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How to Make a Career in Hospital Management in India?

Update on 19 Dec, 22

How to Make a Career in Hospital Management in India?

Details of Hospital Management

Hospital management is also referred to as hospital administration or management. Healthcare services are directly connected by hospital management. Ensuring efficient use of the hospital's material and financial resources is a key component of the hospital management career.

Additionally, it aids in fostering an environment at work that fosters individual growth and development. The management of hospitals and medical facilities presently requires the expertise of hospital managers and administrators.

They are responsible for the organization's educational activities, regular patient care, research, and community health care. Students with medical or non-medical backgrounds are able to apply for careers in hospital management.

Job Roles Available in Hospital Management in India

Job Role Job Description Annual Salary
Hospital Administrator A hospital administrator is a professional who oversees the daily operations of a hospital by planning, directing, and coordinating health services. ₹4,77,888
Hospital Financial Manager Financial managers ensure healthcare organizations' financial well-being. ₹3,48,456
Medical Director They ensure the recruiting and managing of Doctors, Nurses, and other medical staff, and they oversee all training done in their facility. ₹11,01,932
Medical College Dean They are responsible for administrative leadership in the respective medical colleges. ₹9,45,767
Clinical Manager Clinic Managers are responsible for overseeing the daily operations of outpatient or medical facilities. ₹3,08,808
Health Information Manager They ensure the taking care of health care data, such as patient records, to maintain privacy, security, and integrity. ₹3,55,056
Medical Coding Specialist Medical coders to code health information details for billing which involves logging details like diagnoses, procedures, conditions, and prescribed treatments. ₹3,23,124
Research Manager Research managers lead teams of research associates. ₹5,14,884
Public Health Program Manager Government bodies conducting research programs on public health appoint managers to make sure they achieve the project's goal. ₹4,48,140
Health Care HR Manager They take care of hiring employees, training them, and evaluating their performance. ₹3,11,388
Hospital CEO The hospital CEO is responsible for the smooth operation of a healthcare facility. ₹5,53,896

Healthcare Management Overview

Candidates from any background, including non-medical or medical, are eligible to pursue a career in hospital administration or management. For making a career in hospital management, you can pursue a bachelor's, or master's degree in hospital management. Numerous institutions in India also provide correspondence, short-term, and diploma programs in hospital management.

The field of hospital management has many career options available to it. It is not because of the hospital industry's increasing importance, but also because of how different activity is done in hospitals.

The job opportunities in hospital management are fantastic for young graduates. They may begin their careers as consultants, managers, or assistant hospital administrators. They oversee hospitals, treatment centers, outpatient clinics, and drug and alcohol abuse treatment facilities.

Career in Hospital Management

They can advance to the chief executive officer position after accumulating expertise in this industry. Additionally, they can build their own hospital or nursing center. You can work as a teacher or lecturer in colleges if you are interested in a career in education.

The planning and coordination of the hospital's numerous departments is a task of hospital management. Depending on their area of expertise, a person may be involved in the hospital's employment, accounts, finances, maintenance, security, marketing, and communications.

Hospital managers need to be well-versed in finance, information systems, and data analysis. They are skilled communicators with patients and personnel from many departments. Hospital managers with expertise and skill are in reasonably high demand abroad.

They can work in nursing homes, clinics, public or private hospitals, health insurance companies, international and national healthcare organizations, medical institutions, public health departments, pharmaceutical, and hospital supply companies, etc. Those candidates have a diploma or degree in hospital management. Additionally, you can collaborate with nursing homes, NGOs, etc.

The organizations they work for will determine the Hospital Managers' salaries. The annual compensation of a Hospital Administrator range for a fresher hospital administrator is between Rs 3 Lacs and Rs 5 Lacs. They can earn upwards of Rs. 5 Lacs to Rs. 6 Lacs annually as they gain more experience.

Students who are willing to take a degree or prepare for the hospital management entrance exam need only basic preparation. In under a year, students are ready for the hospital management entrance exam. The course's fee range is on the medium end. Students will have to pay between three and four lakhs to pursue this course.

To begin a career in the field, students should study for a bachelor's degree in hospital management. This program duration is three years. A number of medical institutions in India offer a bachelor's degree in hospital management or administration.

After completing graduation students can go for the master's degree in Administration of hospitals. It is a program with a two-year duration. The following degrees are available in the Master's program of Hospital Administration, the MBA in Hospital Management/Administration, the PG Diploma in Hospital Management/Administration, the PG Diploma in Hospital and Health Management, and the M.Sc.

For a bachelor's degree in hospital management, a candidate must pass their intermediate with at least 50% marks in the board exams. For a master's degree in hospital management, they must have graduated from college in any field.

Depending on the institution and course, different requirements must be met in order to enroll in master's programs. Famous institutions like AIIMS, AFMC, etc. Only admit candidates to a PG course after they have earned their MBBS. A candidate must hold a Master of Hospital Administration (MHA) degree if they want to pursue a Ph.D. degree.

Here are some of the best colleges for hospital management courses in India in 2024. For a bachelor's degree in hospital management, the best ones are Career Point College, Geetanjali medical college, Dev Bhoomi Group of Institutions, and for a master's degree in Hospital management the best universities are AIIMS Delhi, Various Government Medical College, Manipal University and you can also prefer for Armed Forces Medical College.

Steps to begin a Career in Hospital Management

Here are the steps you can take to qualify for a role in hospital management:

Step 1: Complete your schooling.

Step 2: Earn an undergraduate degree

Step 3: Earn a postgraduate degree

  • MBA in hospital management
  • MBA in hospital administration
  • Master of Hospital Administration
  • M.Sc in hospital administration

Step 4: Earn a doctorate degree (Optional)

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