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Career Options After 10th And 12th Class

Update on 2024-04-15

Career Options After 10th And 12th Class - College Disha

In India most, if the students are very much interested in knowing the details about high paying jobs. This is not about only India, those students of India who are very much interested in knowing details about the highest paying jobs. Students across the world are interested in such careers, which offers a high salary and  additional perks and they do have a good lifestyle, enjoyable, and do have empowered social status.

There most of the celebrated and well rewarding careers are also there to help the one who earns respect from cores of the and society. From this article get to know about the Career options that you can explore in details. Also, get to know about some of the highest paid jobs in India in government as well as in private sectors.

Professional courses have also been mentioned along with their respective careers, so some students have to be sure about details of the courses and how to pursue them.

Below is the List of Some Courses which Contains hot Salary Packages:
  1. Career in Medicals:

Students of Both regular and emergency medical services are always in high demand, driving in a huge amount of respectable money they want or they get. Doctors get high paid salary packages as per their talent basis and practice period they have done over the period of time. Those doctors who are having a private practice and are well recognised and renowned (surgeons, doctors etc.) Many are there who charge high commission fee and consultation fees.

And if we talk about the non-tangible asset in the terms of dignity and respect then I must say, doctor, is a type of profession which is liked by many. The other professional doctors are like: dentists, dietitians, along with good practical skills and those all are as well quite much in the race of career. Similarly, the medical service institutions like Apollo, Dr Lal Path Lab, etc. drive lots of money and job opportunities.

  1. Career in IT:

IT industry and their solutions are always high in demand all around the globe and it thus fetches excellent salaries to its employees. The industry though has been seen ups and downs over the past years, but the dependence of computers in this industry will be ever grown and never be easy to trash down by many out there. The salary package which an employee gets paid is far more than in other sectors and there are many jobs here are recession-proof.

  1. High Management Cadre:

Ultimate management with the decision making responsibilities commands high remunerations. Those who want to get an entry in level in corporate though demands lots of struggle and hard work for survival. But once you get the higher management level then your salary is up to the mark. If you hold a management degree from a renowned institute, even the sky is not your limit. At the present trend of hiring young CEOs and management on board, doors to endless and ample of opportunities are there for candidates.

  1. Chartered Accountants (CAs):

Update and maintain a book of accounts is a prerequisite for every company, for which a candidate is willing to pay what the professionals demand. Companies are dependent on CAs and CFAs for keeping their bookish, audit time records; and for annual financial planning too. Thus phenomenal job options are in the hands of a candidate or you can do private practice as well as demanding fees as per your expertise.

  1. Careers in Aviation:

The commercialised airline sector has witnessed very good growth and expansion in recent years. Many private companies are there who have collaborated with many aviation companies and they started a good sign of growth and expansion in recent years. There are many private companies who have started new services along with more flights as per many possibilities. The inevitability of the sector so has a constant demand for qualified pilots, ground staff, stewards, air hostesses, etc. Those who are interested in facing challenges they can establish Career options that you can explore in Details.

  1. A career in Software Programming:

These professionals on an account of the urgency and technically rich in their work are high in demand. They command a very high salary package and are willingly paid so. A software programmer gets up to 12 lakhs per annum. Those who are computer professionals can join a company or set up a coaching institute. On other hand I can say, all officials in software programming can collaborate and set up a small firm relevant solutions like SAP/ERP, etc. by charging good fees.

  1. Building up a Career as a Sportsperson:

Field of sports is another sector that offers lots of money and showers along with the flavour of glamour. There is a wide scope in this industry as it offers lots of opportunities to people to work in here. The major plus point here is that there is high demand in outweighing the supply. Moreover, once you get the spotlight with good performance, the endorsements and recognition get you boons in life. Apart from these events like IPL has opened up many doors here like sports jockey, Sports/team management, etc.

  1. A career in Entertainment Industry:

To generate revenue an entertainment industry is a vast platform to earn lots of money. As we all know Media, events and entertainment are big players of investment and revenue generation, offering glamour is monetary chunks to employees in these industries this is from one of the career options that you can explore in details. Professionals like actors & models, apart from their regular roles are fixed with charges and get an additional high endorsement worth. While event/portfolio managers, news readers, producers and such various profiles once they have set themselves in the industry, people run after them with all the offers that they would desire.

  1. Building up a Career in Robotics and Engineering:

Robotics is a field of engineering which deals with the design, application of robots and the use of computers for their manipulation and execution with all perfection. Robots are used in industry for speeding up the manufacturing processes. People also used in the field of nuclear science, expansion of sea, servicing of transmission electric signals, designing of equipment which is bio-medical etc. There is a requirement of applications of computer integrated manufacturing, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, biological mechanics and software engineering. This site of engineering is used by an engineer to control systems and information technologies to reduce the needs for human work in the production of goods and services.

  1. Career in Cyber Security and Cyber Law:

Epic as a career option that you can explore in Details is an internet law this field also deals with cybercrime on daily basis as per the registration of complaints. This branch deals with legal issues of technology use. The scope of cyber law is on high nowadays. As there is a large scale use of internet technology the cyberspace has also become a place to conduct malicious activities, so in the case to deal with crimes related with the cyber world, the lawyers must possess the knowledge regarding the cyber world and this leads to a new law which is Cyber Law. This law deals with the issues related to the internet, communication technology, technological and elements of the electronic field which includes: hardware, software, computer and information systems. This is also an important aspect of legal training and corporate management.


Nowadays, it is very challenging for those who want to make their career in this era or in this 21st century. Those who are willing to make an appropriate career in many fields those are trending in this world they can have a sight on this article to know well regarding career option that you can explore in Details. For further information visit our official website of “College Disha”.

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