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    Career In Floral Designers

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    Career in Floral Designers Course | Scope, Jobs, Career, Salary and Education Information

    Flowers- the beautiful part of nature that brings colours to people’s lives. To make an intense statement to a loved one or bringing life to your wedding fantasies, in any event, to simply allure up the decoration of the event and at that time you’ll need a Floral Designer. Becoming a Floral Designer is a very creative and aesthetic profession. Only the creative, imaginative, and passionate candidates can accomplish this coveted job.  A floral designer is a person who manages and prepares flowers to display them in various occasions such as holidays, birthdays, parties, weddings.

    The art of floral design is a splendid form of art that has been here around for thousands of years. There is a variety of style that will display a variety of social, religious and cultural trends.

    What does a Floral Designer do?

    In the modern century, the floral designer plays a significant role in our society. It is an essential part of social connections and interior design for intensifying the overall quality of our lives. This work of flowers is sometimes fun but also brings a pleasant dimension for those who aspire to become a Floral Designer. Floral design or flower arrangement is basically the art of utilizing plant materials and flowers to produce a pleasing and well-balanced composition. Additionally, the floral design involves creating wreaths, nosegays, garlands, Laurens, festoons, boutonnieres, corsages, and bows.

    A floral designer has the quality to approach the consumers directly by using their creativity, experience, and knowledge of flower design and arrangements to meet the demands and requirements of the customer. Such professionals generally use plants and flowers to make arrangements for weddings, funerals, banquets, and other events. Floral designers employ their expertise to recommend flowers and designs to the customers. As the customer elects any flower, the designer has to arrange them in a visually appealing display. While designing a floral arrangement the designers include items such as stuffed animals, creatures, balloons or may use decorative vases.


    Eligibility Criteria for becoming a Floral Designer-

    Becoming a Floral Designer is not that easy as everyone thinks. Only the creative and talented individuals can achieve this coveted position. Candidates who aspire to become a Floral Designer, they can join this profession even after passing 10th standard. There is no such requirement of education for the aspirants beyond higher secondary school. However, many of the floral designers undertake training programs and earn formal qualifications in floral design like an Associate of Applied Science in Floral Design. There are numerous colleges in India that offers Floral Design Courses for the students to enhance their creating and designing skills. Students can join certain courses and can have innumerable job opportunities in this domain. Here are some skills and traits that are required for accomplishing this job.

    Skills and Traits Required to be a  Floral Designer-

    • Artistic ability
    • Creativity
    • Customer-service skills.
    • Organizational skills.
    • Knowledge of floral equipment and material
    • Passionate
    • Ability to evoke emotions
    • Highly motivated
    • Competent and proficient
    • Time Management
    • Excellent Communication Skills
    • Attention to Detail
    • Independence  


    How to become a Floral Designer?

    Floral Design is a course that doesn't require any degree or specific education, but it’s a course that demands proficiency in communication, designing, and aesthetic skills. To become a Floral Designer, candidates need to learn the methodology of becoming a Floral Designer. Here are some steps that an individual should follow to fulfil the dream of becoming a Floral Designer.

    • Step 1: Learn the Job first:

    In the first step, you will get to know that formal schooling is not mandatory at all to work as a floral professional, but there are many people who seek job training by retail florists. They can begin working as cashiers, flower sellers, delivery drivers and then gradually turning into a floral designer. They must have the knowledge and expertise to identify the flower by its fragrance and should possess the ability to judge them as per the suitability. The Floral Designers can have numerous job opportunities while on-the-job training when they are in high demand, such as occasions.

    • Step 2: Attempt Formal Training:

    In India, several schools offer certification programmes in floral design for the students who want to see their career in this profession. Candidates can attend these training courses to enhance their artistic skills. Such programs have a duration that can last from a week to a year. The curriculum of these training includes interior plants, retail florist management, floral arranging techniques, and foliage care also. Associate degrees are also available at some colleges to offer bachelor's programme that emphasizes floral design and develops understanding concerning the qualities of various flowers. Students can attend schools to study the anomalous properties of flowers. Florists need to comprehend everything about a flower such as the size, colour, fragrance, and lifespan of different species of flowers as well as which flowers to use for decor.

