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New Software to Prevent UP Board Students from Cheating During Exam

05 Dec, 2023

New Software to Prevent UP Board Students from Cheating During Exam

On the 7th February 2024, the UP Board examination of the 12th class will commence. The Deputy Chief Minister, Dinesh Sharma announced that on the centres of Board exams new software will be used to catch students who cheat. The new software is designed especially to prevent students from cheating while appearing for board exams. In the past few years, many cases were reported of cheating. To put an end to these malpractices during UP Board exams this software is developed and will be installed in the centres.

Exam centres that hold the maximum number of cheating cases in the past few years will be rigorously watched and rules and regulations will be followed.

As mentioned by Dinesh Sharma, the Uttar Pradesh government aims to improve the quality of education by putting an end to all unfair means. He also thanked Uttar Pradesh giving the credit that the cheating menace is declining because of them. He further added that the Uttar government has also helped in increasing the percentage (18 to 20 %) of students studying in government schools.

The Deputy Chief Minister said that Adityanath Government has taken numerous steps to control the malpractices during board exams.

Talking about the various cheating cases he told the news agency that due to these cases all students who belonged from a particular state were allotted the same exam centre and strict actions were immediately taken if any student was found cheating or doing any unjust actions. All students were briefly checked. Invigilators kept their eyes on all the students and examined their every activity in the near past.

According to the news reports, Dinesh Sharma has also announced that static magistrates will be transferred to all exam centres. In each and every examination centre  Closed Circuit (TV) i.e. CCTV camera will be installed. All centres will consist of separate washrooms for both boys and girls with a boundary between them. The government has also linked the Aadhaar card number of students with the registration at sensitive exam centres. Not all the exam centres are connected with the .exam centre but which has witnessed many cheating cases are linked to the Aadhaar card. Area wise list is also prepared of such exam centres.

The Uttar Pradesh government has worked and put immense efforts to made education available for everyone. They established 205 new schools and has also appointed teachers. They will soon set up one Adarsh Vidyalaya (Model school) in each and every area of Uttar Pradesh from the coming academic year.


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