Google Launches 'Bolo' tutor App For Kids In India


Google on Wednesday launched a new tutor app ‘ Bolo’ for kids of the primary school to help them improve their Hindi and English skills in improving their Hindi and English skills. Launched in India first, the app is basically designed to work offline and comes with a built-in reading buddy, "Diya", who encourages, aids, explains, and corrects the child, as they read aloud.

Google Bolo App

Google said the app will not collect any data to watch these videos and also it would not have any advertisement. Nitin Kashyap, Product Manager of Google India, told IANS, "Nothing is ever sent to Google through the app - not even the voice samples," he also said that the app is meant for just 10-15 minutes of daily use.

He said, that because the app works offline, therefore there is less chance that children would get puzzled and they would start doing something else online. "But should children get access to the phone or not is their area where we would not like to take a position on. That is the personal decision that every parent should make for their child," Mr. Kashyap said.

Google said it has been leading Bolo app for kids with over 900 children in 200 villages in Uttar Pradesh with the help of ASER Centre, a research and assessment unit of Pratham Education Foundation. With the app, 64 percent of children showed an improvement in reading proficiency in just three months, added Google.

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As per the ASER 2018 report, of all the students enrolled in grade 5 in rural India, only about half can confidently read a grade 2 level textbook. Lack of reading ability can significantly lead to further education, which may ultimately point towards the children's ability to realize their full potential."With app Bolo for kids, our aim is to encourage and engage kids so their love for reading grows and it becomes their daily habit. All the reading material available on the app is absolutely free and the initial catalogue from includes 50 stories in Hindi and 40 in English, Google said, it will add more stories soon.

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Date: 17 Dec 2019

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