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How to Prepare for Class 12th UP Board Exam?

Update on 2024-04-15

How to Prepare for Class 12th UP Board Exam?

Ques: How to Prepare for the Class 12th UP Board Exam?

Ans: One of the most important things is that you are going to write the class 12th UP board exam in the month of March, so you have enough time to prepare yourself according to the board exam to get 90+ marks on the board exam.

There are following strategies should adapt to prepare for the class 12th UP board exam which is given below:

  • You have to study regularly and religiously
  • Read any topic multiple times if you are not able to understand any particular topics. Try to understand the topic with the real-time example which helps you to memorize any particular topic
  • Do not panic during the preparation for the class 12th UP board exam. You might feel many times that you are lagging behind with your friends whenever you discuss things with your friends, do not need to worry about it. It happens so many times, that you should not think about it. Only think about the preparation.
  • You have to make your study plan on a daily basis or weekly basis. Set the target to complete the assignment within the target. Do not take overburden on your mind. Complete all the topics sequence wise and you will see finally that you have covered all the topics. Do study on a planned basis.
  • Enjoy this process otherwise, you will be dug into depression and lose your motivation.
  • Always try to communicate with seniors and teachers regarding the subject problems.
  • You can also take the help of the internet on any particular topic if you are not able to understand any topic. You can watch the recorded video on any particular topic which will help you to understand the topic in an easy way. Sometimes text content is not useful to understand any topic which we can learn from the video format.
  • Do not take many references from so many books. Stick with one or two books which are sufficient to get good marks in the subjects. So many book references might confuse you and it will take extra time to resolve your issue.
  • Try to make notes in your own handwritten language in very simple language that you can understand later during exam time. These kinds of notes are beneficial for revision purposes.
  • You need to use the highlighter to highlight important points in the book which is one of the best techniques to revise your course content.
  • Participating in the mock test is beneficial to get the exam environment and it also helps in removing the exam phobia from the students.
  • Always follow last year's question paper which is really good to get to know the question is being asked from which particular topics, you can focus on that particular topics to clear the concept and get good marks in the 12th  UP board exam.

Ques: How to start my preparation for the 12th UP Board Exam?

Ans: In this section, we are going to explain some quick strategy which is quite beneficial when you start preparing for the 12th board exam.

Time Management:

This is the first thing, which is known as time management. Time management refers to you having to set the time for each subject and you have to achieve the target as per you set the target for every subject.

Suppose you are good in mathematics and weak in physics and chemistry. So try to give some extra time to physics and chemistry to understand the concept.

Finish the course target in the specified time. If you do not do so, then before the exam, you would not able to decide which should be learned and which topics should be revised.

So time management plays a vital role in the preparation for the 12th UP board exam.

Convert your weak points into strong points:

You know very well which subjects are your strengths and which are weak. A strong subject you can keep aside for a particular time and give more time and attention to the weak subjects to make balance in all the subjects.

You can take help from teachers, seniors, and the internet to convert your weak point into strong points. When you are preparing for the class 12th UP board exam, a questions list should be written on the paper as well as in your mind which you want to resolve it.

Make your own handwritten notes:

Always try to make your own hand-written notes which are beneficial during the revision time. So whenever you read any particular topic, try to write a summary of important points in your notebook in your own simple language.

You have to use a highlighter when you are reading any book, always mark or highlight important points which are more important for your board exam.

Rigid with your syllabus:

Do not try to read unnecessary things which do not have any sense as per your board exam. There is a lot of information available related to any particular topics, so as per your syllabus, you should read as per the course limit. Do not go beyond the limit.

The syllabus should be in your mind, so prepare yourself as per your syllabus. Do not take too many reference books for your exam. Rigid with one or two reference book which is best in the market.

Ques: How should I study for the Class 12 UP Board Exam?

Ans: More hours like 12 to 14 hours of study is irreverent while studying for 6-7 hours is enough to get good scores in the class 12th UP board exam.

Develop your own trick to shorten the study time and make it useful to get good marks in the 12th UP board exam.

There are the following tricks that are useful to study for the class 12th UP board exam.

Hand-written notes:

During the topics, always makes notes in your handwriting, because your own handwriting notes are easy to remember as compared to others. Always try to draw diagrams of any topic which is easy to memorize for a longer period.

Use the highlighter during the study to make important lines highlighted in the notes which are quite efficient during revision time.

Know your Syllabus completely:

You should know your syllabus completely in advance. If you know your syllabus already, which is efficient to link up all the topics with each other and it will work as boost up factors in your study

Study material:

Always use certified study material because if you use any ordinary study material then there might be a chance of getting lots of mistakes in the book. So to avoid this kind of material and always follow certified materials for the UP board exam preparation.

Another important thing, do not to follow too many books for the single subject preparation which might be a confusing factor for you. Stick with your syllabus and focus on completing your syllabus.

Mock test:

You can purchase last year's unsolved question papers and try to solve those question papers within a time frame. Every mock test paper should be covered within the time frame because ultimately you have to cover your question paper in the examination hall within the given time frame.

So lookout the model paper deeply and make a mark on the topics on which most of the question has been asked in the examination.

Discussion with teacher and seniors:

If you are facing any kind of issue with any of the topics, you can consult with your teachers and seniors. Do not be hesitated to ask your doubts seniors.

You should not leave any kind of corner which might be the reason for not getting good scores in the UP board class 12th examination.

Help from the internet:

If you are finding any issue and you are not finding solutions from the textbooks and from the teachers, you can go online and watch the recorded video on that particular topic to clarify those issues in a very easy manner.

Sometimes text document is not able to resolve the issue, video files play a pivot role to explain a particular concept in a very easy way. So try to spend some time on youtube to resolve your issue.

One of the important things you have to remember, do not to spend too much time on the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc. these sites are for entertainment purposes and are time-consuming. Stay away from this kind of app during exam time.

Ques: How to get good marks in the 12th UP board exam?

Ans: There are some following advice and tips which are important parameters to get good marks in the class 12th UP board exam

  • Take plenty of sleep, and do not take overburden on your mind. Study very calmly and focus on your study
  • Your diet should be light which is required to make concentration on your study
  • Solve the previous year's question paper within the given time frame
  • Always try to be part of the seminars and pre-board exam which is essential for appearing in the main board exam. This pre-board exam will remove your exam phobia and you will be familiar with the board exam
  • You need to identify your strength and weakness in the earlier model. So start working on your weakness part. As soon as you remove your weakness, you will be able to make a good score in the class 12th UP board exam.

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