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Best Career Counselling in Etah

Get the best career counselling and guidance in Etah to find your most suitable career path or stream and make the right career decision.

Best Career Counselling in Etah

Importance of Career Counselling in Etah

Boost your Career with College Disha. If you are searching for career guidance in Etah then we are very happy to inform you that we are providing you with career counseling and various career development services in Etah.
According to the Census 2011, the literacy rate of Etah city is 85.26% however the economy of the city is mostly based on agriculture and other similar activities like animal husbandry. Having such a huge literacy rate but only a few employment opportunities means that something needs to be changed in the education sector. The youth of the city need career guidance so they can increase their employability in various sectors.
Therefore we have begun to provide the best career counsellor in Etah, so the youth can be empowered with the information required to make better career choices and build sustainable careers in various fields.
Do you live in Etah and searching for the best career counselling in Etah? Well, College Disha is your guide. Here you get complete guidance and assistance to make the right career moves.
If you have any kind of confusion related to your choice of education or have a doubt about your selected career field and you want to know what is best for your career. Then it is your chance to get the solutions to all your career queries.

Services Offered by College Disha:

At College Disha, you don’t only get clarification to your confusion. Here, we also take care of your other career needs. We want our candidates to excel in every phase of their career and therefore we provide them with all the support through these exclusive services:

  • Course Counselling
  • College Counselling
  • Guidance from Professionals
  • Internship Programs
  • Off-Campus Job Placement
  • 5 Years Job Assistance

Significance of Providing Career Development Services:

  • Our Course Counselling Service aims to inform students about the feasible career options which are best suited to candidates’ interests, abilities, talents, values, aptitude, potential, and personality. A career choice made while keeping one’s interest and potential in consideration have more chances to propel.
  • College Counselling service helps the candidates to choose the apt college specialized for their Course and field of study.
  • Our Mentorship sessions/Guidance from Professionals service allows candidates to get the required advice from the leading professionals of the industry who have set a benchmark in their respective careers. This service aims to prepare the candidates for upcoming challenges in their careers.
  • The internship program provides opportunities for the candidates to get required training and attain certain skills to become hireable.
  • With our Off-campus Job placement service, you can rest assured to get a job placement from us, we use our collaborative industry networks to place you in the leading companies, in case your college doesn't provide you with job placement.
  • College Disha provides you 5-Years Job Assistance to secure the initial phase of your career, In this service, we will provide you with a complete Job-Assistance and Consultation for 5 years. You can seek our help to get a career opportunity for the next 5 years after completing your graduation.

Precisely, Apart from Career counseling in Etah, College Disha provides all the online career counselling in Etah under one roof. If you want to get the best career counseling in Etah, call us at 9319311001 or you can simply submit your contact details in the contact information form available on this page.


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College Disha always encourages and inspires the students to make the best decisions for their careers and education. From choosing the right education field to getting college admission, from internship to getting the first job offer, College Disha is always there for their candidates. Don't just take our words for it, take theirs.

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