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    Career In Adobe Photoshop Illustrator

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    Adobe Photoshop Illustrator:-

    If one has the ability and talent to transform his imagination into reality, then Illustration is the best field for him. Illustration requires highly creative skills to communicate a story or convey a message or idea through pictures. It's a phenomenal career pathway for those people who are really passionate about this realm. Illustrators usually spend most of their time producing a bizarre style that places them apart from the rest of the things.

    These Illustrators often uses Adobe Photoshop, which is considered the most convenient and prominent photo editing software available in the market. It is an amazing image editing software developed by Adobe Systems and used in almost every organization of the country. This astonishing software allows its users to manage, crop, resize, and correct color of the digital photographs. The professionals who use this editing software to create graphics and Illustrators are known as Adobe Photoshop Illustrators.

    Adobe Photoshop Illustrators are basically the specified trained Graphic Designers who make use of this software magnificently to manipulate, design or create graphics, logos, and illustrations. The Photoshop Illustrators usually owe the skills to work comprehensively on a single photograph from extending the periphery of reality through editing and artistic changes in innumerable forms.

    These professionals can use several tools of Photoshop up to leverage so as to manipulate and edit images like-

    • the Clone tool to duplicate the part of an image
    • the Shape tool to create rectangles, circles, and lines
    • the Pen tool to design precise paths that use anchor points
    • The extra tools include cropping, slicing, magic wand, lasso, eraser, and marquee.

    In the digital world, the spectrum of Adobe Photoshop programs is growing day by day. There is a huge demand for Adobe Photoshop Illustrators in almost every organization for creating company’s logos both in print and digital form for the promotional work. The Photoshop Illustrators are frequently recruited by several companies like advertising firms, publishing houses, graphic design firms etc. The job of the Illustrator is to brainstorm new ideas, designs, sketches, draft illustrations, discussing plans with co-workers and conclude designs/illustrations.


    Eligibility Criteria for Adobe Photoshop Illustrator:-

    To become an Adobe Photoshop Illustrator, it's necessary for an individual to owe a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design or relevant field first. The minimum educational qualification required to scale this position is 50 % marks in the Bachelor's Degree. It means one can have a shining career ahead after pursuing the graduation only.

    Candidates can even get lucrative jobs with these certifications also:-

    Certificate in Adobe Photoshop

    Diploma in Adobe software

    Required Skills:-

    If candidates are desiring to work as an Adobe Photoshop illustrator, they need to acquire the following traits:

    • Remarkable computer skills
    • Knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and other competing illustrator programs as well.
    • Comprehensive knowledge of design and aesthetic principles
    • Expertise to work well in a team
    • Strong communication skills
    • Marketing Aptitude
    • Knowledge of SEO and social media
    • Ability to identify interesting sources of inspiration
    • Ability to express creative ideas
    • The proper understanding of fundamental visual design disciplines and principles and portfolio of design work.


    How to become an Adobe Photoshop Illustrator:-

    To achieve this reputed job, one needs to follow the below- mentioned process:-

    Clear Entrance examination: To get enrolled in any reputed institution, candidates are required to qualify the entrance exam of either state level or sometimes national level. Then only, they’ll be able to join the institution. But, some institutions in India offers direct admission to the students to pursue this course.

    Go for a Bachelor’s degree first: After the completion of intermediate, students get puzzled regarding their future prospects. To become a Photoshop Illustrator, students have to go through a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Designing or similar subjects. A bachelor’s degree is a basic requirement for all types of jobs across the world.

    Learn various aspects of Adobe Photoshop: While pursuing the course, students are taught each and every information about Photoshop software. Aspirants are required to learn every concept or topic related to this amazing software. They need to understand the comprehensive knowledge of designing and aesthetic skills regarding the software in depth.

    Get jobs: The Bachelor’s degree in this realm offers several job opportunities to students to work in government as well as private sectors. One with adequate skills and talent can have chances to work with an excellent group or organization as the Illustrator jobs are highly scalable. In this technical world, every individual with good communication and computer skills can avail any job easily.


    Career Prospects for Photoshop Illustrators:-

    Qualification in Adobe Photoshop can unlock wide doors of opportunities at a global level for degree holders. Candidates with photoshop degree can climb up the ladders of success by recruiting in best organizations. It's important for an experienced candidate to showcase his work and make it easily accessible for those who might be interested in shortlisting you.

    Possessing an effective online website and a well-crafted physical portfolio is really crucial to remain out of the competition. Sometimes, such type of opportunity might not give appropriate salary packages at first, but will definitely provide you with the chance to strengthen your portfolio, make contacts, learn from your fellow employees.

    Candidates acquiring this degree have greater chance of employment opportunities in Advertising and Marketing firms, Print and publishing agency, Electronic Media, Editorial (magazine house), Fashion House etc. The career in Adobe Photoshop is like a challenge to other competitive software. A photoshop degree holder can work as the following job-  profiles in the Industry:

    Adobe Photoshop Tutor

    Teacher - Adobe Photoshop

    Photoshop Operator

    Corel and Photoshop Designer  

    With the emergence of technology, illustrators are getting more choices than ever before. Possessing an illustration degree is an incredible license to another sphere of opportunity for artistic and career growth. Thus, it is a versatile field with numerous sparkling career pathways ahead for the aspiring candidates.


    It’s quite difficult to determine the salary of Adobe Photoshop Illustrators because it totally depends on the skills, knowledge, creativity or experience they acquire. A fresher can expect his initial salary ranging from Rs.15,000 to Rs.20,000 on monthly basis. The professionals with excellent talent and skills can earn a minimum salary of Rs. 4 lakhs to 12-12 lakhs depending on the qualities he owes. They can even get hired for some events and occasions to give lectures on sketching concepts required for the final touches on post-production programs. Photoshop degree holders have another good option to earn high pay, i.e. self-employed or self -business such as coaching centres where they can provide coaching classes related to Adobe Photoshop to aspiring students.

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