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Only 7.2 Percent of Engineers Really get Hired in their Respective Fields. Will you be hired?

05 Jul, 2022

Only 7.2 Percent of Engineers Really get Hired in their Respective Fields. Will you be hired?

Meeting the expectation vs realit

According to a survey, very few engineers really get to do in their prospective career what they really wanted. The rest are either unemployed or doing jobs in workplaces that were completely different from their engineering field. The survey goes as close as to 7%. The question arises that “ Is there a fault in our education system or Do we neglect the consequences of future response”. Actually, the problem is that students and their parents do not undertake proper counselling before deciding the future of these students. You could be India's next Sundar Pichai or Satya Nadella. But from taking admission in a college till you graduate the reality actually turns into dreams and then a nightmare.

Why do you want to be an engineer?

Many of the students actually don’t know what engineering actually means and why they want to be an engineer. It’s just shoved down our throats by our parents and teacher who keep on boasting about the wonders of the afterlife of an engineering graduate. You surf the internet and you will get numerous memes on engineers or even stand up comedian acts on engineers. This is the level of ignorance and travesty given to engineers. According to a survey India produces the largest number of engineers estimated at 1.5 million per year which is actually more than the numbers combined of both US and China.  But some lucky guys actually get to do what they really wanted to do and what they really study through their graduation life. This is because they endeavour counselling from professionals who tell them what the right college should their kin be going in as well as the right course for their children.

Meeting the expectation vs reality: Afterlife

After engineering, a lot of us wonder what to do next. It has become the most common course done by students in India. So there are no availability of jobs and the jobs left are only for those who pass out from a good college with a high package. Looking at the number of colleges and the students passing out, we wonder sometimes do we really need engineers. So before wasting your life, we recommend you look at our website and seek the future you wanted in your afterlife. It could save you from a lack of education and practical knowledge that you could face in the future itself.

Why do you need College Disha?

College Disha lets students choose the right college with the help of a detailed fee structure, scholarships for meritorious students and the advice of professional counsellors. It is an online platform for those who cannot decide on the right college for their future. Hoards of students are confused mentally as well as financially as to what the right college could be for them. On college disha you will find the top colleges that actually give jobs and packages as high as they could be to the deserving students. The team of counsellors at college Disha will recommend the right college and right stream for you according to your mental and financial position. It will be one hell of a mistake to waste four precious years of life than to overlook the details of top engineering colleges that actually nurture your career in near life. College Disha could act as a bridge between your dreams and reality. We excel in giving detailed information about the top engineering colleges depending on the location and exposure you want.

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