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Best Career Counselling in Lucknow

Get the best career counselling and guidance in Lucknow to find your most suitable career path or stream and make the right career decision.

Best Career Counselling in Lucknow

Importance of Career Counselling in Lucknow

Nowadays, Most students in Lucknow feel confused and stressed out while choosing an education field and a career path. In this case, a Professional Career counseling session can help you to make the right decision for your career.

Career Counselling is a process that aims to identify the relevant career path for an individual. Students who are confused about their career choices and feeling unconfident about their career decisions should go for career counseling to get better clarity and the right advice from experienced professionals.

Details of Career Counselling After 12th in Lucknow:

The students in Lucknow can choose College Disha for career counseling as it is one of the best Career guidance platforms where they can get expert guidance from Professionals. During the Career Counseling session, the candidates get to know about their abilities, skills, IQ level, Strength, and weaknesses.

All these qualities are assessed by several assessment tests, these tests are conducted by the professional career counselor, and a full profile analysis is done by the counselor to determine the actual core interest of the individual.

Based on the Analysis, the counselor selects a career path and a suitable course for the student.

The career counselor focuses on understanding the perspective of the candidate. Sometimes a counselor has to play multiple roles in helping a candidate, he/she has to act like a motivational speaker to boost the confidence and motivation of a non-confident and anxious candidate.

Sometimes he/she has to act like a therapist to help the candidates who have emotional or psychological issues to help them a candidate to overcome from their state of mind and most of the times a career counselor acts as a guide who helps you to identify your potential and shows the right direction towards a career path.

Why is Career Counselling Important after 12th?

Anyone can go for a career counseling session irrespective of their education level or age but Career counseling after 12th in Lucknow is most important for the students because after completing the higher secondary education (12th), students have to choose a course based on their future career goals and ambitions, but what happens if the student hasn’t planned or thought about their future yet? Many students have a ”go with the flow” attitude towards their career, which can become a reason for their downfall.

Planning your course is most important for the students, they should choose a career field that suits their skill sets and abilities. Choosing the right course and career field is a confusing course of action that can be made easy and stress-free with professional career counseling.

 Apart from this, there are more reasons to seek career guidance after the 12th in Lucknow as given below:

  • Career Counselling helps you to explore your capabilities, talent, and undiscovered abilities. We all have some hidden abilities and skills, we are unaware of. Career Counselling helps us to explore ourselves and find those abilities. 

  • It helps you to discover more career options available in the employment sector.

  • It enables you to gain confidence and vanishes all the self-doubts related to your career.

  • Going for Career Counselling will lead you to make the right career decision by helping you to choose an education field that is suitable according to your personality, aptitude, interests, and capabilities.

  • Career counseling gives you a platform and a Secure environment to pour your heart out and express yourself. You can discuss your doubts, hesitation, and psychological issues related to your career during the counseling session.

  • Professional Career Counselling provides you with the resources and knowledge about different career paths. A professional career counselor possesses the knowledge of all career fields, so you can seek accurate advice from a professional career counselor and succeed in their career by following their guidance. 

  • Career Counselling also helps you to change unwanted behavior patterns. We all have some habits difficult to discontinue that lead to unproductivity at school, college, home, or work. Neglecting emotional health, denying criticism, and inattentiveness about the latest developments in the chosen career path are some of the elements of such behavior patterns.

  • Career Counselling helps you to find an idol, a role model. A role model provides you with knowledge and inspiration through your experience and accomplishments. Career counseling connects you to industry experts who have achieved a lot in their professional careers.

What does a Career Counselor Do?

There are many career guidance companies in Lucknow, College Disha is one of the best Career Guidance platforms that offer the best career counseling in Lucknow.

College Disha has an experienced and professional team of certified career counselors in Lucknow that helps the students to find the answers to all of their questions.

Many people ask how can a career counselor help me to make the right decision? Well, there are many tools of observation and analysis that are used by expert career counselors to determine the qualities and talents of an individual.

A career counselor conducts various career assessment tests such as Aptitude tests, psychometric tests, IQ Tests and Academic profile analyses, and SWOT analyses, based on which the counselor determines the ability and interest of the individual.

After that, the career counselor lists the career fields that will suit the individual’s profile, this helps the individual to get a career path.

Beneftis of Career Counselling in Lucknow:

  • Educational Planning 

  • Career Planning

  • Connecting to major departments of the course

  • Determining strong academic areas of an individual

  • Boosting the Confidence

  • Identifying the core strength and weaknesses of the students

  • Developing Optimism in the individual

  • Connecting to the Industry Experts

  • Awardinganalysesdents about potential career options

  • Determining the skill sets

  • Providing Resources for career development

  • Overcoming Procrastination

  • Getting Job/Career Opportunities

  • Building up the industry networks

In Lucknow,  many Colleges and Universities offer various professional courses, but many students find it difficult to make a confident choice among so many professional courses and colleges.

In such cases, students are strictly advised to go for career counseling, because their career can get severely affected by their ignorance and carelessness towards their education.

It is better to seek professional career guidance after the 12th  than regret in the future for not making the right choices.

College Disha provides Career Guidance in Lucknow and other cities of India. Students who are feeling hesitant and confused about their career, course, and college choices, can contact College Disha for accurate course counseling, Authentic College reviews, admissions to well-recognized colleges and to get great career opportunities in the future.

This Career guidance platform shows you the right direction towards the right career path and helps you in all the possible ways to excel in your career.

The Professional Career Guidance Company in Lucknow conducts assessment tests such as:

  • Psychometric tests
  • Previous academic performance analyses
  • personality tests
  • One to one counseling sessions
  • and other tests to determine your field of interest
  • skill sets
  • passion
  • ability
  • strength.

Then the expert career advisors in Lucknow prepare a complete report, based on which they suggest the best potential career field, courses, and best college for you.

Apart from this, College Disha also offers other additional benefits to the students. They make sure that students get better career opportunities in their respective career fields.

You can completely rely on them to get any type of career advice and tips, College Disha gives a direction to your career.


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