10 Steps to Help You Choose the Right Engineering College

In the present era, it has become very indispensable for the students to go for the right career path and after 12th the situation becomes more perplexed. This is the high time for the candidate to choose the right platform as it will be determining a factor for their career. If you are reading this article, possibilities are that either you have taken an engineering exam and you are about to take a judgment regarding which college to join, or you are still a year or two away to reach that point of disorientation.

In both cases, the admissions process for engineering in India is something that may have dazed you. With a total of  29 states in India, over 50 entrance exams (national, state and private university run exams), 3500 colleges and 34 streams to choose from, travelling through the complexity of engineering admissions is nothing short of an illusion. Choosing upon the right engineering stream is quite complicated for both students and their parents.

If it is the top few institutions that you wish to get into, the process is still simple, but the moment you try to augment your creation you also add to your anxiety. This article will help you get an overview of how to navigate your way from school to an engineering college and understand how engineering admissions work in India.

Here we have mentioned 10 steps which will help you to choose the right and the best engineering colleges.
  1. Go for the right stream

There are a plethora of streams one can opt in the engineering discipline.  So, before choosing which colleges to go for, the candidates must decide which stream to specialize into. This is a very important step because nobody wants to end up doing a course unless they were not instigated enough to do so. Research different streams to find out details of various courses and then choose according to your eligibility and interest. This is very important as this will only help you build your career.

  1. Analyze and configure colleges

After deciding the stream of your choice,  you come to the next step of selecting some of your desirable colleges. Don't focus on one college, keep some more options, so that in case you don't get admission in one you have other option with you.  You can do this by dividing your choice of college into 3 groups.

  • The first group should comprise the top-notch colleges that are challenging to get into.
  • The second group can reside in colleges that are above average and that are reasonably easy to get into, and also ones that you will be happy attending without much regret.
  • The last category must hold those colleges in which you will surely get admission if the other colleges you considered didn't work out.

Categorizing in this way will be easy and helpful for you. You can also categorize the colleges according to the affordability, infrastructure, amenities, distance from your place, college ranking, review ratings, etc.

  1. Note down the college determining factors

Next, Cultivate your list of required elements to evaluate colleges. This may include the factors mentioned below:

  • Degree offered by the colleges
  • Location (either rural area  or urban area)
  • Distance from your place
  • Government or private
  • Fee structure (tuition, room)
  • Scholarships or Financial aid
  • Campus sources (labs, libraries, computer access)
  • Placement and internships
  • Accreditation or Affiliation
  • Reputation/Quality/classes
  • Student body
  • Social life
  • faculty and past reviews of the institution.

Picking the course should be completely based on the student's interest in that subject and his/her capabilities. If in any circumstances, the candidate had to choose between two engineering colleges for the same engineering branch, then the better-established college should be their choice. Also, the qualification of faculty, as well as their proficiency, makes a big difference.

  1. Rank your preferences

Make an detailed list of pros and cons of engineering colleges and rate them against different aspects of college life like affordability, distance from home, the brand name or status of the engineering college, the university it is affiliated to, placement record, teacher-student ratio, college infrastructure and the facilities available, whether it has a hostel attached or if paying guest accommodation is available nearby and so forth. When you will rate the colleges you will see which college is leading and you will hopefully be better equipped to make the final decision. Try to go for those which you find best and if not then try for some average. Your first preference should be the best college with all the amenities.

5. Money Matters (Budget)

Another important aspect to notify is to know the amount of money required as tuition fee for the particular course in a particular college. Almost every college provides detailed information about the tuition fee required for admission on a yearly basis at their official websites. Students are recommended to select colleges that fit their budget.

One easy way can be students can apply for an Education Loan through various banking and non-banking financial institutions that would help them with the tuition fee for higher education. Students who excel in education could also opt for the numerous scholarships and grants that are available on the official website of colleges to ease their financial pressure. It is always important for a candidate to choose the college that provides the maximum return on investment.

  1. Location and Demography

This is another important deciding factor, as a part of your budget would also be allotted to the living expenses that are directly affected by the location of choice. It is important for students to keep the location, security, climate, and ease of transportation in mind before deciding on the location as these elements would affect them on a daily basis.

For example, a student staying in the metropolitan part of the country would pay a higher rent than a student staying in suburban areas. Safety and security, easy visa facilitation and duration of stay after the course is over are major factors that should be carefully weighed before finally choosing the location of study.

  1. Go for serene Ambiance

Before choosing any college, try to get familiar with the environment of the college. Try to visit the colleges you are considering and aim high traffic areas like the library, lawns, cafes or gyms. Try to talk with students and ask them about their experiences and opinions. Get a brief idea of the facilities available in the college and particularly of the streams you are considering. If you find yourself easily picturable in the college, this would be a good implication that you would fit in and do well there.

  1. Personal Recommendations

Another best way can be consulting with your seniors or anyone who has studied in those colleges. The students who have already studied from those colleges must be knowing better about the colleges, like the facilities available in the college, the environment of the college, teaching standard, extra-curricular activities held in the college and many other things. This will help you a lot to choose the right Engineering college. Taking this into consideration talk to at least 2 people from a college of your choice. In this way, you will get a chance to change your priority list of colleges accordingly.

9.Placements Records:

This is considered as one of the most important factors while choosing a college. For every student, placement is very important. Placements of a college depend upon many determinants like its college rank, facilities provided by the college to its students, infrastructure, faculty, past performance of the students in the company, and last but not the least individual talent and personality and many other factors. Do not forget to check the past placement records and the recruiting companies that visit that particular college every year. While deciding to keep all these points in your mind.

  1. Visit at least 2-5 education online portal

There are numerous educational web portals available on the web which can also be a helping hand to choose a good engineering college. These portals carry all the details about the colleges and they also provide counsellors that will guide you to choose the best career path. The basic things which these web portals hold are - Admission procedure, the rank of the college, eligibility criteria, placement cell, fee structure of the college, review ratings, infrastructure of the college, gallery etc. therefore do visit these web portals and choose the best.

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