or hacked.

7. How do we collect, store or process your information

    Balj Services Pvt Ltd will collect your information solely for the purpose of providing you the products or services that is connected with the function or activity of the Balj which includes but not limited to the following (“Purpose”):

    • Information of the different products and services offered on our platform and make you aware of those products or services.
    • Answer all your queries regarding the products or services that Balj Services are offering.
    • Forward your survey and marketing communications or facilitate various programmes and initiatives launched either by Balj or any other third party which may be of your interest.
    • To facilitate Your usage of our Platform (what features you like, how you use the platform, etc.) and improve Our products or services, or any other content on the Platform (such as by personalizing content to your interests), process and complete your transactions, and make special offers.
    • Review the performance of the platform, analyze customer data and make changes that will improve user experience.
    • Protect the integrity of the platform.
    • Inform the users regarding the changes in the terms and conditions of the privacy policy or any other functionalities of Balj Services Pvt Ltd.
    • To understand security breaches and implement a sound security policy to remove any contaminant or computer virus. This also includes taking action against any illegal security policy or fraudulent activities.
    • Improve the knowledge and skills of the provided content and also update the viewers regarding the latest developments on the products and services.
    • To carry out Our obligations and enforce Our rights arising from any contracts entered into between You and Us.
    • Users can participate in various interactive features through our platform.
    • To contact You about Our own and third-party products and services that may be of interest to You. If You do not want Us to use Your Information in this way, please check the relevant box located on the form on which We collect Your data and/or adjust Your user preferences in Your account profile.
    • Produce and share aggregate insights and statistics that do not identify you.
    • To enable Us independently or in association with third parties to show You tailored ads that are relevant to You.
    • Enable Balj Services Pvt Ltd to display advertisements to our advertisers'/service providers' or target audiences. Even though We do not disclose Your Personal Information for these purposes without your consent, if you click on or otherwise interact with an advertisement, the advertiser may assume that you meet its target criteria.
    • Help advertisers and other partners measure the effectiveness and distribution of their ads and services and understand the types of people who use their services and how people interact with their websites, apps, and services.
    • In any other way We may describe when You provide the Information.
    • For any other purpose with Your consent.

    To opt-out from Colombia tracking, click here.

    If You want to opt-out of Google Analytics tracking, click here.

8. Sharing, Transfer, or Disclosure of Your Information:

    • Any service or product provided through Our Platform may be provided either by Balj Services Pvt Ltd or its vendor, dealer, OEM, channel partners, and other third parties which are registered with Balj to render the services or provide products through Platform or otherwise. You acknowledge and agree that Balj Services may share, disclose, transfer, or part with Your Information to Other Entities depending upon the type of Product or Service You are looking for or for one or more of the permissible purposes. Balj may also share Your Personal or Non-Personal information where it is required to share the same with such Other Entities for providing you the product or service and You provide Balj, Your unconditional consent to do the same.
    • Balj also has the right to share statistical information to facilitate various programs or initiatives launched by Balj, third-party service providers, partners, or financial institutions, from time to time.
    • We use other third parties such as a credit/debit card processing company, payment gateway, prepaid cards, etc. to enable You to make payments for buying products or availing services on Platform. When You sign up for these services, You may have the ability to save Your card details for future reference and faster future payments. In such case, We may share Your relevant Information as necessary for the third parties to provide such services, including your name, residence, and email address. The processing of payments or authorization is solely in accordance with these third parties policies, terms, and conditions and we are not in any manner responsible or liable to You or any third party for any delay or failure at their end in processing the payments.
    • In addition to this, Balj Services has the right to share your Information with Government or authorized law enforcement agencies. This is done to obtain your Information for the purpose of verification of identity or for prevention, detection, investigation including but not limited to cyber incidents, prosecution, and punishment of offences, etc.
    • Balj Services can also process your Information outside India and even rely on legal procedures for the lawful transfer of information across borders.
    • We can also share your information in other circumstances where you have given your consent.

