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India’s First Vedic Board: Baba Ramdev is Likely to Head, Willing to Fund 21 Crores

11 Jul, 2022

India’s First Vedic Board: Baba Ramdev is Likely to Head, Willing to Fund 21 Crores

Renowned Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev will lead India’s first government-recognized Vedic education board. A selection committee adjudged his Trust's bid for setting up the proposed Bharatiya Shiksha Board (BSB) as the best on Saturday. The Patanjali Yogpeeth Trust, which put in the bid and got selected, has put forth Baba Ramdev's name for the post of chairman of the proposed Bharatiya Shiksha Board (BSB).

Our Union minister Prakash Javadekar had indicated that the HRD Ministry is planning to set up a Vedic board of education in January. He said they will be working alongside modern education as a reawakening of past plans at the inauguration of a residential school in Baruipur, West Bengal. The governing council of the Maharshi Sandipani Rashtriya Vedavidya Pratishthan (MSRVP) will deal with the five-member panel's approval this week. The HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar (who heads MSRVP) is given the responsibility to appoint a private sponsoring body to check whether the BSB is set up or not.  MSRP also works for the promotion of ‘'Ved Vidya'.

Balkrishna claimed that Patanjali Yogpeeth is obliged to devote Rs 21 crore for the development of the board and has the necessary framework all set for the headquarters. Adding up with this he informed the panel that they aim to house the headquarters in Haridwar as well as nominate Baba Ramdev as its chairperson. The proposal to make this Vedic education board arose from Ramdev's Patanjali trust being recommended by a selection committee.

MSRVP member’s Statement on Vedic board :

MSRVP members said that "There will be a private board for Vedic education that will be run by Ramdev's trust, and the government will run the Vedic Shiksha Board which will stress more on oral traditions. The trust of Ramdev's will hold both Vedic education as well as modern subjects, but the Vedic Shiksha Board (VSB) will be purely based on Vedic subjects, with significance on oral traditions like shastras, ved pathshalas, and guru-shishya parampara.


The MSRVP is an autonomous body administered by Prakash Javadekar under the HRD Ministry to promote Vedic education.
In the year 2015 Yoga guru Ramdev Baba proposed to set up a Vedic board of school but was rejected by HRD Ministry. But in 2016, when Smriti-Irani ran ministry, a proposal was made to set up an education board on Ved Vidya'.

Then again in 2016, Baba Ji suggested the HRD Ministry assist the traditional education system into with existing education system by setting up a new board - Vedic Education Board (VEB). Baba Ramdev had earlier proposed the same to former HRD Minister Smriti Irani. However, the proposal of the yoga guru was rejected.


The Vedas is a large body of religious texts which originated in ancient India. Veda is the oldest available literature in Sanskrit which states the rituals, cultural practices, and traditional knowledge of India that are thousands of years old.

Patanjali commits to funding Rs 21 crore for the Vedic board:

There were three proposals that were received by the selection panel and one of them was Patanjali, following the Amity Group and Pune-based Maharashtra Institute of Technology. Patanjali Group promised to invest funding of Rs 21 crore for the development of the board.
Further, the selection panel will forward its recommendation to the HRD Ministry, which is likely to make a decision next week.

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