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What after 10th? Career Counselling for 10th Class

Update on 2024-04-15

What after 10th? Career Counselling for 10th Class

If you are among the lakhs of students who have appeared for the Class 10 Board exams, now is the most important phase in your life. Your mind is bombarded with several questions like “What after 10th?” “Which stream should I choose” or “Which combination of subjects will fulfill my career aspirations?”

In today’s times, there are a plethora of opportunities in all the streams be it Science Arts, or Commerce. Select the stream that you find interesting and that is in sync with your future career goals. Choosing the right stream is extremely crucial as your career will depend on this choice.

Though most of you have decided what you want to pursue, there are still some of you who are at a crossroads. You are not sure whether you want to go for Science, Commerce, or the unconventional Arts stream. Some of you might even be interested in enrolling in skill development courses that pave way for good career opportunities.

Those of you who are unable to decide on What after 10th can seek the help of a professional counselor. A counselor will not just suggest any career for you. The counseling sessions will unleash your true potential and capabilities and this in turn will help to shortlist the best-suited stream for you.

Problems Faced by Students After 10th

Most of the students who are indecisive usually follow their peer group when it comes to selecting a stream after Class 10 Boards. This often leads to selecting a stream that might not be their real area of interest.

Many students are also forced by their parents or relatives to choose either the Science or the Commerce stream to fulfill expectations. The real interest of these students may lie in Humanities but they are not allowed to select the subjects of their interest.

Some students are also unaware of the different streams and the associated career opportunities. These students are only aware of the conventional courses and have no knowledge of the latest trending courses and the innumerable career options associated with them.

Those of you who have not yet decided about what after 10th can take the help of a professional career counselor. A career counselor is like a mentor who will analyze your inherent skills and interests through psychometric assessments and suggest the best stream and combination of subjects for you.

What after 10th? Streams and Career Opportunities


This is the most opts for stream after 10th as it comes with several career opportunities. Many students take up Science after 10th as they can pursue Engineering/Medical or related courses after their Higher Secondary.

The benefit of opting for the Science stream is that the students can switch over to any stream like Commerce or Arts. Students who select Physics, Chemistry, or Mathematics as the main subjects can go for Engineering, Computer Science, or Applied Sciences.

Students who select Physics, Chemistry, or Biology after 10th can go to Medical, Agriculture, Biochemistry, or related subjects. The Science stream is the most favored stream at the moment as it paves way for numerous career opportunities in the future.


Commerce is the next most popular stream that the students select after 10th. Students who have an inclination toward Accounting, Finance, and Business Management can select the Commerce stream.

Students who opt for the Commerce stream can choose Commerce with or without Maths. The main career prospects for a Commerce student have Chartered Accountant, Banking, Financial Management, Stockbroking, Insurance, Human Resource Development, Advertising, Digital Marketing, etc.


Those who have a creative mind and are interested in Literature, History, Design, or Performing Arts can select the Humanities stream after the 10th Board. There are several career opportunities for Humanities students at present.

Students who take up the Humanities stream after 10th develop very good creative thinking abilities. They can also go to a research-oriented field, journalism, social work, or teaching. Those who opt for the Humanities stream can select from subjects like History, Political Science, Economics, Geography, or Psychology.

For all the above-mentioned streams Science/Commerce/Humanities, it is essential for the students to select a compulsory language which is English.

Vocational Streams

There are several opportunities for students who do not want to join the conventional streams of Science, Arts, or Commerce after the 10th. These students can take up vocational/Diploma or short-term Certificate courses. These courses offer very good career opportunities in the future in several areas like Public, Private, Business, or self-employment.

Besides this, the students can also take admission to Polytechnic courses in Engineering or non-Engineering fields. The Polytechnic colleges offer courses after the 10th that have a duration of 3 years/2 years/1 years. These courses are affordable and have very good career options in the future.

Paramedical courses are another option for students who are thinking about what after 10th and do not want to choose the conventional streams. The Paramedical branch is related to the healthcare sector and candidates can have a successful career as Nursing assistants/ Medical Laboratory Technician/X-ray technicians and Dialysis technicians.

Short-term Certificate courses are also a great option for students who prefer to do a professional course after 10th. There are unlimited short-term/Diploma courses at present like Digital Marketing, Web Designing, Advertising, Event Management, Animation and Graphics, Hotel and Catering Management, etc. The duration of these courses may range from a few months to 2 years and candidates can build a successful career with these courses.

Which Board should you Choose After 10th

In India, there are 3 main Boards of Education. These are CBSE, ICSE, IB, and State Board. Each of these Boards has its features and students who are thinking about what after the 10th must choose the Board of Education wisely as their future career paths will depend on this.


CBSE or the Central Board of Secondary Education is a National Board and is the most important in India. The CBSE Board emphasizes mainly skill development and the curriculum is designed in such a way that will help the students for competitive exams.

Besides conducting the exams for Classes 10 and 12, CBSE also conducts the NET (National Eligibility Test) for the selection of Assistant Professors in Higher Education Institutions.

ICSE Board

The ICSE Board is the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education and there is a detailed syllabus for all the subjects. The syllabus of the ICSE Board is designed in such a way that students have in-depth knowledge and it is beneficial for the Civil Services exam.

The overall content of the syllabus of the ICSE Board is much broader than the CBSE Board and this provides practical knowledge to the students along with theoretical concepts.


The IB or the International Baccalaureate is appropriate for those students who want to go abroad to complete their higher education. The IB Board is globally affiliated and helps in the overall development of the student.

The main flexibility of the IB Board is that there is a wide combination of subjects and students can get to choose their own subjects.

State Boards

The State Boards of Secondary and Higher Secondary education are present in all the States and Union territories. The main feature of the State Board of Education is that the curriculum is designed as per region or the State.

The syllabus of the State Board is in detail and some extra subjects have been added to the curriculum to emphasize the local culture.

Students who are thinking about what after 10th must also know about the different Boards- the advantages and disadvantages of each Board. Career counseling after 10th will make the students aware of the different Boards of Education and which Board will be suitable for them to achieve their career-related dreams.

An experienced career counselor will understand the interest and aptitude of each student and suggest to the Board what will be suitable for him/her.

Career Counseling for 10th Class

Career counseling is very important for students who are confused to select a stream after the 10th or are not yet clear about their career goals. There are thousands of students who have not yet made a strong decision about the stream they want to select after Class 10.

Check out the importance of career counseling:

  • Some students also make wrong choices by selecting a stream that is not in sync with their actual career objectives. They either choose the conventional streams or follow the path that is advised by their peer group.

  • Lack of knowledge is also an important hurdle in the path of making an appropriate choice of stream after 10th. Students who are appearing for 10th Board exams are mostly aware of the conventional courses and lack knowledge about the trending courses and associated career opportunities.

  • Career counseling for 10th class is helpful for those students who have not yet decided which stream to choose. Expert career counselors will guide the students on their best-suited streams and the aligning career options.

  • Career counselors analyze the interests and aptitude of the students and suggest career options accordingly. So those students who are worried about what after 10th, career counseling will not only help them to realize the best possible streams but also help them create the perfect career roadmap for the future.


The best career counseling after the 10th will prevent the students from making any wrong career choices that they will regret later. Career counselors will understand the inherent strengths of the students and guide them towards the appropriate career path that will lead to success and contentment in the future.

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