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Best Career Counselling in Raipur

Get the best career counselling and guidance in Raipur to find your most suitable career path or stream and make the right career decision.

Best Career Counselling in Raipur

Importance of Career Counselling in Raipur

College Disha is a career guidance platform that provides exclusive career counselling in Raipur. If you are looking for a career guidance company in Raipur that can provide you with all-around career development and counseling, then you should check out College Disha’s career counselling services in Raipur.

It is hard to find a genuine career counsellor in Raipur. Sometimes Consulting the wrong person for your career can lead you to a great career disappointment. If you consult the wrong person, you might end up getting more puzzled or may take a decision that will result in a major career failure.

Therefore it is necessary to consult a professional and best career counsellor in Raipur before making any major career move. The best thing about getting professional career counseling in Raipur is that you get unbiased advice from someone who holds expertise in career development.

We at College Disha provide you with online career counselling in Raipur which will provide you right information which will help you to move your career in the right direction.

Details of Best Career Guidance in Raipur:

Best Career Counselling in Raipur: Career Counselling is a process in which a person is guided by certified career counsellors for making the right career decision. Usually, the most appropriate time to get career counselling is when a person is in school/ class 9th or class 10th.

This is because, after completing Class 10th, a student has to make the very first step towards his/her career development i.e stream selection. However, most of the candidates choose their stream according to their class 10th marks and do not consider their interests and abilities while choosing their subjects.

Their uninformed and impulsive decision later leads to poor performance in academics. Therefore, we suggest every student get career counselling before selecting their stream.

Apart from stream Selection, we also help the students to choose the right education course and career field that suits their set of interests, values, talents, and abilities.

We believe that every student has a hidden ability to perform outstandingly in a particular field. Our Career counseling uncovers the student’s hidden abilities and helps them to re-discover their talents.

How College Disha helps you to make the right career decision?

The definition of “right career” varies from person to person as everyone has their own unique strengths and interests. Therefore we use scientific research-based career assessment tests to identify the interests, abilities, potential and strengths of the candidates. Based on the combination of these factors we suggest to them what is best for their career development.

List of Services Offered by College Disha:

There are many companies in Raipur that consider themselves the best but their services are limited to only a few career counselling sessions and that also costs you quite high. College Disha on the other hand offers all the career development and counseling services under one roof.

If you have searched for no. of websites and still couldn’t find a good option for your career counselling session.

Just check out the services offered by College Disha:

  • Course Counseling
  • College Counselling
  • Guidance from Professionals
  • Internship Program
  • Off-Campus Placement
  • 5 Years Job Assistance

Candidates who are doubtful about their career choices and want to get professional guidance can book their career counseling session with the top career counsellors in Raipur by filling up the contact information form available on this page.

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College Disha always encourages and inspires the students to make the best decisions for their careers and education. From choosing the right education field to getting college admission, from internship to getting the first job offer, College Disha is always there for their candidates. Don't just take our words for it, take theirs.

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