Top 10 Hacks To Improve Learning Abilities of Students

"If you are passionate about learning, no one can help you. If you are determinant for learning, no one can stop you."

Learning is a process which never stops. We start learning since our childhood and we learn until our death. There is no age of learning. Learning is the most important phase to shine in academics. Some students can learn fast and can complete the syllabus with less than three hours of study.

On the other hand, there are some students who find difficulty in learning and spend more than half a day studying to meet their target. This is a tremendous gap in the study method that puts the morale down of many students. In order to reduce this big gap, students can use some tricks in learning which will help a lot in not spending all day cramming the syllabus. Here are the nine ways that can improve your learning abilities.

  • Prepare your Own Study Notes: Learners are advised to prepare their own notes while learning. Preparing notes will help a lot in summarising the lectures or concepts which can be remembered for a longer period. These short notes help you in recalling the concepts within a limited time.
  • Prepare a Study Timetable: One of the most effective study skills is preparing an effective study schedule or timetable. The applicants are advised to compose a study timetable based on their strengths and weaknesses besides important topics. Learning the topics new topics will only threaten you at the last phase of the preparation.
  • Opting A Group Study: Though one wants to study alone with your nose in the book all the time, consider at least some time for group study which helps you to discuss and understand the topics deeply. If you face any difficulty in understanding any topic, the discussion in the group will make it easy. The group activity will also help you to know your position in the learning process.
  • Take Study Breaks: In order to keep the mind fresh specifically during exam preparation, students should opt for study breaks. Taking breaks after every forty-five minutes will enable you to stay focused. The study breaks will help you in minimizing your stress, increasing your confidence and productivity.
  • Clarity Over Concepts: Possessing subject clarity is very necessary while learning. Whenever in doubt, clear it immediately because we don't know how it will affect our preparation process. Make use of all the available resources to clear doubts. One should also be obvious in the basic concepts to obtain clarity over the tough subjects.
  • Recall Study After Study Breaks: It is good to revive what you have studied specifically after a study break. It will not only clear the theories but also increase your involvement level. Reading the concept again and again, again and again, the study will help you sort out the whole information.
  • Highlight the Key Points: This is known to many learners. While studying, underline or highlight the most important points that help you in briefing up the whole concept or topic. These highlighted remarks will also help you during the last phase of exam preparation. This activity will also help you in revision.
  • Make your Study Space portable: We are humans of habit with desired seats. The students must fix a comfortable seat for them and then start studying. Roaming around here and there with a bunch of books will not help you gain any knowledge and you will only waste your time.
  • Work On Strengths And Weaknesses: To hone your learning abilities, try to minimize your weaknesses and increase your strengths. Perform SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis to identify the strengths and weaknesses. Work on your strengths and weaknesses after finishing the SWOT analysis
  • Revision At Regular Intervals: evasion is an important phase to improve learning skills. Always improve the mastered concepts at regular intervals which helps you to remember for more time and gain confidence. Once every two weeks, try to revise the mastered topics.

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