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Cracking CBSE Exams 2023 - Tips and Tricks Do and Don't for Scoring more than 10.0 CGPA

15 Dec, 2022

Cracking CBSE Exams 2023 -  Tips and Tricks Do and Don't for Scoring more than 10.0 CGPA

Table of Content:

  • Tips & tricks to Get 10 CPGA
  • Do's and don'ts for scoring more than 95%

The most common question asked by the aspirants of the CBSE board exam 2023 is how to score more than 90%. How to study? what to do? is it really possible for everyone to score more than 90%? - don't go berserk, calm down! Let us help you out with all the points you need to know to score more than 95% provided you are dedicated to working hard. Though different students will have different Study techniques, research shows some points in common of the students that have scored above 95%.

Tips & tricks to Get 10 CPGA:

  •    Timetable: a timetable is a first and a must, and should be in accordance with your body clock, school timing, tuition timing, self-study time, etc. Further, make a timetable for all your subjects and focus on the subjects that need more attention, in a week. Keep the subjects that require memorization for the mornings. Give equal importance to all subjects and do not neglect subjects like English and other languages-they are more scoring! It is also important that you do not compromise with sleep- at least 7 to 8 hours a day. Study regularly but do not over-stress yourself, and keep time for entertainment.
  •    Practice last 10 years’ paper and sample papers: solving last 10 years papers and sample papers prepares you for what kind of questions would come and also helps you solve the papers within a certain time limit. The more you practice this paper the more you are at while solving the final paper since you already have the hang of it. Follow papers solved by toppers for guidance.
  • Make NCERT your number one priority: instead of solving quick reference books and trying to cover more than what is there in the syllabus, stick to NCERT and focus on completing it thoroughly before you touch anything else. The questions that come in the exam are usually similar to the ones in the NCERT books. While studying jot down the important points and formulas that will help you remember.
  •    Neat and tidy paper presentation: do not worry if your handwriting is terrible, you can still have presentable and Neat paper. Make sure you do not scratch or make your paper to untidy for the teacher to read. Remember how you write your paper is as important as what you write on it. If your paper is clean and tidy, it makes a good first impression on the teacher in charge of checking it.

Do's and don'ts for Scoring more than 95%:

  •    Stay positive in surrounding yourself with people that support you and encourage you.
  •    Stick to word limits. Marks are often deducted for crossing the word limits
  •    Concentrate and avoid anything that distracts you like a mobile phone, computer, laptop, TV, etc.
  •    Do not disturb your sleeping pattern.
  •    Eat healthily and avoid anything that could make you sick, like fast food.
  •    Solve mathematical questions with a pen and paper and not mentally.

Things to remember the night before the exam:

  •    Do not try to revise everything you studied in the whole year, in this one night. Instead, relax, be calm, eat healthily and sleep well.
  •    Do not start any new topics.

Most importantly be confident and have faith in what you have studied. Freaking out and being tense is only going to make you all the more nervous.

So, it's very important to be calm in order to remember everything that you studied and write a good exam. All the best!

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