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Kickstart Your Writing Career After Masters

Update on 2024-04-15

How to Kickstart Your Writing Career After Masters?

Writing is not a strange profession anymore. Many people adopt it as a side hustle, while others make it a full-time job. Nevertheless, it can be a promising career for people who are just done with their Master's and are still unable to find a promising job for themselves.

Content or creative writing can help you earn several thousand dollars per month. This much income can help you support your basic lifestyle needs and lead a luxurious life. However, many people still hesitate to adopt it as a profession.

The main reason behind this phenomenon is unawareness regarding tips that can help them jumpstart their writing career. If you are confident and creative enough to write engaging content, you must try it after your Master's. All you need to do to give your writing career a jumpstart is follow a few effective tips, and you will end up with fruitful results and a lucrative income.

This article discusses these effective tips in detail to help you in this regard. It will act as a guide for you to help you boost your writing career. Further details are given below:

Showcase Your Portfolio

When it is about doing a job, you have to showcase your ability to do the task perfectly. It is only possible when you have something to present as your previous work in front of employers. The same is the case with writing. If you want to grab the attention of employers, you must have a perfect portfolio at your disposal that can help you reflect your ability to write quality content. 

Having a portfolio to showcase is not a challenging task, as some people think. There are multiple ways to do it.

You can showcase your ability to write quality content on LinkedIn, which professionals from various professions use. Many people access it to find talented writers, and having a portfolio on this platform can help you grab employers' attention.

Additionally, Medium is a perfect platform that allows people to publish their content online. This platform will help you grab prospects' attention and earn substantial income if your work gets significant views.

Note: You can also develop your blog using a CMS to showcase your portfolio.

Take on as Many Tasks as Possible

It is observed that many people who want to adopt writing as a career fail to get fruitful results from it because they hesitate to take on various tasks. As a content writer, you must be able to take on various tasks. Learn to take on different tasks as a challenge and create quality content every single time. Doing so will help you earn more money and reflect yourself as a versatile writer capable of accomplishing various writing tasks without compromising quality.

The tasks you can take on as a versatile writer include writing blog posts on behalf of others, articulating resumes and cover letters, and formulating web page content.

Additionally, you can write email copies, newsletters, eBooks, sales copies, magazine articles, and transcripts for podcasts and reviews. You can also take on editing tasks to add a significant amount of money to your income. These editing tasks include editing eBooks and blog posts.

Dealing with Objections is the Key

Another important skill you need to learn while looking to jumpstart your writing career is dealing with and overcoming rejections. Your clients who expect impeccable content from you may raise objections to the delivered content for various reasons.

These rejections and objections may occur due to incorrect tone, excess passive voice, duplications, grammar issues, and vague sentences. As a pro writer, you must deal with these objections and rectify these issues. Proofreading content can be a perfect approach to determining various problems in a write-up.

However, when you are working on various projects, giving additional time to a single task may lead to productivity issues. Hence, you need to take the help of technology to rectify issues with the content and deal with rejections or objections. Using a highly efficient article rewriter is the best way to do it. An AI-based sentence rewriter can help you overcome various issues in the content, such as vague sentences, grammar mistakes, excess passive voice, and plagiarism, to help you deliver quality content.

An efficient rewrite tool will help you save plenty of time and effort, ultimately ensuring greater productivity.

Learn to Outsource

While you may feel confident to take on various tasks simultaneously, working on them synchronously may lead to various difficulties. You may end up compromising the quality of one or more tasks and ruining your reputation as a writer. Hence, it is necessary to learn the skill of outsourcing tasks. When you are loaded with various tasks and feel like handling all of them is impossible for you, outsourcing could be the right solution. It allows you to keep a fraction of the charges without much effort and time. 

Find people willing to work on a particular and give their 100% to ensure quality. After finding such people, you just have to pass on the details to them regarding requirements. 

Ensure that you keep a deadline margin of up to 1 or 2 days. This practice will help you deliver the task even if the person who takes the task from you fails to deliver it. Moreover, this margin will help you proofread work and rectify issues with content (if any). 

Putting it Together

Writing content can be a promising career these days. However, many people who are just done with their Master's hesitate to step into it. The reason is their need to be made aware of effective tips that can help them jumpstart their writing career. 

However, there is no need to worry as we have discussed a few effective ones here to help beginners earn substantial income from their writing career, whether they choose it as a side hustle or take it on as a full-time job.  Following these tips will help you earn worthwhile income as a content writer. We wish you luck with your writing career!

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