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CUET 2024 Examination: An Overview

The CUET Examination is a newly launched education policy by the Ministry of Education, under the National Education Policy 2020. This is a centralised entrance examination for getting admission in various University level degrees like Graduation, Postgraduate and PhD. This all India entrance examination for several central universities and colleges is conducted by an autonomous body known as the NTA, which is the National Testing Agency.

This policy started with the aim of providing a “valid, reliable, efficient, transparent, fair and international level assessments”. So, that the most deserving candidate is given an equal chance to enrol in the best desired University. 

This centralised examination is a modified version of CUCET, that is Central Universities Common Entrance Test under which 42 Central Universities conducted the entrance examination, for their admission. 

This examination was implemented with the aim of bringing transparency and effectiveness in the education policies and providing equal opportunities to all the enthusiasts. 

About CUET Coaching in Ghaziabad 

Ghaziabad is an emerging hub of many education institutions. This city has become an important centre for various coaching institutions for entrance and competitive examinations. Many well established and well functioning institutions have started providing coaching for CUET examinations. Moreover there are many other institutions which came into being with the sole aim of guiding students for the CUET examination. 

Collegedisha is one such institution which has evidently worked in providing its students with the best resources and guidance. 

CollegeDisha not just provides counselling for the bright future of the students but also provides the best required guidance. CollegeDisha has also started providing its services for the CUET examination. 

Candidates who want to apply for any central University now must appear for the CUET examination for their Bachelors or Masters degree.

With the best coaching in Ghaziabad, that is “CollegeDisha” one gets the best preparation and guidance for the CUET Examination.

Why choose CollegeDisha for CUET Coaching in Ghaziabad 

The Best CUET Coaching Institute in Ghaziabad is “CollegeDisha”. We at our institute provide the best required consultation. We are a team of efficient educators and instructors, who believe in enlightening the students so that they can understand their potential and calibre. We at our institution believe in an all inclusive development of the student by providing them with the best solution to their problem. 

We provide our students with the best infrastructure and resources. We at Colegedisha use various creative and innovative means to guide the students. Moreover our courses are structured in such a manner that they are easily comprehensible to the students. By using student friendly and efficient means we impart the best knowledge required to crack the CUET examination and get the leading percentile. By using new and innovative technology we believe in providing a comprehensive and compact course which is uniquely designed for different programs. 

Our learning process is not only extensive but we at CollegeDisha’s provide programs which are specially tailored according to the need of the enthusiasts. 

Advantages for the CUET Exam 

CUET has become an important step in the whole process of getting admitted in any renowned Central, State, Deemed to be or even Private Universities for Graduation, Post Graduate and PhD. It has become a metaphor of transparency and efficiency in the whole education system. 

Here we have listed some advantages of taking the CUET exam:

  • It is a platform which maintains an equilibrium and provides equal assessment opportunities for students so that the best deserving student gets the foremost opportunity.  

  • It maintains transparency and efficiency so that no one is prevented from equal opportunity. 

  • This centralised examination has brought an effective shift from the traditional merit based admission process to a more pragmatic entrance procedure. 

Advantages of preparing for the CUET Exam in Ghaziabad with College Disha

Collegedisha is well known for its effective and efficient services and over the years has guided many students to the doors of success. At Collegedisha we not only provide the best resources and that too at an effective cost but here we believe in enlightening the students. CollegeDisha also employs a number of consistent teaching methods to polish the students' excellence. There are several perks of choosing CollegeDisha as the guiding platform for CUET, such as: 

  1.  We at Collegedisha use various Contemporary Technology, which provides an effective learning environment. 

  2. Our sessions are not only interactive but our lectures are multi faceted and comprehended in accordance with the understanding level of the student. 

