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JEE Main Exam 2024 - Best Hacks to Attempt Online JEE Main Exam

18 Jul, 2024

JEE Main Exam

JEE Main Exam 2024:

The Schedule of the JEE Main Exam 2024 is scheduled between April and May. All aspirants are expected to appear in the examination. This may be the second attempt for many students. There will be 8 slots of exams wherein students will have to select one slot of the exam as per their choice. For general information this is to notify you that: Class board exam is underway and JEE Mains is just a few weeks away.

The continuity of focus should not be supposed to be broken because of the maintenance of a fine balance between the two. A comprehensive study will be difficult now due to time constraints so here are a few quick tips to do well in JEE Main Exam 2024.

Key Points:  

  • First, pick up all eight question papers of the JEE Main Exam 2024 of January Edition.
  • Solve your paper within a fixed time limit. There must be some difficult and unknown questions then consult your teacher or refer to the answer key/solution available online.   
  • After solving the eight questions papers, you will have enough exposure. By doing this an aspirant will be helped to understand the trend of this year as well as can gain insight thoroughly into the weight of the marks being given to various chapters/topics.
  • An aspirant would be able to predict the coming question paper. One you can expect.
  • Do a chapter-wise strength-weakness analysis of yourself and then map it with the grid. Now, you will clearly be able to figure out the chapters that you need to focus on over the next few weeks.
  • Revision is an important factor for you at the crucial point of the examination. So, if you are confused between your notes (created by you) then you have to revise it again in between the gaps, you get for your board exams. After all, these are JEE Main 2024 online exams.
  • An aspirant has to focus more on important chapters which are important as per the grid and also happen to be your weak area.  
  • In the January edition of JEE Main Exam, we had seen almost 55 percent of the questions asked were from the 11th class syllabi while 45 percent of the questions were from the class 12th syllabus.
  • The major challenge may be that you are not been at all in touch with class 11 syllabi for some time. But class 12 syllabi should not be a hurdle as you have to cover it well in view of your ongoing board exam. So the point of discussion here is to stay focused on the class 11 syllabus.

Attempt few all India level mock tests in Computer-Based Format. It should be at least one. The mock test happens every week until JEE Main 2024 online Exam. Make a subscription to a test series that is popular, relevant, and is attempted by a good number of students across India. So, that you get a near realistic All India Rank and expected JEE Main rank.

These mock tests will increase the speed, accuracy, acclimatization with the software along with this mid-eye-hand coordination, and adjust the body clock, which will surely help immensely during the course of the exam. An aspirant is needed to subscribe to an online test series for practicing questions at home. Analyze your performance at every test. This will help you a lot to identify the nature of mistakes being committed and work on them to prevent marks leakage.

Read Instructions Carefully:

  • An aspirant has to read all the instructions very carefully about who are going to appear in JEE Main Exam 2024.
  • Make your strategies by yourself of how you solve your complete question paper
  • Read the complete question section carefully.
  • Use the options of changing language if not able to understand the question
  • Keep a rough sheet with yourself.
  • Do all rough work in that sheet only. Note all values in rough sheets only.
  • Use save and mark reviews when you have any doubts.
  • No need to get panic in case of computer failure.

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