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Hostel Detail for Boys/girls

For Boys-

  • Azad House
  • Subhash House
  • Tilak House
  • Vivekanand House

For Girl-

  • Indira House
  • Kalpana Chawla House

The hostels of SIMT are self-sufficient as all the basic facilities are provided to students like a reading room, a common room for indoor games, a TV room, a lounge and a dining hall with a mess. The computer rooms are under control. Wardens are available for all hours and always keep an eye on hostlers.

They make students feel like home, students can directly walk to them in case of any help and guidance. Free internet facility is provided so that students don’t face any hindrance in studies.

There is a Board for Hostel Management (B.H.M) is an authority which is a part of the Student Affairs Council (S.A.C). The BHM manages the hostel. Be it policy formulation, coordination or reviews on issues related to management of the hostel. BHM keep an eye on the management of the hostel. It is responsible for the rules of B.H.M. as also the Constitution of  (House Working Committees).

Hostel Committee Convener - Dr. Neeraj Mishra


  1. Mr. Rohit Singh - 7800726285
  2. Mr. Mukesh Kumar
  3. Mr. Ashish Singh - Boys Hostel Warden
  4. Mrs. Madhuri - Girls Hostel Warden
  5. Ms. Widhilika Singh

Hostel Rules

  • Whenever a student comes back to the hostel he/she will have to inform either Wardens or any other authority. He/she can have possession of the room only after signing the list of furniture, electrical and other items.
  • Whenever the session ends the students must inform the Wardens and hand over the keys of the room to them along with the all the furniture mentioned in the list. Any student who wishes to vacate the hostel needs to inform the hostel authority beforehand.
  • If any student found fighting, spreading violation, drunken or causing damage to the property of the institute will be the culprit and strict action will be taken immediately.
  • Gambling, Alcoholic beverages, smoking and use of narcotics is not allowed in the hostel.
  • One can use audio equipment only when other residents agree with it.
  • For a hostler, it is mandatory to inform the warden if any guest has to stay overnight with him/her. The House secretary or the warden has the authority to deny the permit if needed. If the guest of a hostler has to stay for five days then he/she has to take prior permission. If a guest has to stay for a long period then he/she has to take permission from the Dean of Students/Associate Dean of Students.
  • The Hostel dues shouldn’t be kept pending and shall be paid on time as per BHM.

For Male Students-

  • Parents and male friends of a male hostler can visit his room.
  • If a warden allows only then a student’s lady family member can visit in his room.
  • If a non-family visitor has to meet the hostler then they can meet in the visitor’s room from 8.00 am to 8.00 p.m.

For Female Students-

  • All the students residing in the hostel should return to the hostel by 8:30 p.m. If they have some work related to studies then they can stay in laboratories, computer science lab and library till 11.00 p.m.
  • If in case any hostler has to work in laboratories even after 11.00 p.m then he/she has to make an entry in the register mentioning: name of the laboratory/computer centre, time of leaving the hostel and expected time of return to the hostel. When the hostler will return home he/she will have to make entry again in the same register mentioning the actual return time.
  • To stay out after 11.00 p.m for any purpose then he/she has to take permission in advance.
  • Residents who are in 1st year aren’t allowed to stay out of the hostel after 9.00 p.m. without the permission of the wardens and mentioning the details in the register.


Mr Ashish Singh

Warden Boys Hostel

Mrs Madhuri

Warden Girls Hostel

Hostel Fees

Hostel Fees per year

1. Hostel charges 46,000
2. B.Tech (Lateral entry) 60,000
3. MBA & MCA (including Lateral 50,000
4. M.Tech 80,000

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