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Finance is a career option for those who like playing with numbers and have an inclination towards Mathematics,Accounting, Investment, Economic planning, Auditing, Budget analysis, Trading and Brokerage. Since the main feature of Finance is money management, the Finance careers is on the rise with economic developments in different sectors.

There are Finance job vacancy in different sectors like real estate, banking, marketing, budget analysis, income and taxing. There are several Finance specializations that candidates can select based on their skills and interest.

The Finance specializations include  Risk Management, Financial planning, Financial reporting, Corporate Finance, International Finance and Investment.

Candidates who are looking forward to a Finance careers must complete their Graduation with subjects like Accounting, Economics, Mathematics, Business studies and Entrepreneurship.Candidates with an MBA degree or a Law degree are shortlisted for Finance jobs easily.

A career in Finance is extremely promising as Finance is a global industry and there has been a huge demand for professionals in this field. There are Finance jobs for freshers in both fields- Financial Management and Financial Services.

Finance careers have many benefits, job security being the foremost benefit. Other takeaways of a Finance professional are lucrative salary, scope for growth,stability and good work-life balance. The different job profiles of a Finance Executive are- Investment Banker, Financial Analyst, Research Analyst, Risk Management Executive, Banker,Stockbroker, Private Wealth Manager, Actuary, Securities Trader, Portfolio Manager, Data analyst, Risk Analyst.

Several renowned Institutes that offer courses in Finance. These courses are available at undergraduate, Diploma and postgraduate levels. Besides this, several Diploma and Certificate programs in Finance are available online and after completion of these courses, candidates can easily apply for Finance job vacancy in their chosen field.

Top Finance Jobs

Check out the job roles of Finance careers:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Investment Banker
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Budget Analyst
  • Accounts Officer
  • Risk Analyst
  • Stockbroker
  • Private Wealth Manager
  • Chief Investment Officer
  • Investment Strategist
  • Corporate Finance Officer
  • Human Resource Manager

Scope of Finance

The Finance careers scope offers lucrative employment prospects in different areas of specialization. A Finance Degree holder has several job responsibilities like managing accounts, researching market trends, finding new investment opportunities for clients,managing savings and mortgages of clients,etc.

Besides this Finance job vacancy demands work roles like finding new Financial modeling techniques, managing mergers and acquisitions, managing portfolios,forecasting return of investment, maximizing returns for clients for public stock exchange. A Finance Executive can work in Managerial positions in top hiring companies with excellent salary packages.

The best recruiting companies for Finance careers in India include Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Banks and  Stock Exchange. Finance jobs offer impressive salary options and the average beginner salary is INR 4 Lakh per annum. Apart from this a Finance Executive is entitled to several perks like commissions, bonuses and other allowances.

Top Courses in Finance After 12th

There are several courses in Finance that a candidate can opt for after completing the 10+2 Board exams. These courses are mainly undergraduate, Diploma and Certificate courses. These courses make candidates eligible for Finance jobs for freshers in top hiring companies. Take a look at the Finance courses after 12th.

Undergraduate Courses Diploma Courses Certificate Courses
BBA in Finance Diploma in Financial Services Management Certified Banking and Credit Analyst
B.Com in Taxation and Finance PG Diploma in Insurance Management Professional Certificate in Corporate Finance
B.Com in Accountancy and Finance PG Diploma in Accountancy Executive Certificate program in Applied Financial Risk Management
BBA in International Finance PG Diploma in Business Finance Financial modeling and valuation analysis
- - Public Accountant Certification
- - Introduction to Finance and Accounting specialization
- - Financial Risk Manager Certification

Final Words

We have mentioned all the necessary information regarding Finance. If you are interested in pursuing Finance careers or any other career options, please contact our career experts. Our career counsellors will guide you towards the courses, colleges and available career opportunities that suit your interest.





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