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Best Career Counselling in Ahmedabad

Get the best career counselling and guidance in Ahmedabad to find your most suitable career path or stream and make the right career decision.

Best Career Counselling in Ahmedabad

Importance of Career Counselling in Ahmedabad

Do you want to get the best career counselling in Ahmedabad/best career counsellor in Ahmedabad? So, have you checked out College Disha’s counselling services? Well if you haven’t, go ahead and read this article, and then you’ll know what we have in our box for your career success.

Top Career Counselling in Ahmedabad: College Disha is one of the very few career guidance companies that provide the best career counselling in Ahmedabad. We provide offline as well as online career counselling in Ahmedabad.

If you are worried about your career choices and want to speak to someone professional who can provide a feasible solution to your career problem then you should reach out to us as we provide personalized career counselling to our candidates and our counselling is no ordinary practice of career consultation. The recommendations provided by our counsellors are based on the various aspects of psychological science. Therefore the results are highly accurate.

As you may have heard that every individual’s brain is designed in a unique way, thus the psychological traits of the brain differ from one person to another, therefore the apt career fields vary according to the set of these traits. Keeping this fact in mind, our psychologists have constructed a career assessment test that helps the counsellor to determine the unique talents, abilities, personalities, and strengths of an individual. These are some of the major factors that affect the career of an individual. Our counsellors keep all these factors into consideration while providing you with the answers to your question.

Why do you Need Career Counselling?

We all need career guidance at some stage of our life, in the old times students used to seek our parent’s guidance in choosing the right field of study and career paths, at that time there were very few career options were available, so it was fair enough to ask for family’s opinion.
But since globalization picked up the pace, the employment sector has expanded, opening the doors to numerous career options. There are so many career options available in the job market that you are not even aware of.
Career Counsellors help you to explore the new and trending career options best suited to your profile. Apart from this career counsellor also acts as a career-development resource provider that helps you to grab the best career opportunities in near future.

We have a team of the best career counsellors in Ahmedabad who are highly motivated and self-driven to become your guide in your journey to success.

List of Services Offered by College Disha:

  • Course Counselling
  • College Counselling
  • Mentorship Session (From Industry leaders & Eminent Professors)
  • Internship Program
  • Off-Campus Job Placement
  • 5 Years Job Assistance

Who can take College Disha’s Career Counselling in Ahmedabad?

  • Class 5th to Class 8th Students
  • Class 9th to Class 12th Students
  • Graduates
  • Post Graduates
  • Working professionals
  • Experienced Professionals to switch Jobs/Career fields

Why Choose College Disha for your Career Counselling in Ahmedabad?

  • Trusted by 15000+ candidates across India.
  • Our Counselling is a highly research-driven practice that is completely based on psychological science.
  • Our Career Assessment Tests are highly accurate in uncovering the personality traits and interests of candidates.
  • We have a team of certified career counsellors, psychologists, career coaches, and HR Consultants.
  • We provide 100% job assistance to our candidates
  • Candidates can choose from 250+ career options available in our career directory.
  • College Admission is not a daunting task anymore with our college counselling service.
  • Get all career development services under one roof.
  • Resolve all your career queries instantly on a call.

How to schedule a session for Career Counselling in Ahmedabad?

You are just one click away from getting effective online career counselling in Ahmedabad. All you need to do for scheduling a career counselling session with the best career counsellor in Ahmedabad is to fill out the contact information form displayed on this page and then our team will get in touch with you to schedule an appointment with our best counsellors. For immediate action, you can also call us at 9319311001.


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College Disha always encourages and inspires the students to make the best decisions for their careers and education. From choosing the right education field to getting college admission, from internship to getting the first job offer, College Disha is always there for their candidates. Don't just take our words for it, take theirs.

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