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    Career In Engineering And Architectural Services

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    Engineering and Architectural Services Details:

    With the emerging technology across the world, engineering and architecture activities have turned into an essential factor of development. It has changed almost every sphere life with the advancement in science and technology. This broad sector has been performing a significant role in developing our society as well as making things happen for the betterment of the world by mutating ideas into existence which thereby leads to raising the living standard of people.

    This broad sector of Engineering and Architecture comprises of different works of an engineering firm to yield blueprints and designs for constructing buildings and other structures as well as to provide the planning, design, construction and management services for building architecture, installations, fittings, civil engineering work, and industrial methods.

    What are Engineering Services?

    Engineering is a branch of science and technology which deals with the design, building, and utility of engines, machines, and structures. Today, engineering is not only limited to civil, electronics, computer science and IT but cover up numerous aspects of life in it. Engineering Services involves a wide spectrum of consulting, engineering and analytical services to help and support corporations with the complicated problems and issues arising in today's global supply chain environment. These services are grown up by an expert team of engineers and quality assuring specialists.

    This broad term has a crucial part in developing and influencing each and every facet of our modernized days. The major areas that are covered under this branch are :

    ➣ Agriculture

    ➣ Health Sectors

    ➣ Education

    ➣ Infrastructure

    Engineers have made our life easy day by day and companies today are happily welcoming the engineering graduates with an immense array of careers to explore their potential.

    What are Architectural Services?

    Architectural Services are all about the work that architect does in every phase of job required in a project. Architectural engineers are those who comprehend the creative process, analyze, know the importance of certain thinking modes, and when to utilize them. They work as leaders of any organization and give advice to the team as well as guides them to maintain the building artistic efficiently and perform functions safely. Architectural services involve planning, designing, preparation for constructing documents and administration. Architects provide a broad category of services including feasibility education, architectural programming, and project management.

    Architectural engineers are experts who perfectly knows how to balance the aesthetics characteristics and the capability of buildings. Engineers are the professionals who are trained only in the technical field, but architectural engineers are those who are expert in both the architectural and technical domains. So that they can employ both the engineering principles and the aesthetical concept while constructing buildings by practising knowledge of both fields in their projects to create a balance.


    Eligibility Criteria for Engineering and Architectural Services:

    For being an Engineer or Architecture, candidates are required to have an undergraduate degree in an engineering or architecture discipline or equivalent branches. Aspirants must hold a Bachelor’s degree in B.Tech/ B.E/B.Arch with 50 % of the minimum marks from a recognized university or college. It is obligatory for the candidates to pursue an undergraduate programme with Maths, Physics, and Chemistry. A skilled and eligible applicant will always be in high demand for the Industry.

    Becoming an engineer or architecture is not a piece of cake, it requires a lot of diligence, dedication, and commitment to achieve that particular position. These services are small fields with numerous tasks and works that can be only controlled when oneself possess the Dedication to perform that work.

    Qualities required to be an Engineer-

    • Extremely analytical and detail oriented
    • Imaginative and creative
    • Innovative approach
    • Good communication skills
    • Strong mathematical and science skills
    • Ability to work in a team
    • Leadership skills
    • Enjoy building or improving the way things work
    • Hard working and Dedicated
    Essential qualities required to be an Architect-

    • Analytical skills
    • Excellent Communication skills
    • Creativity
    • Organizational skills
    • Technical skills
    • Visualization skills
    • Innovativeness
    • Critical thinking
    • Punctual


    Process to become an Engineer or Architect?

    Engineering or Architect as a profession plays a significant role since ages. These terms have provided jobs to infinite engineers and architects who have transformed our lives in every aspect over the years. Today, it is unimaginable for us to live our life without engineers because each and everything around us would not have existed without them.

    How to become an Engineer?

    To become an Engineer, individuals have to follow the following steps :

    Step 1- Obtain an entry-level degree or A level degree:

    If you dream of becoming an engineer, then it is necessary for you to acquire an associate or entry-level degree first. By acquiring this degree, scholars will be considered applicable for enrolling admissions in an Engineering discipline.

    Step 2- Pursue an Undergraduate Course:

    Holding an undergraduate degree is the basic requirement for every job. For being a successful engineer, applicants are asked to seek a Bachelor’s degree in engineering such as B.Tech, B.E etc. They are given opportunities to opt an appropriate specialization in which they want to see their career.

    Step 3- Gain internship experience:

    To earn healthy in a short time duration, candidates are required to gain some internship experience. This internship experience will help you to make your resume more influencing to get a high paid job. It would lead to accumulate more experience which is highly beneficial in the engineering field. An internship works as an imperative part in any job prospect. It is becoming obligatory for the aspirants to acquire an internship experience of about six months from any company.

    Step 4-  Hold a Master’s degree:

    To expand your knowledge and experiences in engineering, go for a master’s degree quickly. A master degree course can get you numerous employment opportunities for attaining a bright future. Candidates will get to learn additional comprehensive information about this field in this master’s degree. They can choose any of the post graduation course in engineering such as M.Tech, M.E etc. in order to enroll admission.

