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Network Administrator

Network Administrator is an IT professional who manages the organization's network. They must possess a high level of technological knowledge. They implement and maintain network hardware and software, troubleshoot network problems, and ensure network security, availability & performance standard. Their duties vary, depending on the organisation demands. They are responsible for installing, maintaining and upgrading any software or hardware needed to efficiently run a computer network.

Network administrators technically take part in the management and maintenance of desktop computers, printers, servers, routers, switches, firewalls, software implementations, security updates, file servers, VPN gateways, intrusion detection systems and a wide assortment of additional technologies is associated with both software and hardware within the network.

Duties of Network Administrator-

The duties of a network administrator may vary considerably depending on the organization they are working for. Following are some of the duties which network administrator performs in an organization.

  • Installing and configuring computer networks and systems
  • Solving and identifying any problems that arise with computer networks and systems
  • Conferring with clients to specify system requirements and design solutions
  • Budgeting for equipment and assembly costs
  • Assembling new systems
  • Maintaining existing software and hardware systems
  • Upgrading the systems which have become obsolete
  • Monitoring on the computer networks and systems to identify how performance can be improved
  • Working with IT support personnel
  • Providing network administration and support

Network administrators are responsible for making assured that computer hardware and network infrastructure related to an organization's data network are effectively maintained. In smaller organizations, they are typically involved in the procurement of new hardware, the rollout of new software, maintaining disk images for new computer installs, maintaining the standards for network installations and applications, monitoring the performance of the network, checking for security breaches.

Key skills required for network administrators-

  • Patience
  • IT and technical skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Enthusiasm
  • Team Working skills
  • Initiative
  • Attention to detail
Where do Network Administrator works?

  • Computer systems design and related services
  • Technical consulting services
  • Colleges, universities and professionals schools
  • Architectural, engineering and related services
  • Insurance carriers
  • Healthcare


Educational Qualification-

A bachelor’s degree in computer, information science or related information field/ or the certification and practice experience is strongly encouraged. Regardless aspirants should take courses in networking and computer programming while they are in school, as these can provide foundational knowledge of the field.

Age limits:

Minimum age to work in any organized IT sector is 18 years and the maximum age may vary in the range of  25 to 40 years depending upon the expertise in that field.

Every company demands new and fresh minds, therefore, depending on the company, some aspirants do look for more focused proficiencies that are obtained through certifications, such as the Cisco Certified Network Associate and Microsoft Certified System Administrator. Network administration scholars can also gain experience before entering the field through full-time through internships. Once they become professionals, they can advance in computer network architects or computer systems managers. Originally, those who hold the position of a network administrator acquires a bachelor’s/ master’s degree in computer science or information technology.


Process to become a Network Administration-

To become a network administration the candidates need to follow these given steps.

Step 1:

Applicants after passing 10+2 with Mathematics and physics as the main subjects have to apply for the degree or diploma course in computer science, information science or some related IT field. The course is offered by numerous governmental as well as private colleges. Besides this interested applicants without a formal degree can go for network administration certification course.

However, some reputed institutes like Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi Engineering College and all the IITs with limited seats admit candidates on the basis of their performance in entrance tests like CET, Joint Entrance Exam etc.

Step 2:

After completion of Graduation/Certification course and acquiring the knowledge of Networking software or skills to handle complex LAN and WAN networks aspiring professionals can apply in the organization using LAN and WAN network system like Banks, Financial Institutions etc. Some of the organizations in which qualified network administrator can seek for the jobs are:

➣ Yahoo

➣ Google

➣ Microsoft Corporation

➣ Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

➣ Oracle

Network Administrator Certifications

Extremely desirable certifications for Network Administrators include the following:

  • CompTIA A+ Certification
  • CompTIA Network+ Certification
  • CompTIA Security+ Certification
  • Cisco CCNA Certification
  • Cisco CCNP Certification
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)
  • VMware Certified Professional (VCP)


Wide expansion of the IT industry, internet and E-commerce services have widely increased the demand for Network administrators in the last couple of decades and the trend is supposed to be continuing for next decade or so. Thus there is an immeasurable chance of getting jobs for those who have a graduate degree in computer science or any of the related fields.  Any commercial organization like banks, railways, airways and MNC’s or a non-commercial entity like school, colleges or any other institutes require network administrator in their organization due to the globalization of computer system networks.

Once the aspirants are placed in a giant company as a network administrator, there is job security for a longer duration of time.  After attaining experience, Network Administrators often get promoted to a more senior administrator role and then into a project management role. Strategic roles which involve long-term planning and company technology strategy, such as Manager or Cheif Executive Officer (CEO) can be the next step of the ladder of success for those candidates who have appropriate formal education and experience.


With the boom of IT sector, there are numerous lucrative job vacancies available for the proficient and knowledgeable individuals across the world. IT sector has benefitted almost in every sector of Industry. Network Administrators can get handsome salary packages in an organization easily with numerous facilities. In a giant organisation, the starting salary may vary from Rs.35,000 to Rs.40,000 per month (approx). After gaining some experience and advanced certification, these professionals can get salary nearly Rs.1 Lakh to 2 Lakh as their monthly pay (approx). In the present time, applicants with these degrees have their perks in the IT Industry.

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