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Best Career Counselling in Patna

Get the best career counselling and guidance in Patna to find your most suitable career path or stream and make the right career decision.

Best Career Counselling in Patna

Importance of Career Counselling in Patna

Students in Patna who have appeared for their Higher Secondary exams are in a huge dilemma. Some of them cannot figure out which career will be the best for them.

Some even go to the extent of selecting a career option that does not match their real interests or skills. Career counselling in Patna is extremely crucial for the students who have not yet zeroed in a strong career decision for themselves.

College Disha offers the best career counselling for students in Patna. College Disha is not only helpful for the students who are appearing or have completed their Class 12 Board exams but is also beneficial for the working professionals who are looking for better career options.

The best career counselling in Patna has qualified and experienced counsellors who can analyze the inherent interests of the counselee and suggest career options in his/her best interest.

College Disha career counsellors use scientific assessment methods to understand the skills of the students and lay out the perfect career plan for them.

Why is Career Counselling in Patna Necessary?

Often there are students from Patna who have appeared for their Class 12 Board exams, cannot decide which career will be the best for them. This lack of knowledge leads them to select a career path that is not in sync with their true passion.

In today’s highly competitive world, students choose the most opted courses which are selected by their peer group. Also, they are forced by parents to fulfil expectations by choosing a career that they have no interest in.

A wrong career move can lead to a disastrous future with low performance and reduced professional growth. Career counselling in Patna is essential for the students to make strong choices regarding their courses, colleges and future career options.

College Disha is the best career counselling for student in Patna who can answer the career related enquiries of the students and suggest career paths that are best suited for them.

Career counselling is also essential for working professionals who are not satisfied with their present area of employment and are looking for a positive change. The best career counselling in Patna helps those individuals who are interested in giving their existing career a positive boost.

Who needs Career Counselling in Patna?

It is a myth that the best career counselling in Patna is only required for students who have qualified their Class 12 Board exams. College Disha is the best career counsellor in Patna who have mentored many students and working individuals and helped them to select a strong career path.

A quick look at individuals who must opt for career counselling in Patna:

  • Students of Class 10 who are finding it difficult to select the combination of courses that match their interests and lead them to future success.
  • Students of Class 12 who are unaware of the trending courses and the vast career opportunities associated with those courses.
  • Graduates who cannot decide which career will harness their actual potential and lead them towards the ladder of success in future.
  • Working professionals who are not happy with their present jobs and are looking for a positive change in their careers.

College Disha career counselling for students in Patna has qualified counsellors who analyze the inherent skills of the students through psychometric and aptitude assessments and suggest career paths accordingly.

Why is College Disha the Best Career Counsellor in Patna?

  • Uses scientifically approved aptitude assessment tests.
  • Offers online career counselling services.
  • Has experienced counsellors and industry mentors to guide the students.
  • Provides information on the courses, colleges and aligning career options.
  • Has deep knowledge of the latest trending courses that lead to well-paid jobs.
  • Provides career counselling in Patna to both students and working individuals.


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