    Step 6- Get lucrative job offers:

    In the last stage, aspirants can attain multitudinous career opportunities to climb the ladder of success in an engineering discipline. After completing a master’s degree, graduates can get the possibilities to work with the top-notch recruiting companies including Amazon, Accenture, Wipro, Infosys, TCS, Genpact etc.

    Duties/Responsibilities of an Engineer:

    Here are the duties that engineers have to perform while performing their job:

    • Manage repair and maintenance requests swiftly.
    • Planning, organizing, coordinating and executing engineering projects.
    • Support in developing energy conservation and management programs.
    • Work in compliance with standard operating schemes and company policies.
    • Conduct routine maintenances of electrical and mechanical methods.
    • Solves consumer criticisms in a timely and accurate manner.
    • Ensure work area to be maintained clean, safe and organized.
    • Implement daily workload consigned by the Project Managers in a timely mode.
    • Examine potential problem and proposes corrective actions.
    • Works with the management to develop a project fund.
    • Support other engineers when needed.
    • Advances preventive maintenance programs
    • Ensures engineering equipment and tools to be cleaned, stored and maintained properly in a safe condition.
    • Support in conducting an energy audit and implementing audit recommendations.
    How to become an architect:

    For being a successful architect, candidates should follow the below-mentioned steps:

    Step 1: Earn a bachelor's degree:

    In this step, candidates are required to earn a Bachelor’s degree with Maths as a compulsory subject. In the bachelor’s programme, aspirants will the theoretical and practical education as well. A bachelor’s degree is a basic requirement for all the job across the country.

    Step 2: Certified by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB): After getting a Bachelor’s degree, aspirants are required to get certified by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB). This certification is necessary for those students who owe the capability to become a reputed architecture.

    Step 3: Get a master's degree in architecture:

    For a good job in architectural, candidates are required to have a master’s degree in architecture. A master degree will help them to get in-depth knowledge about the course. Candidates can avail this degree only after completing the graduation course.

    Step 4: Become proficient in Computer Aided Design (CAD):

    In an architectural field, individuals can only attain a lucrative career when they’ll have proficiency in Computer Aided Design (CAD). This software can be used to boost the productivity of the designer, improve the quality of design, advance communications through documentation, and to generate a database for manufacturing.

    Step 5: Apply for an internship:

    An internship is something that has an influencing impact on a candidate’s resume. An internship helps the students to get aware of the work or tasks that they may perform after getting a job in any organization. While attending internship, individuals learn the actual work that their course consists of. It is mandatory for the candidates to have a minimum internship experience of 6 months up to 3 years.    

    Step 6: Get licensed:

    In this stage, candidates will get the license to become an architect by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB). Through this license, candidates get the opportunity to have optimum job chances from reputed organizations. Getting licensed is not a tranquil job for the individuals to become a successful architect.

    Step 7: Get the job and advance in the field:

    In the last step, candidates get incalculable job opportunities to attain reputed jobs by the skills and talent they owe. There are numerous good companies that recruit qualified architects to work for their companies. An architect can play a major role in increasing the company’s position from bottom to top.

    Duties/Responsibilities of Architects:

    Architects do the following duties:

    • Give preliminary approximations on cost and construction time
    • Direct workers who make drawings and documents
    • Prepare scaled drawings with computer software or by hand
    • Plan contract documents or records for building entrepreneurs
    • Administer construction contracts
    • Maintain structure specifications
    • Visit workplaces to ensure that construction adheres to architectural projects
    • Learn new tasks by marketing and addressing presentations
    • Meet with consumers to ascertain objectives and obligations for constructions


    Career Prospects for Engineering and Architectural Services:

    In an advanced technological world, engineering and architect graduates have been shaping the world by using innovation, creativity and a wealth of knowledge. If you are capable enough to tinker, create, design or build something with innovative skills, then the engineering and architectural sector has a great position for you. By employing the principles of mathematics and science, engineers are developing resolutions to the world’s biggest technical problems.

    Although at the commencement of your career, you would expect to comprehend the practical facets of doing the job aesthetically and practically correct. Architects will get the option of working with construction companies, developers, builders independent consultancies, and many other benefits as well.

    There are innumerable career opportunities available in the Public sector as well as private sectors. The public sectors include departments like National Institute of Urban Affairs, Public Works Department, Housing and Urban Development Corporation, Ministry of Defense, National Building Organization, Archaeological Department, Town and Country Planning Organization, Departments of Railways, Public Sector Undertakings, National Building Construction Corporation Ltd, etc.

    Different profiles for Architect:

    • Architect
    • Architecture Designer
    • Architecture Engineer
    • Interior Designer
    Different profiles for Engineers:

    • Software Engineer
    • IT Engineer
    • Mechanical Engineer
    • Civil Engineer
    • Computer Analyst/ Engineer
    • Petroleum Engineer
    • Aeronautical Engineer
    • Junior Manager
    • Assistant Engineer
    • Sub Divisional Engineer


    The portfolio of engineering and architecture has no bounds for the modern generation individuals. In the engineering and architecture field, a fresher employee can expect a minimum compensation of Rs 2,00,000 to 3,00,000 on annual basis in any organization whereas a proficient, skilled and experienced individual can attain handsome remuneration packages ranging from 6,00,000 to beyond limits. These professions play an indispensable role in the development of the nation as well as shaping the world.

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