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Best Career in Business Studies

Update on 2024-04-15

Best Career in Business Studies | Types of Business Studies Degrees & Colleges

To study business it is very important to pursue a research work which is complete and fine. Those who want to study  business in proper way they have study very well about the marketing, money management, business and power of 5 M’s as well. To join B-school which have been always seen with high regards students have to study well. And those who are students of business schools they are expected to have a sort of sophistication within their personality.

The corporate world is full of everyday challenges without any transparency to build up a Career in Business Studies. Sky's the limit for them who are heading towards corporate world. People are there to transform themselves into a complete professional being. Those students who are in class 10th they have to study well about Business Studies on theory basis and practically also. This is because the real world is much different from that of theory.

To Know thoroughly about Business Studies:

When you soak yourself purley and completely along with academics, you are more into a theoretical view of your life and the whole world. But, schools of Business can not afford to have all the theory and no practicality. Students have to make their own decision and have to utilize their way and “bookish” knowledge in the situations of real life.

Hence, all you have to do is to find subjects of students to the numerous case studies in their curriculum. While you’re going through a lots of mishap going into your mind for determining a business management course, it's important than to make yourself sure about the institution from where you can obtain the qualifications of business studies, that should be a reputable one. It's also a major part to ensure yourself once regarding the qualifications, marks you have got. Insurance of your course is also a most important part upon which you will be reliable of its knowledge and a recognisable qualification.

In Accountants:

As an accountant all you have to do is to focus on holding an organisation’s financial records. Those who are accountants they also take responsibility for ensuring taxes get paid timely. Those who have private business on an position of contractors and consultants. U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics have projected the growth of job for accountants and auditors is reported at 10% between 2016 and 2026.

Commercial Loan Officers:

Officers of Commercial loan make recommendations about what businesses do and don’t qualify for any sort of loan. The amounts of Commercial loan may be higher than some of consumer loans, as they may be used to cover a  business operating costs or to finance any capital purchases or improvements. In many cases, multiple banks get involved because one bank

May not be able to carry the loan by itself. There is no need of just an expert financial skills, but human judgement and emotional IQ is also included along with the contribution level of 100%.

To be a Manager of Any City:

Working as a city manager gives you an ultimate power of seniority which you can enjoy along with knowledge of any subject and demographically you will become so appropriate which is very much needed to justify yourself as a manager of any city. You know as a manager, you serve as an executive for a municipality.

Those who are councils of city usually appoint managers to the job-clearly, there is a political component to this career. Being a city manager, you may handle a huge variety of tasks, including making budget recommendations, crafting city policies for both personnel services: public handling appointment, termination of staff.

Career in Business Studies,Working as a Sales Managers:

Those who works as a sales manager they oversee an organisation’s sales teams. You will set sales goals, analyze the data and develop training programs for the organisation’s sales representatives. As a sale manager you may also find yourself resolving complaints of customers, preparing budgets and approving expenditures, analyzing customer preferences and sales, projecting sales, determining the probability of products as well as services and overseeing staff training programs.

Managers as Human Resources:

Working as a human resource manager, you take care of an organisation’s administrative functions which means you oversee recruiting, interviewing as well as hirings. All you need is to consult with the executives on strategic planning and behave as a bridge between management and employees. Some other specific duties includes planning and coordinating an organisation’s workforce to best use of employees’ talents, advising managers an organisational policies, such as equal employment opportunity and regulations of sexual harassment, coordinating and supervising specialists and support staff, mediating disputes and directing disciplinary procedures.

Public Relations Specialist

By completing your career in business studies you decide to become a PR specialist, you will manage the public face of an organisation or an individual client. Formation of Career in Business Studies, involves producing press releases, organising public relations programs, and targeting audiences and determining the best way to reach the masses.

Duties may vary depending on the organisation you serve. Public Relation specialists typically respond to requests for information, help clients to communicate with the public,draft speeches and arrange interviews, evaluate advertising and promotion programs, sometimes manage efforts of fundraising. Many organisations increasingly emphasize community outreach and customer relations as a way to enhance reputation of the firm. The speed of an internet depends on content weightage.

Executive of Advertising:

You have to create programs to generate interest in a product or in any service. While duties vary form job to job, typically you will work with the art directors, sales agents and financial staff on contracts, as well as selection of products to be advertised and advertising media for promotions and marketing managers to grow 9% years to years.

Chief Executive Officer:

To be an executive officer in any city you have to hold a bachelor’s degree in business administration which provides a great first step. But getting to the top of the hierarchy in an organisation you may call for earning an MBA Degree. As CEO, you have to fit yourself into a big picture of strategies and policies that drive an organisations. You will set your own goals, ensure the organisation is on the right path to meet them, oversee budgets, appoint department heads and manage all of an organisation’s activities.

A Glimpse of Some Top Business Studies Colleges in India:

In the entire process of admission, choosing a perfect B-school that will help an aspirants in achieving the career path is one of the toughest decisions. To build up a Career in Business Studies among various business schools and universities in India which offers courses in Business Studies specialization. Below are the few best universities that you can target to pursue a bright career in this domain:

Sr. No.




University of Delhi



Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha, University



University of Mumbai



Symbiosis International University



NMIMS University



Bharti Vidyapeeth Deemed University



Christ University



VIT Business School

Tamil Nadu

How to Make your Career in Business Studies:

To choose a better career option for Business Studies graduates in the industry. Weather it is Banking, Financial sector, Marketing companies, stock exchanges, or BPOs, every industry have some or other vacant position for the business studies professionals.

Job Opportunities a Candidate gets for Business Studies:

A person’s qualification and level leads him/her to the heights and it perfectly depends on the experience of the industry, there are various job titles those were given to a business studies graduate. Few of them are as follows:

Job Profile after Graduation:
  • Business Analyst
  • Teacher & lecturer
  • Manager
  • Consultant
  • Analysing Business Analyst
  • Accountant
Job Profiles Available after Post-graduation:
  • Business Development Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Accounting Head
  • Management Consultant
Job Profiles Available after Ph.D. Degree:
  • CEO
  • Business Consultant
  • CFO

Those whose are looking to make their Career in Business Studies they should make themselves sure about the UPS and Downs which they have to face and how to troubleshoot those hurdles, if you want to know about “How you can make your career in Business Studies” for that you have to read this article. In case you want to grab further information then visit our official website of “College Disha”.

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