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Blockchain Developer Salary in India

Update on 2024-04-15

Blockchain Developer Salary in India 2024 - Blockchain Jobs in India

Salary of Blockchain Developer

What do we know about blockchain technology? If we have ever heard anything about Bitcoin, we are probably aware of its existence. If we only have an ambiguous knowledge of blockchain, we’re going to learn a lot more.

If we have heard of blockchain, we should investigate why blockchain developer wages are booming.

The salary of blockchain engineers is determined by different criteria, including work location, firm, years of experience, and talents. Jobs in this arena are growing at a rate of 2000-6000 percent every year. In India, the pay for blockchain developers is 50-100 percent higher than for other developers.

The salary varies from Rs 5,00,000 to Rs 30,00,000 LPA on a broad scale, based on the many parameters listed above.

In India, the regular annual salary is Rs. 802,938. A blockchain developer with three years of experience may be supposed to earn around $45,000 per year. The salary for a blockchain developer in Europe is $74,300, whereas it is $137,000 in the United States.

The salaries of these developers are increasing, and there are numseveralons for this. Here is the collecting list of some of the most important variable quantities that will support planning for the future.


Experience is the most important aspect in determining a high developer income. As with different careers, the most important factor is experience.

Your chances of earning will be better if you have prior experience with this technology and have worked on a variety of projects.

Always keep in mind that the more experience we get, the more respectable positions we can apply for and the more money we can earn.

Beginner with experience of 0-1 year in both software development and blockchain:

Job Location for Blockchain Developers

Another element that fixes a developer’s salary in the Blockchain field is their years of experience. The more technologically innovative city is, the better the forecasts of earning more money.

If we are willing to relocate to a more advanced position, we have more chances to demonstrate our qualifications.

Like here are a few places and their salaries:

Job Location in India Salary Per Annum
Bangalore 629,000
Mumbai 727,000
Pune 893,000
Delhi 599,000
Hyderabad 600,000
Chennai 739,228

Job Role After Blockchain Course

Job roles are based on two factors. The years of experience of the candidate and the tech stack in which the candidate is relaxed. We have debated the salary based on experience.

The salary differs based on the different job roles like:

Job Role Base Salary Per Annum
Smart Contract Engineer $110K – $150K
Integrations Engineer $90 – $120K
Core Engineer $135K – $180K
Smart Contract Developer $70K – $120K
Solidity Smart Contract Engineer $90K – $130K

Skills for Blockchain Developer

Skillset is an important aspect in determining the salary of a blockchain developer. Having a strong understanding of networking and scattered systems is a great advantage.

The salary also differs depending on one’s knowledge of different decentralized applications like HyperLedger, Ethereum, NEO, and EOS.

Apart from all of the above issues, having a certification is another component that pays for high package earnings.

Such courses contribute to showing our genuine abilities, demonstrating our ability to position out from the crowd, and ensuing in industry recognition, improved career opportunities, and, of course, improved money.

Since instructor-led seminars transmit certifications and specialist courses, they deliver an in-depth grasp of the Blockchain space. With a Blockchain Developer certification, the salary can shoot up from 5 LPA to 30 LPA in India. There is a common guess that certifications are only for beginners. This is not the case. Even experienced professionals can obtain certification.

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