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Online Classes For Engineering Students

Update on 2024-04-15

Online Classes For Engineering Students - Online Study for Engineering Course/Syllabus

Online Classes For Engineering Students:

Those days are gone when you have to teach students and prove to them you are worth investing in. And there is no better way of demonstrating your expertise than by providing online classes for Engineering Students. Teaching online has become a hot trend.

If you are good at what you do and you are an expert in your field, providing classes online could be the best way to show your talent and spread quality value to the large sum of students especially in the field of engineering, as it has a large viewer base in India.

Providing classes is an emerging business model which helps both teachers and students to share their views and ideas with each other without any distraction.

For a student, learning online is one of the fastest and most impactful ways of getting knowledge, it is the best way to sharpen your skills in any particular topic within a short period of time.

Through this article, we are helping aspiring teachers learn How to provide Online Classes for Engineering Students as providing classes online is more reliable as compared to providing teaching offline and learning is a most important part of our life as it makes us the best possible version of ourselves. Learning makes us a great communicator.

Before going further on how to provide classes first one must understand the types of Online teaching. Primarily there are 2 types of online teaching:

Synchronous: This type of teaching involves a real-time online experience for both instructor and students. This includes a session where both teacher and student will have to be online at a specific time when the teacher will be leading classes online.

Asynchronous: In this type of teaching the classes are not conducted in real-time which means the classes are pre-recorded and students can access them whenever they want.

Both the types of learning have their own advantages and disadvantages in case of synchronous, students must follow the time of teaching but they can share their doubts in real-time. In the case of asynchronous students cannot share their doubts in real-time but can access that same class again and again.

In this article, you will find an overview of the 10 tips that an instructor must follow to provide online classes for Engineering Students:

  • Pick your topic:

In the field of engineering, there is a wide range of topics in every available stream. 

First, you must decide which stream of students you are going to teach to understand who your target audience will be (students).

And if you are passionate about what you choose your students will love the topics you will provide.

Second thing, don’t teach like a university professor as most of the students are already fed up with the old way of teaching and they want something new.

In short, if you love your topic and have a better way of delivering your knowledge the students are going to have fun learning from you.

  • Master Technology:

If you want to take online classes seriously and think of building a career in it then you must master technology as teaching online requires technical finesse. First of all, you must invest in the right hardware and software.

You need a fine computer or laptop and a strong internet connection and the best online class platform to meet your needs to provide Online classes for Engineering Students. There are many online platforms that we are going to discuss later in this article. Basic understanding of building site, video editing can do your work as it will help you create a working environment online for yourself and provide a better way of learning.

  • Pick a topic which has high market demand:

If you work hard and spend weeks on creating online classes and there are no viewers or students to watch then this could result in absolute waste.

So once you have picked up your topic, the next step is to conduct market research to see what students demand.

How to conduct market research?
  • To conduct market research you can use Google Forms this tool will allow you to collect information from users via a personalized survey or quiz. 
  • You can run surveys that say that you are providing online classes for Engineering Students and what are the topics that students will love to learn.
  • The information is then saved in the spreadsheet automatically which is populated with the surveys and quizzes results.
  • Spreading links of the google form on your social media website and various open facebook Engineering groups can help you get results.

Creating Magnetic and Clean Introduction of Classes Outcome.

Providing an introduction is an important thing to do before you go online to help the students understand what the classes will provide as you are teaching online. It is your responsibility to aware students what the learning outcome of your classes will be and what they will walk away with.

Especially in cases if the classes are paid and the students will have to buy it they must get an overview of: 

Having a clear outcome will also help you ensure that only the right students or target audience are watching you online as you are creating a community online so they better belong to the same category.

  • Gather all the topics for your classes:

This is the phase where procrastination doesn’t work. You must first create a complete index of all the topics you are going to provide in the online classes and update it as soon as the demand is given by the students.

At this stage, you must clarify what you should include in your classes and whatnot. This is the part of the market research phase as discussed in step no. 2, the students should get what they are really after.

Overall you must make sure that your students will be satisfied after viewing your classes.

  • Structure your Classes:

This is the phase where you must look at all your content (all the chosen engineering topics) and start grouping them together into chapters and if you are following any book then this won’t be a problem you can follow the book index and provide classes accordingly.

For example, if you want your students to learn HTML, then you must provide a structured introduction of all the HTML lessons that you will be putting.

  • AS it will help the students to keep a record on how far they have to go to learn it completely.
  • We have come halfway on how to provide online classes for Engineering Students.
  • Until this point, we have discussed how to collect, organize and structure all the contents for your classes.
  • Further in this article, we will discuss how you should deliver it and how it makes a great impact on your students. So read this article till the end.

An effective way of Delivering every lesson:

You must have a unique way of delivering your content, understanding the different ways of presenting lessons can really help you gain an engaging audience of students.

This could be providing your videos with clean reading content, activities, pictures, whiteboard lessons etc.

Make sure everything is balanced, students must have a proper visual experience, audios and practical methodologies so every student gets an optimum learning experience.

This way students who are taking Online Classes For Engineering related topics will get more engaged. 

  • Recording and Video Editing:

This is the production phase which decides how you are going to deliver all your content online.

Getting on the camera is really a fun part and for online teaching, this is the most effective way of delivering classes.

Getting a green screen behind your back can help you play animations, PowerPoint slides will provide your students with an immersive experience.

This will be the video editing phase.

You can also provide screencasting, it will project your computer screen and you can choose a short webcam on the side to let your students see you too while you will be demonstrating.

  • Setting up your Online classes:

This is the final phase where you will put up all your content and this is going to be the address for your classroom which the students will visit online.

