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Career in Image Consultants

Update on 2024-04-15

Career in Image Consultants

In today's fast-paced world, creating an excellent initial impression depends greatly on one's personal appearance. As a result, there is a huge increase in demand for image consultants, making this a pleasant and lucrative career choice.

A career as an image consultant can be ideal for you if you love fashion, enjoy dealing with people, and have a good sense of style. In this post, You will get a thorough explanation of the career, average salary expectations, required skills, and the path to success in the market.

What Does an Image Consultant Do?

Image consultants, often referred to as personal stylists or fashion advisors, are professionals who help individuals enhance their personal appearance and project a polished image. They work closely with clients to understand their goals, lifestyles, and preferences to develop a customized style that suits their unique personalities.

From wardrobe evaluation and personal shopping to grooming advice and body language coaching, image consultants offer comprehensive guidance to help individuals present their best selves confidently.

Getting Started as an Image Consultant

Image consultants are experts who assist people in improving their personal appearance and projecting a polished image. Consultants are also frequently referred to as personal stylists or fashion gurus. They work closely with clients to fully comprehend their objectives, way of life, and taste in order to create a style that is tailored to each individual's distinct personality.

Image consultants provide complete assistance to help people portray their best self confidently, from wardrobe analysis and customized shopping to grooming tips and body language coaching.:

1. Enroll in Image Consulting Courses

Consider enrolling in renowned image consulting programmes like the Certified Image Consultant Programme (CICP), Fashion Styling & Image Design (FSID), or the Certified Professional Image Consultant (CPIC) course. These courses provide complete training in all facets of image consulting.

Although formal certification isn't usually required for a position, it can increase your credibility as a consultant and expand your clientele. Estheticians and cosmetologists with licenses are frequently employed as image consultants, particularly those that concentrate on beauty-related services.

2. Attend Workshops and Seminars

Having a background in relevant subjects, such as beauty, fashion design or merchandising, behavioral economics, and connections are advantageous for image consultants. You can acquire a wide range of useful expertise and knowledge from these domains that are applicable to your profession as an image consultant.

Because it offers strong basic knowledge, this phase is particularly beneficial for people seeking certifications. Since many image consultants work for themselves, they can profit from pursuing business courses like entrepreneurship or business management.

3. Build a Professional Portfolio

It's essential to build a professional portfolio to demonstrate your knowledge and abilities to new clients. Here's how to create a strong portfolio to draw in clients.

  • Try on Friends and Family- To obtain real-world experience, offer your services to friends and family. To show how your styling changes affect your clients, take "before" and "after" pictures of them.

  • Volunteer at Fashion Events- Look for chances to help out at local events, photo shoots, or fashion shows as a stylist or backstage assistant. You can do this to expand your network of business contacts while developing your portfolio.

  • Create a Fashion Blog or Social Media Presence– Start a fashion blog or social media pages for fashion and styling advice. To draw in new clients, exhibit your styling abilities and regularly share your knowledge.

Career Opportunities for Image consultant in India

As an image consultant in India, there are several career options and avenues available to explore.

Some of the famous career options are:

  1. Personal Image Consultant

The primary career option for image consultants is this one. Working one-on-one with certain clients allows you to improve their sense of personal style, grooming, and overall look. This can include suggestions for clothing, color assessment, and help with hair and makeup. You can choose to focus on different things, such as working with celebrities, professionals, or those who want to change their style.

  1. Corporate Image Consultant

Image is important in the corporate world. You can offer your services to firms and organizations as a corporate image consultant. This may entail holding seminars and training sessions on corporate etiquette, professional grooming, and personal branding for staff members of all ranks. You can help people project a professional image by offering advice on clothing codes, executive presence, and overall image management.

  1. Retail Image Consultant

recruiting image consultants to give customers sound steer is common in retail establishments and the fashion industry. You can perform this job in a retail context, advising customers on their wardrobe decisions, putting together looks, and recommending accessories. This entails keeping up with the most recent fashion trends, comprehending the brand's style tenets, and providing customers with tailored styling advice.

  1. Media Image Consultant

For image experts, the media and entertainment sector offers opportunities. Working with actresses, models, and public figures will allow you to manage their image for photo shoots, red carpet occasions, and television appearances while also assisting them in developing their own unique style.

To help individuals appear attractive in front of the camera, media image consultants offer advice on clothing choices, makeup, grooming, and general presentation.

  1. Image Consultant Trainer/Educator

If you have gained significant experience and expertise as an image consultant, you can transition into the role of a trainer or educator. You can conduct image consulting courses, workshops, and certification programs to train aspiring image consultants. Sharing your knowledge, insights, and practical tips with others can be a fulfilling way to contribute to the industry and shape the next generation of image consultants.

  1. Online Image Consultant

With the rise of digital platforms, there is a growing demand for online image consultants. You can offer virtual consultations, conduct webinars, create online courses, or provide personalized image assessments through video conferencing or online platforms. This allows you to reach a wider audience and work with clients from different locations.

Average Salary and Career Growth

The prospect of income in the image consultancy industry is bright, but much will depend on criteria including experience, position and clientele. You might anticipate a starting salary of between Rupees 2.5 and 7 lakhs per year.

However, your earnings might significantly rise to Rs.10 lakhs or more annually as you get experience and have a large client base.

It's vital to remember that many image consultants also provide supplemental services like private shopping assistance, corporate training, and speaking engagements, all of which can lead to prospects for larger incomes. Additionally, increasing your internet visibility and your social media presence will help you draw in customers and increase your earning potential.

Career Advancement and Networking

A successful career as an image consultant needs persistent focus on networking and skill development. Attending image consulting workshops, conferences, and seminars is essential if you want to keep current on the newest fashion trends and business insights.

Networking opportunities can also be found by joining organizations for professionals like the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI).

While doing so, building a strong online presence through blogs, websites, and social media can help you demonstrate your knowledge and draw in potential clients. Working together with other fashion and beauty industry experts, including hairstylists and makeup artists, can increase recommendations and your clientele.


An fascinating and rewarding journey can be had while beginning a career as an image consultant. You can have a good influence on people's life by assisting them in developing their own sense of style and boosting their self-confidence.

The demand for image consultants is rising in India, which makes this career path an attractive one with lots of room for advancement. To thrive in this cutthroat industry, keep in mind that you must continually update your abilities, keep up with style trends, and have a strong professional network. So don't be afraid to look into an image consultancy job if you love fashion and have a keen sense of style.

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