How to Select Good Engineering College in India


It is true that if choices are given people take better decisions.There are thousands of colleges in India and numerous students who are willing to choose their dream colleges and universities. But some of these students are financially poor so they cannot afford good private universities and some are not so  academically sharp to secure their positions in the top colleges across our country.

A college can be defined as good or bad based on its environment,faculty,infrastructure,curriculum,  alumni network and placement drive. It is often observed that a lot of students lose interest in their academics by registering in colleges and courses without any knowledge. So before taking admission in an engineering college, you must ensure whether or not the factors mentioned above check mark the list. It is a big decision as these four crucial years will decide your future. But is it that easy to choose the top notch engineering colleges ? In our content we will discuss with our viewers the procedure to choose the right engineering college that could nurture their career in the future.

Following are some guidelines that will help you choose the right engineering college :

  • Choose Your Engineering Stream Wisely - Before you take admission in any college, make sure that you choose the right stream that you are motivated to. This is an important step as at the end of four years of engineering  you would regret something you never wanted to do.
  • Check if You are Eligible For Any Scholarship - There are many top notch universities that provide admission on basis of your meritorious achievement. Explore such universities as it could help you to secure your future and minimize your financial burden of aid.  
  • Categorize Your List of Colleges - Classify your list of colleges into three groups. The first group should consist of the top- grade colleges that are supposedly tough to get admitted to. Make a list of second group of colleges that are reasonably above average and good enough. The last category should be of colleges that you will surely get admitted to, even if the other colleges you considered didn’t work out. This will help you to clear your state of mind and you will be able to choose the right college wisely.
  • Take Advice From Counsellors - If you want to take the right decision for choosing the right college, we recommend you to take advice from professional counsellors who will guide you to  get the best interest in terms of academics and fees structures. A counsellor will let you know what your study of interest  is and what college you can afford according to your mental and financial position.
  • Make Sure you have Good Scores in Your Higher Secondary / Entrance Exams  - If you are scoring good marks in your higher secondary exams or any common entrance test, it becomes easy to attain a good college / university. So make you achieve adequate marks to get selected in the top notch universities across the country on the basis of your meritorious grounds.
  • Consider Student : Faculty Ratio - It is obvious that the faculty of a college should be highly experienced to provide academic excellence and knowledge to its students. But another aspect should be taken in consideration i.e the Student : Faculty ratio. According to the standards set by ministry of HRD, the Student : Faculty ratio should be 9:1. However very few universities and colleges apply themselves on such criteria.
  • Academic Support and Placement Drive- Select those colleges which persuades huge MNC’S  for campus placement. Also the college should help its students in preparing for the selection rounds of these companies.
  • Global Exposure - The college should collaborate with various foreign universities to match the standards of students studying abroad and to provide exposure for the well growth of its students. It will help to develop more confidence, skill level and communication skills of students.  

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