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    “The true sign of Intelligence is not knowledge but Imagination and Creativity”. If one owes the ability to transform your dream into reality, then Arts, Entertainment, and Media is the ideal career path. This field demands people with exemplary creative skills and imagination to attain a lucrative career ahead. Because of the huge competition in engineering, medical, civil fields, people (especially the young generation) are hunting for unique fields and careers. Apart from the educational field, there is Arts, Entertainment, and Media field which has flourished and increased the employment opportunities for the creative, imaginary, and talented generation to a maximum extent. This integrated field recognizes one’s potential and provides him with the chance to scale the ladders of success.

    What is Arts?

    Art speaks when words got to fail in explaining thoughts. Art is something that we do in our leisure. It is basically an expression of our thoughts, emotions, intuitions, and desires, but it's about presenting the way we experience the world. Art, in its deepest sense, can be known as the form of communication intended towards expressing feelings, thoughts, and observations. Earlier, there was a time when Arts was learned as a hobby for self-interest and satisfaction but today, it has unlocked various doors of opportunities for ones who acquire the ability to draw, understand, and present art. In the current generation, it is considered a good choice with two diverged areas,i.e. Visual Arts and Performing Arts.

    Visual arts include drawing, painting, sculpting, architecture, printmaking, ceramics, photography, collage, digital graphics, film-making, etc whereas Performing arts comprises of careers such as musicians, dancers, and actors etc.

    Art is a diverse array of human activities in creating visual, auditory or producing artefacts (artworks), expressing the artist’s imaginary, conceptual ideas, or technical skills and include the production of art, the criticism of art, the study of the history of art, and the artistic distribution of art.

    What is Entertainment?

    Entertainment can be anything that makes you happy and feels comfortable. It's a kind of gateway that gives you pleasure, joy, and amusement in our day to day life.

    Entertainment comprises of performances of plays, films, and activities like reading, dancing, singing, watching television, etc. that proffer you happiness. As we are living in the age of Entertainment, the demand for such talented and entertaining people is also increasing.

    Today, the entertainment industry in itself is very shining day by day and turning into one amongst the most versatile industry. It has earned a lot of credibilities and trustworthiness over the last few decades because of the abrupt tremendous growth and personal relationship with the public. The talented modern generation  can have a bright career in this field and can achieve their dream by working in the diverse fields such as Film editing, directing, producing, as cartoonist, as TV anchors , as documentary filmmakers, as Sound engineer, as screenplay writers, as Market Research analyst, as Voice-over artists, as Video Jockey (VJ), as video editors, media planners, content writers , Marketing researcher, Copywriting, Cinematographers etc.

    What is Media?

    In the present world, Media plays an outstanding role in keeping everyone updated about the various events taking place across the world. Today, we can get the latest news and current affairs with just a few clicks on smartphones, laptops or on the radio or television because glancing a newspaper in the morning is not everyone’s cup of tea. Media is the hub of communication outlets or tools used to store and deliver information. It is media that plays a major role in shaping public opinion and strengthening of society.

    Today, media has influenced almost everything. It was started with the massive distribution of newspapers, periodicals, and magazines but with the advent of technology, it has changed everything entirely. It includes certain subforms like Broadcasting by TV and radio, Entertainment by audio visual-films and video, internet comprising blogs, forums, music, news. Now, has scaled up to the publishing of books, papers, magazines, and also manages postal mail, telephones, and new media. Thus, the scope of a Career in both media - print and electronic media is beyond imagination. Media provides a lot of career options to young budding talent of the country diverse fields.


    Eligibility Criteria for Arts, Entertainment, and Media:-

    Career in Arts, Entertainment, and Media can be very exciting and amusing. As these fields are all about fulfilling our wishes and desires. These are multidisciplinary domains that can provide lucrative career paths to the creative and imaginary talents.

    1- For Arts: There are many talented and creative people in India, who have the skills to convert ideas and thoughts into reality, but their talent is anonymous for all. To explore one’s ability and talent, he needs to learn arts as a subject and for that, the following criteria should be maintained :  

    ➣ Candidates must have passed 10+2 level from CBSE board or any State Board or equivalent.

    ➣ It is mandatory for the students to have a minimum score of 50% aggregate marks.

    ➣ Students must have studied English in Higher Secondary School as a compulsory subject.

    2- For Entertainment: To enter into the Entertainment world, Candidates must have passed Intermediate from any stream or the appearing students can also apply.

    ➣ Admission to Entertainment Academy is competitive like others with a selective limited number of seats.

    ➣ The entrance examination is conducted to provide admission to the aspiring candidates.

    ➣ Thus, only the students with strong creative potential and talent deserve that seat.  

    3- For Media: Candidates who are willing to pursue media courses need to meet the following eligibility criteria:

    ➣ Aspirants must have cleared 12th standard qualification in any stream completed from a recognized educational Board.

    ➣ It is obligatory for the candidates to score at least a minimum aggregate score of 55% in class 12th.

    ➣ For the same, the qualifying percentile for reserved candidates is 50% of aggregate marks in 12th level.

