IIM-A director Erol D’ Souza, has opposed the criteria laid by Government in the previous month for the admission into the PhD course. Ministry of HRD has made candidates eligible to apply for PhD directly after graduation if the candidate has the minimum CGPA 8. He argued that more numbers of candidates have a CGPA of less than 8 and are from an engineering background so he urged the government to change the minimum CGPA criteria.

IIM-A (Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad) has opposed the eligibility criteria for the PhD (Doctor in Philosophy) examination.

The Government (HRD-(human and resource development) ministry) provided instructions to all the 20 business schools in October, that allows students with a 4-year graduation degree to get direct admission in PhD programme.

The course will be of 4-years for such students. The minimum CGPA being required by the students is 8 or equivalent.3-year doctoral programme requires either Masters or 2-year or PG diploma. Students with integrated professional courses with B.Com are also eligible to apply.

Erol D’ Souza, the director of IIM- A has opposed this laid criteria. He argued that a majority of students are from an engineering background and do have a CGPA of less than 8. So, he urged the government to update the criteria. He also argued the sophisticated process of IIMs to interview candidates does not make it necessary for candidates to have such CGPA criteria.  

He also mentioned that he is also not satisfied with the government to not consider the candidates with the 1-year diploma for the doctoral programme. As IIMs have considered those candidates in the past as per earlier eligibility criteria.

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Date: 29 Jul 2019

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