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Digital marketing course is an upcoming field for promoting business from anywhere with the use of the latest digital technology. The online marketing of products or services with the use of gadgets like mobile phones and laptops is known as Digital Marketing.

A high-speed internet connection is absolutely essential for those who are interested in Digital Marketing. The best part of Digital  Marketing is that it offers flexibility in the place and time of work. Those who are interested in areas like advertising, email marketing, brand promotion, analytics, and content marketing can enroll in a Digital Marketing course.

The Digital Marketing courses are available at undergraduate, Diploma, and Certificate levels. Digital Marketing platform is the easiest and fastest way to reach audiences and there has been a huge rise in employment opportunities for Digital Marketers.

The top Digital Marketing courses are offered by many renowned Institutes and candidates can pursue many of these courses online. A Digital Marketing career is on the rise as there is a rush for companies to promote their products and services in ways that can reach the maximum audience in the minimum time.

There are several branches of Digital Marketing that include Email marketing, Social media marketing, Content marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Affiliate Marketing. The need for Digital Marketers is on the rise as customers spend a lot of time online and prefer to buy products over the internet then visit brick-and-mortar stores regularly.

The first and foremost skill required for a Digital Marketing expert is Computer proficiency. Other preferred skills include Communication, Social media management, customer relationship management, Design skills, etc. Candidates who have the ability to work with applications like Photoshop or Canva gain an edge over their peers when it comes to Digital Marketing job salary.

Digital Marketing jobs work from home is the best takeaway for candidates who are interested in pursuing this profession. Digital Marketing courses can be pursued after completion of the Class 12 Board exams and there are ample opportunities for internships for beginners.

There are many Digital Marketing courses that are offered by top course-providing platforms. The course fees are very nominal and the duration of the courses ranges from a few weeks to a few months.

Top Digital Marketing Jobs

Given below are some job profiles for Digital Marketing:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Search Engine Optimization Expert
  • Content Manager
  • Digital Marketing Executive
  • Analytics Manager
  • Digital Account Manager
  • Web Designer
  • Blogger
  • Email Marketer
  • Brand Manager
  • Digital Copywriter
  • E-Commerce Manager
  • PPC Search Manager

Digital Marketing Scope

In the present generation, the Digital Marketing career and scope are enormous. With the daily advent of the latest digital technologies, candidates with a Degree/Diploma/Certificate in Digital Marketing can get jobs in reputed companies with handsome salary packages.

Digital Marketing jobs that work from home have great potential as candidates can work as bloggers, email marketers, affiliate marketing executives, or freelancers. Those who have a knack for managing business and resources can start their own entrepreneurship ventures. Candidates with good communication skills can become niche experts and work with advertising agencies or market products or services online.

The Digital Marketing job salary for beginners is in the range of INR 3 Lakh to INR 5 lakh per annum. Candidates with an experience of a few years in Digital Marketing can get an average salary of INR 7 Lakhs per annum.

The Digital Marketing course syllabus consists of topics like Mobile marketing, Affiliate marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, web analytics, content marketing strategy, etc.

Top Digital Marketing Courses

You can pursue Digital Marketing as both offline and online courses. There are several Institutes that offer Digital Marketing courses after 12th. These courses are Diploma or Certificate courses and have an affordable fee structure.

Top Online Digital Marketing Courses

  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • The Ultimate Guide to Strategic Marketing
  • Digital Advertising and Marketing 101
  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics foundation 
  • Advanced pay-per-click Certification Training
  • Search Engine Optimization training course
  • Post-graduate program in Digital Marketing and Analytics
  • Inbound Marketing Certification
  • Diploma in Marketing Management
  • Digital Media and Marketing Strategies

Final Words

We have provided all the information related to the Digital Marketing career and courses. Those who are interested in Digital Marketing jobs work from home or any other career options can reach out to our career counsellors.





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