    ➣ Candidates who are waiting for their 12th board examination’s scorecard can also apply on a provisional basis.


    Process for Career in Arts, Entertainment, and Media:-

    How to become an Arts, Entertainment, and Media Professional?

    Career in art, entertainment, and media are all about creating things which are fascinating to eyes. These fields generally hold the jobs that are performed genuinely for its creative approach. People who work in arts, entertainment, and media tend to have an indispensable mixture of practical skills and a talent for presenting things in whatever form they want.

    If you’re creative and imaginative enough, then a degree in these fields is best for you to express yourself. So for a better career in arts, entertainment, and media, one should follow these steps:

    Step 1- Get a Bachelor's Degree:-

    After completing class 12th successfully, the aspiring candidates need to take the Entrance exam conducted by several Arts Colleges. To enroll admission in Arts & Media colleges or Entertainment academics, they need to qualify the entrance test which will help them to study BFA, BA, BJMC etc.

    However, some colleges/universities of India provide admission to the students on the basis of their score in the qualifying exams.

    Step 2- Acquire knowledge:

    While pursuing such courses, aspirants are given the comprehensive knowledge of both theoretical and practical of arts, entertainment, and media subjects to get in-depth information about the courses. One should sincerely attain the knowledge given here as this knowledge will determine the future of the candidates.

    Step 3- Go for an internship:

    To get a desirable job in this creative field, it is necessary for the candidates to have an internship experience of at least 6 months. While attaining an internship, individuals get to learn the actual concept of the course they are pursuing and the job that they’ll have to do in the future. Candidates pursuing an art, entertainment and media course can get internships in the Fashion Industry, media industries, MNCs, film industry etc. An internship is now an indispensable part of any course as it gives the work experience to the acquiring individuals.

    Step 4 - Pursue a Master’s Degree:

    To get an entry-level job, a Bachelor’s degree is enough but to explore more in any field, you need to pursue a master's degree. Master’s degree can get you various optimum job opportunities as well the minimum education required to acquire a lucrative job. A flourishing field with a master’s degree will help individuals to take a step closer towards the path of success.

    Step 5- Have optimum job opportunities:

    In the last step of this procedure, one accomplishes his dreams and enjoy his life. After the master’s degree course, one can easily get recruited by reputed companies and get placed. With the internship experience, candidates can avail handsome salary packages as well as multiple facilities also.

    Here are the jobs that can be attained by the graduates of Arts, Entertainment, and Media:

    Job Types for Arts Graduates:-

    • Fine artist
    • Sculptor
    • Architecture
    • Print Maker
    • Art Director
    • Arts administrator
    • Illustrator
    • Photographer
    • Film Maker
    • Graphic Designer
    • Museum Curator
    • Industrial Designer
    Job Profiles for Entertainment, and Media Graduates:

    • Director
    • Producer
    • Cinematographer
    • Researcher
    • Actor
    • Camera Operator
    • Event Manager
    • Script Writer
    • Advertising executive
    • PR Executive
    • Illustrator
    • Animator
    • Photographer
    • Broadcaster


    Career in Arts, Entertainment, and Media:-

    A career in arts, media, and entertainment industry can be amazing as these are the fields full of amusement, fun, and joy. These realms are full of incredible opportunities with a career that will help you to have a constant grip on your toes. In this world of prompt communication and presentation, the media lies at the very essence of the area.

    In Media, Print media has scaled up the analysis of time with innumerable publications, dailies, fortnightly, weeklies, monthly and all are giving information about events. As it is still active, the concept is leading towards digitization and is hence quicker, accessible, and convenient.

    Careers in Arts unlocks doors to various specialist areas, from painting, photography, sculpting, sculpting, architecture, printmaking, digital graphics, film-making, musicians, dancers, and actors etc.

    The media, arts and entertainment sector is often a project-based course rather than theoretical and demands successful interaction with individuals across industries to explore the advancement of ideas and creative outcomes. Arts profession involves diverse aspects of imagination, artistic representation, and technical skills. It is best to attain a career that fits your own unique interests, skills, abilities, and values.

    Candidates with arts, media, and entertainment can join numerous reputed companies to shape their career in these respected and lucrative fields like - TV Industry, Film Industry, Times Group, Filmfare, Big Entertainment, Planet M, Times of India, Zee Telefilms, UTV, Nimbus Communications, Sahara Group, Mukta Arts, Sony, Walt Disney, Sun Network, BMG, Universal, etc.


    Like the innumerable career opportunities in these fields, one cannot figure the remunerations of such talents in number. If they are working in any organization then one can expect to get around Rs.25,000 to Rs.30,000 per month initially.

    The salary package of these professionals is determined by the creative and imaginary potential they are holding. An experienced and skilled professional can get lucrative salary packages from 7-8 lakhs up to beyond limits in the reputed companies of that time. Reputed companies also provide exciting bonuses, incentives, holidays, office parties etc.

    Those who become actors and work in TV or Film Industries can attain amazing salary packages in lakhs per month with various other side wages.

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