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Best Career Counselling in Gorakhpur

Get the best career counselling and guidance in Gorakhpur to find your most suitable career path or stream and make the right career decision.

Best Career Counselling in Gorakhpur

Importance of Career Counselling in Gorakhpur

Top Career Guidance in Gorakhpur has always been of great significance but never got acknowledged by the education system. A decade back, career guidance in Gorakhpur was all about the career options suggested by elders but in the early 2000s there were very few career prospects available in the market now when you look around, you can see the plethora of career fields emerging in the employment sector.

Career Counselling in Gorakhpur can help the youth to find a career path that truly satisfies them in all aspects. We as a career guidance platform believe that an ideal career consists of three elements which are: Wealth, Success, and Happiness.

If any of these elements goes missing from your career, you will never be satisfied with your Job. But How can one choose an ideal career that can provide you with wealth, success, and happiness? Well, this is what career counsellors are for.

Career Counsellors use career assessment tests to identify your interest areas, talents, strengths, abilities, values, and personality. All of these factors are the indicators of an apt career for an individual and based on the sets of these factors, they recommend you the best-suited career fields.

If you wish to consult the best career counsellor in Gorakhpur or a nearby location, then you can contact College Disha anytime. College Disha is one of the top career counselling & guidance companies in India that serves the best career counselling in Gorakhpur.

We offer various career development services in Gorakhpur that cater to the needs of youth in Gorakhpur and also in other cities of India.

Reason to Choose College Disha for Career Counselling in Gorakhpur 2022:

  • Our Career Counselling services are not limited to only school or college students, we also counsel the working professionals, freshers, and experienced professionals.
  • College Disha is incepted by the leading professionals along with the collaboration with the highly-qualified Psychologists and HR Consultants.
  • Apart from career counselling, we also provide job support, Internship & Training programs, College Admission assistance, and Mentorship to the candidates and also we provide online career counselling in Gorakhpur. To be very precise, Our career guidance program is a complete career development package for young individuals who wants to build a bright career.
  • Our Career Assessment Tests are designed by the top-notch Psychologists and Career Counsellors of India. The result-driven from our career assessment tests have high accuracy rates.
  • We believe that career counselling shouldn’t be something that only elite or rich people can afford, therefore we have kept our charges very feasible for everyone.
  • College Disha is the one-stop solution for all your career development needs.

Benefits of College Disha's Career Counselling in Gorakhpur:

  • Discover your strengths and weaknesses, and know more about yourself through the psychometric tests
  • Choose the right education field and career path according to your personality, interests, and potential
  • Overcome your weaknesses and unwanted behavioral traits
  • Get access to various career resources with the help of your counselor
  • Re-skill yourself or Change your career field, if you want to
  • Get hands-on experience through our Internship program
  • Grab a good job opportunity and get 5 years of Job Support from our HR Consultancy
  • Clear your career doubts during the Mentorship sessions hosted by Industry’s top-notch leaders and eminent Professors

List of Services Offered by College Disha:

College Disha offers the best career counseling in Gorakhpur, If your want to seek guidance from the top Career counselors in Gorakhpur, then first you should check out the services offered by our company:

  • Course Counselling (Stream selection/Course Selection/Career Selection)
  • College Counselling (College Selection & Admission Assistance)
  • Guidance From Professionals (Mentorship Session with Industry Leaders & Professors)
  • Internship Program (Internship opportunities to learn from the leading organizations)
  • Off-Campus Job Placement (Grab your 1st job opportunity from our Job Consultancy)
  • 5 Years Job Assistance (Get 100% Job Assistance for 5 years after your graduation/postgraduation)

Who can take College Disha’s Career Counselling in Gorakhpur?

  • Class 5th - Class 8th Students (For improving academic performance)
  • Class 9th & Class 10th Students (For stream selection after 10th)
  • Class 11th & Class 12th Students (For course/career selection)
  • College Students (To find the right career field and career prospects)
  • Graduate Freshers (To boost their career in the right direction and find the right career path)
  • Postgraduate candidates (To find the right job/career field)
  • Working Professionals (To clear any career doubts and make important career decisions)
  • Experienced Professionals (To change job role/organization/career)
  • Candidates with career gap (To re-start the career)

So above mentioned points sum up that College Disha provides career guidance services to all age groups. If you are a student, fresher, or working professional and facing doubts and uncertainties while making any kind of career decision, just give us a call at 9319311001 or request a call back from our team by filling up the contact information form attached to this page. Our best career counselors in Gorakhpur will get in touch with you to provide you with the required solution.


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College Disha always encourages and inspires the students to make the best decisions for their careers and education. From choosing the right education field to getting college admission, from internship to getting the first job offer, College Disha is always there for their candidates. Don't just take our words for it, take theirs.

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