  3. We regularly modify our curriculum and keep it updated with the recent exam trends and patterns.

  4. We have many programs which are specially designed for a variety of courses. And are both compact and comprehensible. 

  5. Moreover we also work in providing each student with the required personal attention and one-on-one guidance. 

Eligibility Criteria of CUET

Different Universities have different eligibility criteria. CUET being a sole representative and exclusive platform for a variety of Universities and Colleges also has a lot of diversity in terms of its eligibility. 

A candidate must be very thorough with the eligibility criteria of Universities, so that they can enjoy a tension free candidature. 

Moreover, before filling the Application form for the CUET examination, a candidate must check the eligibility criteria and the standards set forth by CUET-NTA. As one may not be allowed to take the exam if they do not meet the requirements. Here we have listed some of the necessary eligibility criteria set forth by CUET-NTA:

1. Age Limit -

As specified by the CUET-NTA regulation, there is no age limit for applying for this entrance examination. But a candidate must check in the brochure of the particular desired University and must meet the age requirements if set forth.

2. Subject Selection - 

  • For UG- A minimum of three courses and a maximum of ten courses can be selected. But confirmation of the subject specifications must be checked in by the candidate.

  • For PG- A minimum of three courses and by paying some additional charges a candidate can add on the courses option. But confirmation of the subject specifications must be checked in by the candidate.

  • For PhD- A specific paper or course can be opted by the candidate and by paying some additional charges a candidate can add on the courses option. But confirmation of the subject specifications must be checked in by the candidate.

3. Subject Eligibility-

Different Universities have different subject preferences for the admission procedures. Therefore, a candidate is advised to check the subject requirements for a specific University. 

4. Marks Obtained - 

  • For UG - 50% (unreserved)  marks in their 10+2. 

  • For PG - 50% (unreserved)  marks in their graduation. 

  • For PhD - 50% (unreserved)  marks in their post graduation. 

5. Educational Qualification - 

  • For UG - 10+2 / equivalent from a recognised school/board. Or must be appearing for the examination. 

  • For PG - Graduation from a recognised University/College. Or must be appearing for the examination.

  • For PhD - Post Graduation from a recognised University/College. Or must be appearing for the examination. 

Syllabus for CUET

The syllabus varies substantially from each other but usually the exam pattern for CUET deals with mainly three domains, which are as follows:

  • Language -  Like comprehension, literary skills, vocabulary, and other related topics. 

  • General Test - Like arithmetic, reasoning, current affairs, and general knowledge. 

  • Domain Subject - This section usually consists of the opted subject and is domain specific. 

Exam Pattern of CUET

Subject Question Pattern
For UG
Section 1A - Languages 40 questions to be attempted out of 50 in Section 1B - each language
Section 1B - Languages
Section 2 - Domain Specific 35/40 Questions to be attempted out of 45/50
Section 3 - General Test 50 Questions to be attempted out of 60
For PG
Section 1 - Languages & General Aptitude 25 Questions on language, comprehension, literary aptitudes
Section 2 - Domain Specific 75 Questions on the opted subject.
For PhD
Section 1- Research Methodology 50 question related to the research methodology
Section 2- Subject Specific 50 questions on the opted subject.

Points to notes :

  1.  It is a Computer Based Test and is objective in nature. 

  2. For the CUET UG examination every right response carries five marks, while there is a deduction of one mark for incorrect answers. 

  3. For the CUET PG examination every right response carries four marks, while there is a deduction of one mark for incorrect answers. 

  4. For the CUET PhD examination every right response carries four marks, while there is a deduction of one mark for incorrect answers. 

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

CUET is conducted once every year. There is no limit for applying for the examination. A candidate can apply for CUET, if they meet the eligibility criteria.

With its best resources and facilities, CollegeDisha is the best online portal to study for the CUET.

CUET is a Computer Based Test (CBT), which is conducted online in various centres.

NTA stands for National Testing Agency, which is an autonomous body responsible for conducting various examinations including CUET.

1 marks is deducted for every incorrect answer while for CUET UG, 5 marks is awarded for correct answers and 4 marks for CUET PG and PhD.


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