This can work in two ways:

Youtube or Online classes marketplace:

You can put all your lessons on youtube and this is the best way to deliver your classes cause youtube already has a large viewer base and it will be easy for your students to find you.

Further, you can give them a brief intro and redirect them to your classes marketplace for full classes or you can just carry on with the youtube.

  • Setting up your own website:

You can easily set up your own self-hosted website on WordPress and present your classes there. 

One advantage of presenting your classes on your own website is that if classes are paid then only you will be the one who is getting profit as the other marketplace charges a commission for presenting your stuff on their website.

In this way, you are building your own brand and face value.

  • Communicate Regularly:

This is the most important aspect of providing online classes for Engineering Students, communication is the essence of the online classroom. At first, an instructor must introduce himself and give students a chance to introduce themselves too.

Especially for engineers, they have to communicate on a daily basis with each other. Their work is complex and technical but not everyone they work with has the same technical expertise, which makes it even more important for them to have good communication skills.

Effective communication in engineering is critical to ensure that all the project participants are on the same page.

So an instructor must teach them the importance of communication and by displaying a great communication skill is what it needs and the students will automatically follow it.

skill is the most important part of our professional life.

Communicating regularly also helps the students to put up their doubts as not having a professor in front of them also makes it easier for a student to put up his or her doubt.

Providing an interface for a question and answer session or question and answer session videos will also help you engage with your students easily and more effectively.

One more advantage of proper communication is you can motivate your students regularly and while learning something new a little dose of motivation will play an essential role in the education process.

Think of the ways you can motivate all the students to get the most out of them.

Benefits of Providing Online Classes For Engineering Students

  • Flexibility: A teacher can choose any specific time that suits him or her. Especially if you are working professional you can take classes online in the evening or on weekends. In this way, there is no time wastage, unlike traditional learning you don’t have to go to the coaching centre or institutes. Also, the instructor can teach from anywhere, irrespective of the location of the students. This means that teachers and students from a diverse location can connect together easily. Both teacher and student can do their task from home. It can be perceived as work from home.
  • More opportunities: As the mode of education is online it provides more opportunity for the instructor to reach a large number of students. The more the student will be the more the traffic will be this will result in higher pay and this is not possible with the traditional way of teaching.
  • Better learning: Recent surveys show that the students who have studied online have a better understanding of what they learn and it helps both instructor and students to stay more connected. This results in students performing better and shows more participation in discussion during online classes.
  • Easier access and sharing of knowledge: It is obvious that accessing things online is very easy and more reliable while learning online one can easily get on the particular topic that they want to learn. Digital libraries, search engines and social media platforms have made it easy for accessing and sharing resources and information. 
  • Engagements: Online instructors have reported that teaching online has incorporated more engagements between the student and the teacher. Unlike traditional teaching, it provides them with a more close one-on-one session.

On the above article, we have provided tips on how to teach online for engineering students and how to organize content and how to deliver it and didn’t miss any point but that won’t make your work done cause as an online instructor you must learn some technology as we discussed earlier and must know about some tools and how to use them.

Tools and some other tips on How To Provide Online Classes For Engineering Students
  • When starting your first online classes the very first milestone will be reaching more people and you might even wonder how to make your content go online.
  • There are many different ways to teach classes. It could be a pre-recorded audio or video or live sessions. Live sessions could be the best way of teaching online as it is a real-time and most interactive form of education.
  • For providing online classes the method and tools that you choose depends on the context.

Below mentioned is the list of few important tools that you’ll need to provide online classes for engineering students.’

Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple’s Keynote: These are the best tools for creating powerful PowerPoint slides.

Video recording platform: You can use any video software to produce your pre-recorded video and there are some online platforms like youtube which will help you host live videos or recorded format that is available on-watch-on demand.

There are many video hosting platforms and you can integrate them into your self-hosted learning website or membership website to provide online classes for Engineering Students. These are all live video options:

  • CrowdCast: CrowdCast is good for those who want the chat environment, but you also want to bring other presenters on life via video feeds. It’s a very well thought out platform.
  • Adobe Connect: Adobe Connect is great video software that also lets you merge videos with slides
  • Webinar: Webinar can help you create events online on the internet which is attended exclusively by an online audience. 

Webinar helps you create a web event online, online seminars and lectures without needing your physical presence.

  • Udemy: Udemy is an online learning platform for professionals, adults and students. It was developed in May 2010. Udemy has more than 50 million students and 57,000 instructors teaching courses in over 65 different languages. This platform provides a great way to provide all your content organized in as a package when someone enrol udemy just takes a cut out of it as commission, you can even place an ad on their environment to present your course at the main page.
  • YouTube: Nowadays everyone is familiar with this platform and for a starter, this is going to be the best platform for presenting your teaching as it has a large audience base and it can be a great place to upload teaching material. Already many teachers are providing online classes for Engineering Students and you can easily outcast them by following our tips and tools you can choose to upload your content (classes and lessons) on youtube and monetize it to earn money too. Youtube is a great way of driving traffic to your other websites too.
  • Wordpress LMS plugin: This is the most important tool that you can use on your self hosted WordPress website which will help you offer your training and classes to corporations, or sell your course directly to the customers/students.

As you understand the basics of teaching online, it’s not that hard when you start you will get used to the tools and come across the techniques that will help you make your online classes more effective. On your way to providing Online Classes For Engineering Students, you will learn a lot of things just like a student.

Having a learning mindset is the kind of attitude you will need and you need to forget that you are a teacher as in case of online teaching the instructor needs to become a friend of a student, this way the students are going to enjoy your classes.

Giving classes online is not an easy task and not even though it takes consistency to build an audience online and once you have that audience it will become a part of your life. So the biggest question arrives here is what content will you put up for your students?


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