10. Security Measures and alerts

    Balj is concerned about safeguarding the privacy of information provided by you. We make sure that your information is not disclosed or altered under any circumstance. To ensure this we take care that your personal information is protected from unauthorized access or fraudulent disclosures. Our security practices are mandated as per the industry standards and aims to protect all your personal information which may be technical, managerial, or operational.

    In protecting user information it must be noted that the internet networks are not always fully secure and therefore Balj Services does not always provide assurance about the security of the personal information. So if there is any loss of information or loss of user data that you have shared with us Balj Services will not be responsible for it. You further acknowledge that any information (including your personal information) transmitted to Us or from Your use of Platform will therefore be at Your own risk. Any loss or damage of user data due to natural calamities or Force majeure events like fire, explosion, civil commotion, strikes, war, computer hacking, war, network, or security breach will not be under the use of Balj Services Pvt Ltd.

11. Alerts

    You may be alerted through emails or phones to inform you about the new products or services of the company or its subsidiaries. These messages will only be forwarded to the users if Balj Services find these information useful.

12. How can you control your personal information?

    • Change or Correct: We take all kinds of initiatives to update our records with the latest information as provided by you. However, if you see any discrepancy in your Personal Information, you can make changes to some of the personal information or contact us through Our Data Protection Officer/Grievance Officer to have Your Information updated on our website.
    • Object to, or Limit or Restrict, Use: You can tell us to stop, limit or prevent the use of any of your personal information.
    • Delete information: The users can ask Balj Services to delete all the past, present, or future information that is present on our site.
    • Right to Access: Users have the complete right to get any personal information provided by them on the website of Balj Services.
    • Account Closure: You may choose to close Your Account, We will delete your Personal Information or de-identify it so that it is anonymous and not attributed to your identity. We will retain your Personal Information after You have closed Your account if reasonably necessary to comply with Our legal obligations (including law enforcement requests), meet regulatory requirements, resolving disputes, maintaining security, preventing fraud and abuse, enforcing our User Agreement, or fulfilling your request to “unsubscribe” from further messages from Us. We will still retain all the de-personalized information after your account has been closed.
    • Withdraw from our website: At any time, you can withdraw consent that you have provided to us by going to your account settings. If you have an account with us or otherwise you may request for Withdrawing your consent by writing an email to us at We will only collect and process the personal information about You where we are lawfully permitted. Lawful bases include consent (where You have given consent), contract (where processing is necessary for the performance of a contract with You (e.g. to deliver products or services you have requested)), and “legitimate interests”. Where We rely on Your consent to process Personal Information. You have the right to withdraw or decline your consent at any time and where we rely on legitimate interests, you have the right to object.

    You may also contact Us using the contact information below, and We will consider Your request in accordance with applicable laws.

    Residents in the Designated Countries like the European Union(EU), European Economic Area(EEA), and Switzerland may have additional rights under their laws.

13. Authorization:

    The information provided by you to Balj Services is out of your free will and in compliance with the laws of your country. If any of the information is found to be non-compliant with the terms and conditions of the Privacy policy of Balj Services, the company has the right to remove the information from its system. We may also choose to discontinue some or all of the services provided to you by us.

    In accordance with the guidelines provided by the Telecom authority, you may authorize Balj Services and its partners who are accessing your information to communicate with you through telephone, mobile, email, SMS or any other mode of communication. You can do so even if your number is registered with the National Do Not Call Registry or with

14. Change in terms of Privacy Policy:

    Balj Services Pvt Ltd reserves the right to amend or modify this Privacy Policy at any time, as and when the need arises. The Privacy policy must be checked by the users time to time to keep themselves updated with the changes enforced in the Policy. Your continued use of the Platform gives your unconditional acceptance to such change in terms of Privacy Policy.

    For corporate details please contact:

    Balj Services Pvt Ltd
    Address- B-48, 1st Floor,
    Sector 63, Noida,
    Uttar Pradesh 201301
    Phone number- 09319311003

    You can also contact Balj Services through

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