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What is Arts and Multimedia?

Do you have a creative bent of mind, fascinating imagination skills, and a knack for Computers? Then the Arts and Multimedia course is definitely for you. Multimedia is a hugely popular field at present times that includes areas like animation, gaming, media communication, photography, web designing, and visual effects technology. Multimedia Arts jobs have high earning prospects, can hone the creative abilities of the aspirants, and have ample scope for growth. Multimedia Arts courses are available at undergraduate, postgraduate, and Diploma levels and qualified candidates can venture into professions like Multimedia Artist, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Audio Engineer, Social Media Manager, etc.
Candidates who want to pursue the Multimedia course must create contents that have engaging and innovative ways of expressing ideas. The Arts and Multimedia courses provide theoretical and practical exposure to the candidates for designing intriguing and interactive models for communication. A Multimedia Artist can create images that are not only visually stunning but also help in marketing the brand. There is ample Multimedia scope in diverse areas like publishing houses, the animation industry, Media houses, schools, and colleges. The main skills required for Arts and Multimedia jobs are Creativity, Knowledge of Computers, communication, teamwork, time management, designing, collaboration, and efficiency. Candidates who have completed Multimedia courses after the 12th can work as Video Games experts, cartoonists, animators, Game designers, and Sound editors.
Those who are interested in pursuing the Multimedia course can apply for Graduation and Diploma courses after the 12th. These courses have very good job prospects in different areas of Arts and Design. The Multimedia subject syllabus teaches candidates to create interactive computer presentations and these professionals can either work in the Marketing team of reputed companies or as Freelancers.

Top Multimedia Arts jobs

Check out the job profiles of Arts and Multimedia

  • Animator
  • Graphic Designer 
  • Cartoonist
  • Media Analyst
  • Web Designer
  • Sound Editor 
  • Film Assistant
  • Recording Engineer
  • Interactive Designers
  • Producers
  • Digital Photographer
  • Video Games Expert
  • Visual Effects Coordinator

Arts and Multimedia scope

The Arts and Multimedia course has become extremely popular in present times as it offers diverse career opportunities in different domains. With the rapid growth in Digital technologies, candidates with a Multimedia course can become eligible for job prospects in industries like entertainment, advertising, gaming, digital marketing, and more. As the demand for Multimedia professionals is on the rise, the salary has also seen exponential growth. The Multimedia salary for beginners is INR 3 Lakhs to INR 4 lakhs per annum. Candidates who have a few years of experience can join reputed media or publishing houses with high salary prospects.
The Multimedia subject syllabus includes a wide range of topics like Designing skills, Media publishing, Cinematography, Audio Visual Communication, Web Designing, Multimedia Designing, 3D modeling, sound recording, and Editing. Students of the Multimedia course learn practical approaches to the subject like participating in media-related activities and learning post-production techniques. This makes them equipped for job positions in journalism, animation, design, fashion, and entertainment industries.

Top Arts and Multimedia Courses

Those of you who are interested in this field can join Multimedia courses after the 12th. These programs are offered by well-known Institutes and include both Degree and Diploma courses. Given below are the top Multimedia courses after the 12th. Take a look at the courses:

Diploma courses

  • Diploma in Graphic Design
  • Diploma in Product Design and Development
  • Diploma in Creative Multimedia and Journalism

Undergraduate courses

  • Bachelor in Multimedia journalism
  • Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Media design
  • Bachelor of Design in Interdisciplinary Digital Studio
  • Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia
  • Bachelor in Multimedia journalism

Postgraduate courses

  • M.A in Journalism and Multimedia Communications
  • Masters in Computer Graphics and Multimedia
  • M.A in Public Relations and Multimedia Communications
  • M.A in Multimedia Journalism

Final words 

We have provided all the information related to Arts and Multimedia. If you are a student who is interested in pursuing a career in Multimedia or any other field, contact our career experts. Our career counsellors have many years of experience and will guide you toward your dream career. Click here and fill out this inquiry form to speak to our counsellors. 






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