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how to become a blockchain developer

Update on 2024-04-15

How To Become A Blockchain Developer?: A Step-by-Step Guide

Blockchain Developer Roadmap 2024

Blockchain is one of the top developing technology domains in the current situation of the IT world. Statistically, the worldwide market for blockchain technology is all set to grow by around $22 billion by the year 2025.

Meanwhile, Blockchain is not about Bitcoin it is something much more massive than that and the technology is transforming the functioning of the digital world more securely and proficiently.

There are various IT companies like Samsung, IBM, Capgemini, etc. that offer eye-catching career opportunities for Blockchain Professionals and we can consider becoming a Blockchain Developer to build a valuable and successful career.

Before moving additional, let’s take a look at the question like Who is a Blockchain Developer? So, the Blockchain Developers are those tech experts who work on Blockchain technology and are responsible for particular tasks such as designing the Blockchain protocols, constructing smart contracts, etc.

Meanwhile, Blockchain technology is concerned with a distributed database that upholds the records of every operation that has been performed across the network of computer systems around the world.

Besides, Blockchain Developers can be majorly divided into two types Blockchain Software Developer and Core Blockchain Developer.

Let’s take a look at the roles and responsibilities of both the profiles:

Core Blockchain Developer:

• Designs the Blockchain protocols and compromise protocols.
• Design and monitor the network style
• Implement various blockchain features and functionals, etc.

Blockchain Software Developer:

• Develop the APIs for blockchain integration
• Develop the front and backend of Reorganized Applications

Develop and Implement Smart Contracts, etc.

As of now, we must have known about the Blockchain Developer job profile. Now the question rises – How to make a successful and valuable career as a Blockchain Developer? And with the same anxiety.

Let’s go through the whole roadmap that we are required to follow to become a Blockchain Developer:

1. Start with the Academics

First of all, we’re recommended to have an academic background in the Computer Science or  Information Technology field. We can choose to earn a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a particular stream.

Yet, it is not compulsory to have any definite academic background for becoming a Blockchain Developer but it will help us to understand the basics and will lay our foundation to learn Blockchain Technology efficiently. Apart from the degree plans, we can opt for several recommended training programs, etc.

To get more experience with the particular technology. Also, almost every IT giant demands educational qualifications as basics hence it’ll help us to get some beautiful career prospects as well.  

2. Get Proficient with required Tech Skills

Before getting into the Blockchain Development Field, we are required to become proficient with several required technical skills. Let’s have a look at these tech skills:

Programming Languages: We are required to learn the programming concepts like OOPs concepts to become Blockchain Developers. The knowledge of programming languages will help us to develop applications for blockchain and various other responsibilities conveniently. We can opt for programming languages like C++, Java, Python, etc.

Data Structures: With the programming languages, we are required to command the Data Structure concepts also. Data Structures are used by Blockchain Developers to develop absolute and efficient systems.

We are required to have a full understanding of various data structures such as linked lists, binary trees, heap, hashing, graphs, and many more.

Databases and Networking: Furthermore, we are also required to have some fundamental knowledge of Databases and Networking concepts to start our Blockchain Developer’s journey.

It will help us to understand the mechanism of dispersed systems and other vital concepts for Blockchain Development.

Cryptography: Cryptography is one of the technical skills to become a Blockchain Developer. We are required to learn about many Cryptographic ideas such as digital signatures, hash functions, RSA algorithm, and many more to lay our foundation for Blockchain Development.

Besides, apart from these tech skills, we are required to be aware of the web designing and development process as it is one of the essential aspects of Blockchain Development and will help us while developing Dapps, handling APIs, etc.

3. Understand the Basics of Blockchain

Once we will get done with the required tech skills, now we are required to understand the fundamentals of Blockchain Technology. we need to know about blockchain technology in detail such as its working, applications, etc.

We are required to have complete knowledge of Blockchain architecture and know the concepts like Consensus, Hash functions, Distributed ledger technology, etc. Also, we need to learn about Bitcoin and other vital concepts such as public and private approaches, Decentralization, and many added.

We can opt for different online and offline resources like tutorials, journals, training, sessions, etc. to get a strong thoughtful of Blockchain technology.

4. Learn about Cryptonomicon

Now let’s move to one more crucial aspect of getting into Blockchain Development which is  Crytponomics!! The word ‘Cryptonomics’ is created by combining the two terms – Cryptography and Economics.

It is concerned with the process of understanding the economical concepts and procedures behind cryptocurrencies. We are required to learn about many crucial concepts such as transaction fees, mining, operation lifecycle using Bitcoin, and many more to cover the Cryptonomics prospectus.

Though Cryptocurrency is just a slight part of the entire blockchain technology we need to understand its mechanism in point to understand the basics of blockchain.

5. Get Knowledge of Ethereum and DApps

Here comes one of the most projecting parts of Blockchain Development – Ethereum. Ethereum is an open-source devolved Blockchain network that is used for running smart procedures and allows the development of Smart Contracts and Distributed Applications (DApps) without the normal issues like downtime, fraud, third-party interference, and numerous others.

Meanwhile, Decentralized Applications are the software systems that are advanced on blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, etc.

Besides, there are some other famous platforms as well like EOS, Hyperledger, etc. that can be measured for Blockchain but we are recommended to start our journey with Ethereum due to its multipurpose functionalities.

6. Learn about Smart Contracts and Solidity

Let’s get deeper into the domain of Blockchain and study other required concepts such as Smart Contracts, Solidity, etc. When it comes to Smart Contracts, it is concerned with the protocols or commands that are used for automation determinations and there is not any third-party interfering in this transaction event.

Smart Contracts work on three major components like Deterministic, Terminable, and Isolation. Furthermore, Solidness is a statically typed, high-level language is used to write smart bonds and is majorly inclined by JavaScript.

There are some other specific languages as well for writing smart agreements such as Vyper, Simplicity, and many others.

7. Get Some Hands-On Experience

Now what we need to do is gain some practical experience in the Blockchain Development domain. It will help us to implement all our theoretical learning into the practical world to gain more experience and become more capable with the particular technology and respective tools and platforms.

We can prefer to write smart contracts, develop our Dapps, etc. Also, we can apply for various internship or training programs as there we will get all the required resources and the environment.

Moreover, we can join several recommended conversation groups such as Reddit Forums, Stack Exchange, etc. to join with the Blockchain professionals and get some useful insights and information.

Also, after going through the said skills and approaches, we can opt for several relevant certifications such as IBM Blockchain Certification, Certified Blockchain Solution Architect (CBSA), etc.

These certifications will not only help us to examine and validate our learnings and skills but can also land us numerous ravishing career chances in the particular domain. Likewise, there are several most suggested books mentioned below that we can consider for making our journey of becoming a Blockchain Developer more worthwhile and suitable.

So, this is a whole roadmap that we must need to follow to become successful Blockchain Developer. However, the career path of becoming a Blockchain Professional is not that easy and needs a lot of dedication, hard work, and consistency from our side


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