    • Step 3: Gain Certification:

    In this step, candidates are offered the Certified Floral Designer (CFD) credential certificates from the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) after successfully completing the training program, industry experience, a written exam, and a design illustration. Candidates should show their designing competency in wedding, table, wearable, and funeral arrangements and must prove them. This CFD certification is not necessary for all but those floral specialists who yearn to enter AIFD must obtain it.

     Success Tip

    To get success early, Florists will have to earn 25 continuous education credits for a three-year duration. Floral designers need to perform five hours of work in leadership and service in order to meet certain conditions. Floral designers can also attend symposiums or seek various educational programs in the floral design industry to secure the ongoing education credits.

    • Step 4: Edify and Advance your Career:

    This is the last step toward becoming a successful Floral Designer. Candidates are required to edify or train themselves through standalone classes to acquire the specialized techniques in Floral Designing. Florists can also practice classes to study modern floral designs, patterns, and silk flower arrangements.

    Experienced floral experts have an advantage of running and managing a floral store or inaugurating their own business. There are some floral design programs also that provide coursework concerning floral shop supervision or ownership as well as business, customer relations, computers, marketing, and accounting.

    Institutes offering Floral Design Courses:

    • FNP Floral Design School, New Delhi
    • Mudra Institute of Communications (MICA), Ahmedabad
    Duties & Responsibilities of a Floral Designer:

    Floral designers also often know as florists. They generally cut and arrange live, dried, and silk flowers and greenery to make decorative displays. They also help the customers to select flowers, containers, vases, ribbons, fabrics, and other accessories.

    Floral designers have to perform the following typical duties:

    • Plant or order flowers from wholesalers to ensure a sufficient supply of stock to fit the customers' requirements.
    • Ascertain the type of arrangement desired considering the event, the date, time, and venue.
    • Recommend flowers and greenery for every arrangement specifically.
    • Analyze the customer’s budget while making recommendations
    • Design floral displays or arrangements that elicit a special sentiment, viewpoint or style.
    • Answer telephones, accept orders and wrap arrangements
    • Selects flowers, containers, and accessories
    • Cutting and modifying flowers
    • Computing accessories like ribbons, candy, fabrics, toys, etc.


    Career Prospects for a Floral Designer:

    Career in Floral Designing is best for those who possess the creative and artistic skills to transform their ideas, thoughts, and feelings into reality. If you belong to the type of category who stops, smell the flowers, adore them and then organizes them into a pretty bouquet or wreath. Then no career is better for you than as a floral designer. A floral professional is also called a florist, floral designer who loves to work with flowers and shrubs to create and design bouquets, garlands, etc for floral exhibitions. The Floral experts can work in multiple job profiles for any organization or Industry.

    Job Profiles:

    • Corsage makers
    • Floral arrangers
    • Floral artists
    • Floral Decorators
    • Florist designers
    • Florists
    • Flower arrangers
    • Event Organiser
    • Merchandiser

    Floral designers have to perform multiple duties such as customer-service duties, answering telephones and accepting orders. An experienced and talented floral professional can be hired in big occasions or events with a handsome remuneration. They can get innumerable opportunities to explore themselves in great parties, weddings, etc. Floral Designers generally decorates or supervises the decor of buildings, halls, churches, or other amenities for parties, weddings, and other events to glam up the ambience of that place.


    Remuneration package:

    Career as a Floral Designer is best suited to those who have a keen interest in creating and designing things from flowers. This is a very appreciated and exciting profession that is required to enlighten life on any occasion. A Floral Designer generally earns an average salary of 12 to 15000 for any event or even more depending on the type of occasion and days of an occasion. The floral artists or specialists do not earn on a monthly basis or a fixed payment. They generally get hired for events for months, weeks etc. A highly skilled and creative professional can earn up to 1-2 lakhs per month or for an event. One can have a shining career in this domain with several amenities.

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