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Useful Tips for CBSE Class 10th Board Exams 2023 Students to Score Better in Mathematics

05 Apr, 2023

Useful Tips for CBSE Class 10th Board Exams 2023 Students to Score Better in Mathematics

No matter how much one grows up, the approaching exam dates always frighten the hell out of us. The fear of exams is common because of the lack of preparation. In order to score good marks, it is important to put in constant effort from the start of the session. But almost 90% of the students lack to do so. We all prepare at the peak time which decreases our marks altogether. Systemic studies play a crucial role in scoring high marks.

Mathematics is a subject that drives us up the wall. For almost 60% of students, it is another form of nightmare. There are a few subjects in which it is easy to score full marks and Mathematics is one of them. Go through the following tips to score good marks in Mathematics.   

Firstly, take a deep breath and know it is never too late to start. Your each and every effort will push you an inch forward in the race. Focus on studies rather than worrying. Panicking about exam pressure will take you nowhere but your hard work Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will be conducting Class 10th (X) Board Examination 2023 from the month of February.

It is now mandatory for the students to appear in board exams. will. Chill, read, and follow the tips given below to score better in the CBSE Class 10th Board exams.

Tips for scoring high marks in CBSE Class 10th Mathematics Board exams

Keep a separate register for formulae, principles, and methods:

Mathematics is all about formulas, theories, and concepts. Methodology for solving problems is a key feature for scoring. Keep them get-at-able so that you can have a look when you are about to leave for the exam. This will undoubtedly help you when you’re doing last-minute revisions.

Solve each question yourself:

Reading and understanding the solution to a problem might be easy but trying your hands at it will help you realize where you lack. The concepts become more clear when we try them on our own. Learning the formulae and theory is simple but applications are troublesome. For scoring high marks in this subject, you need to solve maximum problems at least 3-4 times.

Add Smart work to your preparations:

Understanding and practicing each and every question of NCERT is definitely important. But how to do it is what we call smart work. Knowing the marks of each section of the paper and chapters in the book will help decide the limit of time to devote to each section and chapter.

Chapter Name The weightage (Marks) in 2023
Real Numbers 1+2+3 = 6
Polynomials 3
Pair of Linear Equations in two variables 3+4+4(Extra) = 11
Quadratic Equations 1
Quadratic Equations 1+2+4 = 7
Triangles 1+3+3(Extra)+4+4(Extra) = 15
Coordinate Geometry 1+2+3+3(Extra) = 9
Introduction to Trigonometry 1+3+3(Extra)+4 = 11
Some Applications of Trigonometry 4
Circles 3
Constructions 4
Areas Related to Circles 3
Surface Area and Volume 2+3+3(Extra)+4 = 12
Statistics 3+4+4(Extra) = 11
Probability 2+2 = 4

Note: In the above table, the total number of marks is 104 which also includes optional questions of 4 marks each and 4 questions of 3 marks each.

CBSE Class 10th Mathematics Board examination will have four parts in total. All questions are mandatory to attempt.

Part A: Section A will consist of 6 questions of 1 mark each.

Part B: Section B will have 6 questions in total which will be 2 marks each.

Part C: Section C of the paper will have 10 questions of 3 marks each.

Part D: In section D, there will be 8 questions of 4 marks.

Prepare the chapters according to their weight. The chapter which consists of high weight should be treated as the priority and one should dedicate more time to them.

Constant Practice, Know the area of improvement:

Half of the preparation is done when you know the area where you require more practice. Once you know your areas of improvement, you can give more time to it which is surely benefit you in improving the score.

How to attempt the CBSE Class 10th Mathematics Board examination?

Presentation of answer sheet surely affects the mind of the examiner. Keeping these tips in mind will help you ignore mistakes.

Attempt the paper immaculately:

Our sole motive is to write answers in such a way that the examiner understands each and every step easily. Write in such a way that the checker doesn’t have to make an extra effort in understanding your handwriting or steps. A small can lead to deduction of marks. Don’t do overwriting at all.

Represent answers in Steps form:

While having a look at the answers put emphasis on the step that helped you get the final answer. No examiner will give you marks on the figures of an answer as steps play an important role in mathematics. Write each step as each step will help you fetch some marks even if the final answer is wrong.

Attempt the Familiar questions first:

Go through the question paper rigorously. Begin with the questions you have practiced earlier which will not go wrong at any cost. Once you are done with these questions start with other questions. This will help you complete the exam without panicking at the last moment. Unfamiliar questions will definitely suck your time. So, avoid doing them at first.

Draw Graphs Carefully:

The easiest area to grab marks is graphs. Do it with concentration, keep it clean, avoid mistakes, and marks are yours. Yes, it is this much easy to get marks. Keep a few points in mind while drawing the graph. Don’t forget to carry the geometry box and a sharpened pencil. Do write the scale and mention the axis. Attach it between the answer sheet.

Don’t panic about the Boards or Mathematics exam. Put in the best efforts you can so that you don’t have to regret it later. You need to lock in mind that there are no shortcuts in mathematics. Only practicing can do wonders.

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